SKIN | In the Hospital | Official Clip HD | A24


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  • AH 7
    AH 7  4 weeks back

    Really good movie

    • tommo91
      tommo91  2 months back

      lol this looks sick but haha in that situation there'd be a trillion codes goin off and a bazillion nurses running in

      • Michael Michael
        Michael Michael  2 months back

        When do we get to finally watch SKIN!???

        • Visuals For You
          Visuals For You  2 months back


          • Sev Bannion
            Sev Bannion  2 months back


            • Cory Baker
              Cory Baker  2 months back

              This short was fucking terrible i absolutely cannot believe it one best short film

              • Fay Jan
                Fay Jan  2 months back

                *laughs in respiratory therapy*

                • Walter Clements
                  Walter Clements  2 months back

                  Please give us a trailer to the Lighthouse!!!

                  • Netson Eng
                    Netson Eng  2 months back

                    that woman somehow really look like my English teacher

                    • french-fox
                      french-fox  2 months back

                      Give us the lighthouse release date goddammit !

                      • sebisntreal
                        sebisntreal  2 months back


                        • Darth Obito
                          Darth Obito  2 months back

                          Where's The Lighthouse trailer yo? I'm dying here.

                        • General Tso's
                          General Tso's  2 months back

                          I fuckin love everything A24 produces!!!

                          • Roamanian Noodle
                            Roamanian Noodle  2 months back

                            Isn't this the movie that ends with him being fully black with ink?

                            • Will C
                              Will C  2 months back

                              No, it's the reverse for the feature.

                            • Luke M
                              Luke M  2 months back

                              Apparently the writer / director has stated the movie will be different from the short

                            • Taedrem
                              Taedrem  2 months back


                          • The Cinematic Mind
                            The Cinematic Mind  2 months back

                            Hopefully better than that laughable pile of crap “Oscar” winning short film.

                          • Deadpool
                            Deadpool  2 months back

                            OMG! I love Vera Farmiga! 😍

                            • Mohamad Taim
                              Mohamad Taim  2 months back

                              My hope was high when I got the notification for this...
                              I thought it was The Lighthouse trailer.

                              • Mohamad Taim
                                Mohamad Taim  2 months back

                                @viljamtheninja ok

                              • viljamtheninja
                                viljamtheninja  2 months back

                                @Mohamad Taim That's not how to make jokes. There was no whooosh situation here, you just said a stupid thing and were called out on it.

                              • Mohamad Taim
                                Mohamad Taim  2 months back

                                @Edna Mode It's a joke because I know it's a clip from Skin, lol such pathetic

                              • Edna Mode
                                Edna Mode  2 months back

                                Mohamad Taim Jesus Chris keep that on Reddit and how that even a joke? If it was some joke I missed then just say woooosh anyway, unless you’re on Reddit r/ is meaningless

                              • Mohamad Taim
                                Mohamad Taim  2 months back

                                @Edna Mode r/whoooosh

                            • geetarbube
                              geetarbube  2 months back

                              Meh...if he required that kind of precise o2 delivery, he’d be intubated and on a ventilator.

                              • roxanneworld11
                                roxanneworld11  2 weeks back

                                yes, licensed healthcare worker here..and as awful and horribly compelling as that scene was, i had the same thought: no way would he have only an oxygen mask...and the alarms should have been connected to a system that would have *immediately* notified medical staff that there was a problem. 🤦🏾

                              • kardon47
                                kardon47  1 months back

                                Not to mention that nurses would have been in there in seconds.

                              • Jay Gleason
                                Jay Gleason  2 months back

                                Was thinking the same thing...he wouldn't be on a non-rebreather

                              • Mustavo Gaia
                                Mustavo Gaia  2 months back

                                yeah, I had that doubt too.

                            • Jordy Lunkhead Verrill
                              Jordy Lunkhead Verrill  2 months back

                              The short film is pure genius can't wait to see this movie

                            • Avizanski
                              Avizanski  2 months back

                              The short was shit but let's hope the feature is better. If by this clip it's going to be great

                              • James Hughes
                                James Hughes  1 months back

                                It was hilarious the ending legit had me rolling on the floor

                              • Jordy Lunkhead Verrill
                                Jordy Lunkhead Verrill  2 months back

                                @Avizanski Whitey no like?

                              • Avizanski
                                Avizanski  2 months back

                                @Jordy Lunkhead Verrill the short was weirdly paced, pandering, predictable funny and cliche'

                                none of which is good for this type of short

                              • Jordy Lunkhead Verrill
                                Jordy Lunkhead Verrill  2 months back

                                The short was perfection

                              • nico salingo
                                nico salingo  2 months back

                                That short was huanting.

                            • Fab and Warner
                              Fab and Warner  2 months back

                              Trop hâte, en même temps tout vos films sont parfait
                              The last black man... 👌👌👌
                              Hereditary 👌👌👌
                              Midsommar 👌👌👌👌👌
                              The witch 👌👌👌
                              Le meilleur studio de tout les temps.

                              • Myra M
                                Myra M  2 months back

                                is this the one where the neonazi guy gets tattooed black all over so his son thinks he's a black guy and he gets shot to death

                                • Jayden Marvel
                                  Jayden Marvel  2 months back

                                  I really liked the movie