Why Don't We Sing Spice Girls, Little Mix, and More | Lyric Challenge | Seventeen


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  • Seventeen
    Seventeen   3 months back

    If Why Don't We were a girl group - what would their name be?

  • Michael 22
    Michael 22  14 hours back

    me: Why don't we? Yeah they're cool
    why don't we: *singing and praising D4*
    me: time to stan

    • Nicole estoya
      Nicole estoya  23 hours back

      I didnt know that the boys like blackpinck

      • Onielis M
        Onielis M  2 days back

        Daniel: "it's cuz of my little sister. Shout out Anna. I miss you"


        • Chiew Weng Shum
          Chiew Weng Shum  2 days back

          OUCH THAT HURT - DJS

          • sassyfrass
            sassyfrass  3 days back

            bahahahaa we live for a moment when dani curses ;)) 9:03

            • Ashley Alcantar
              Ashley Alcantar  3 days back

              I got 2 points

              • River Vajdos
                River Vajdos  3 days back

                https://youtu.be/NDRk5wvMKJ0 fifth harmony ring tone

                • Fabio
                  Fabio  4 days back

                  The fact they know Blackpink makes me like them more.

                  • julia tan
                    julia tan  4 days back

                    Jonah's shirt tho

                    • iliketurtles 1
                      iliketurtles 1  6 days back

                      Zach is now a e-boy

                      • Elysia chong
                        Elysia chong  6 days back

                        Why is no one talking bout that masterpiece of a thumbnail?

                        • Jodi Murray
                          Jodi Murray  7 days back

                          Wdw singing fith harmony is one of the best moments in history

                          • Reegan G
                            Reegan G  1 weeks back

                            Let’s all wear chains and not tell Jack and Jonah.

                            • Riz Fatimah
                              Riz Fatimah  1 weeks back

                              I scored 3 😂

                              • lauren jauregui is perfect

                                as a band girl, i killed this.

                                • Destiny Samuel
                                  Destiny Samuel  1 weeks back

                                  I see little mix, I click

                                • MADELINE EDWARDS
                                  MADELINE EDWARDS  2 weeks back

                                  Meow meow

                                  • Simone Walker
                                    Simone Walker  2 weeks back

                                    TBH Corbyn carried them lol♥️♥️

                                    • Laura Siugzdinyte
                                      Laura Siugzdinyte  2 weeks back

                                      Am i the only one who thinks that Zach sounds like young Harry Styles

                                      • Pia
                                        Pia  2 weeks back

                                        here you can see A BAND

                                        • Angel Yanna
                                          Angel Yanna  2 weeks back

                                          7:05 *I'm getting a lil tired of your broken promisthes promisithes*

                                          • im_kishia banalo
                                            im_kishia banalo  2 weeks back

                                            Tbh Why Don't We from time to time says FIfth Harmony

                                            • ana Gomes
                                              ana Gomes  2 weeks back

                                              Love love, musicas🎶🎶🎼🎼🎼🎼

                                              • nancy michael
                                                nancy michael  2 weeks back

                                                Their music taste sucks

                                                • ESCAPEtheNIGHT News
                                                  ESCAPEtheNIGHT News  2 weeks back

                                                  We need a why don’t we and a little mix song collab ! I would actually die 🤣😍💗😆

                                                  • Jamila Jamila
                                                    Jamila Jamila  2 weeks back

                                                    Little mix😍

                                                    • Elis Gregorio
                                                      Elis Gregorio  2 weeks back

                                                      i live for Corbyn

                                                      • purpleblues musical chairs

                                                        When they realised they knew cheetah girls 😂😂

                                                        • Zaida Herrera
                                                          Zaida Herrera  2 weeks back

                                                          Any blink here?

                                                          • Lulu Anime
                                                            Lulu Anime  2 weeks back

                                                            Corbyn is very correct😍

                                                            • Jess_K
                                                              Jess_K  2 weeks back

                                                              daniel looked so fire in this tho

                                                              • julie matthews
                                                                julie matthews  2 weeks back

                                                                Limelight's I'm freaking out and it's making me feel sick

                                                                • Kiyra’s Galaxy
                                                                  Kiyra’s Galaxy  2 weeks back

                                                                  Why won’t we

                                                                  • Princess Nika Sulaiman
                                                                    Princess Nika Sulaiman  2 weeks back

                                                                    When Corbyn sang ddududdudu damn! My Kpop fangirl heart was so surprised 😂

                                                                    • Princess Nika Sulaiman
                                                                      Princess Nika Sulaiman  2 weeks back

                                                                      Jonah, what're ya doin' to my system? Oh my God! I'm totally into you😭😍

                                                                      • Tengku Sarah Khadijah Tengku Zamir Hisham

                                                                        JONAH'S SHIRT SAYS "you're a wizard Jonah" LMFAOOOO

                                                                        • lisa akgae
                                                                          lisa akgae  3 weeks back

                                                                          Why don't we like fifth harmony and Blackpink??? Hold on, I might stan wdw🤔

                                                                          • Olivia Burks
                                                                            Olivia Burks  3 weeks back

                                                                            I don’t know a Corbyn, I only know a Chev chev, chev chev

                                                                            • ashnoor kaur
                                                                              ashnoor kaur  3 weeks back

                                                                              “Ouch that hurt”
                                                                              Who knows where this is from?

                                                                            • Nelamae Miano
                                                                              Nelamae Miano  3 weeks back

                                                                              Corbynnnn 😂💜

                                                                              • אורית ויינשטיין

                                                                                Why such shitty song.. ofcourse the don't know it

                                                                                • Carl Isaac
                                                                                  Carl Isaac  3 weeks back

                                                                                  where yall blinks and limelights at?

                                                                                  • Queen Evie464
                                                                                    Queen Evie464  4 weeks back

                                                                                    I feel like they we're clueless the whole time.....

                                                                                    • Alya Nafisa
                                                                                      Alya Nafisa  4 weeks back

                                                                                      6:48 corbyn is so cute

                                                                                      • Destructive Nightflare
                                                                                        Destructive Nightflare  4 weeks back

                                                                                        I'm a limelight but as a Mixer I feel a bit disappointed.

                                                                                        • Angel Angel
                                                                                          Angel Angel  4 weeks back

                                                                                          1:25 .... Daniel james seavey WHAT?

                                                                                          • Saoirse Watters
                                                                                            Saoirse Watters  4 weeks back

                                                                                            @Angel Angel ohhhhh now I hear it 😂😂

                                                                                          • Angel Angel
                                                                                            Angel Angel  4 weeks back

                                                                                            @Saoirse Watters he was like " you can eat my .. **sniff**

                                                                                          • Saoirse Watters
                                                                                            Saoirse Watters  4 weeks back

                                                                                            What did he do?? 😂😂

                                                                                        • Veda Madugula
                                                                                          Veda Madugula  1 months back

                                                                                          omg when bp came up i was shaking cause u know kpop and wdw AND THEY KNEW THEYRE SONG OMFGGGG