Milwaukee Bucks vs Toronto Raptors Game 4 Reaction

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  • Navtej Minhas
    Navtej Minhas  5 months back

    My boy, great video

    • Jadenz2
      Jadenz2   5 months back

      Navtej Minhas Thanks for watching I really appreciate it.

  • MrMoeman2000
    MrMoeman2000  5 months back

    Gasol is way better than JV LMAO

    • DavidTheKid
      DavidTheKid  5 months back

      @Jadenz2 Its not all about scoring! Gasol is so much better defensively-> they would not be even here without Gasol shutting down Embiid. He shoots better than JV and his passing is the second best for a Center after Jokic! You have to watch the full game to really see how valuable he is to this team

    • Jadenz2
      Jadenz2   5 months back

      MrMoeman2000 In his prime he is but he is clearly on his last legs. A younger Gasol would clearly give bucks a run for there money. Thanks for watching the video I really appreciate it.