Boston Chamber Orchestra with Orges Malaj

We dedicate this performance to the first responders and people suffering from Covid-19.

Virtual recording session with Orges Malaj, wonderful bassoon player in Albania.

Violin:Thomas Hofmann, MaeLynn Arnold
Viola: Jinsun Hong
Cello: Ignacy Gaydamovich
Piano: Yohei Sato
Arr. Tetsuro Yokosawa
Mix. Yu Aoki

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with Kanon, a wonderful singer in Japan.

with Gyu Ri Byeon, a wonderful clarinet player in Korea.

with TETSURO YOKOSAWA, a wonderful singer in Japan with his friends.

with Aya Takashima, a wonderful bassoon player in Japan.

with Vivian Sun, a wonderful cello player in Taiwan.

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