Kayla Mak: Backstage to Main Stage, The Cut - World of Dance 2019 (Digital Exclusive)


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  • Kate Mellows
    Kate Mellows  2 weeks back

    Kayla is amazing

    • Joyce Li
      Joyce Li  2 months back

      omg kayla is a great dancer

      • KatTheKittyCat
        KatTheKittyCat  5 months back

        You should do one of these for Briar!

        • Lina Luvdogs
          Lina Luvdogs  5 months back


          • Ariana Faulkner
            Ariana Faulkner  5 months back

            Another Amazing Performance ❤️❤️

            • Kate White
              Kate White  5 months back

              So good that I didn't even notice she had pointe shoes on O.O whaaaaat! Perfect lines. Bravo

              • James Cordin
                James Cordin  5 months back

                a ver good routine from her this time

                • Tom Cruise
                  Tom Cruise  5 months back

                  Cat women

                  • Sam rocks
                    Sam rocks  5 months back

                    She is amazing an amazing dancer💐💃... and What a flexibility🙎.... I really felt the vibes😍😃Watching her for the first time.... She owned the stage

                    • Giselle Torres
                      Giselle Torres  5 months back


                      • jval733
                        jval733  5 months back


                        • Chloe Vega
                          Chloe Vega  5 months back

                          Her foot arches make it look like it’s not even a foot. She is AMAZINGGGG

                          • Luqman Abdullah
                            Luqman Abdullah  5 months back

                            She’s ridiculous. Her balance and strength are simply unreal and she does everything with so much grace. Truly an exquisite dancer

                            • Marvin Peltier
                              Marvin Peltier  2 months back

                              @Zooey McRuspain same

                            • Zooey McRuspain
                              Zooey McRuspain  4 months back

                              Jus Crowe hahahahaha when you said she was ridiculous I was like OMG your such a jerk but when I read the other things, I really wanted to take that back

                          • Diana Herron
                            Diana Herron  5 months back

                            Holy Wow!!!!!!!

                            • Mrudul
                              Mrudul  5 months back

                              Julian and Charlize???? Where’d their back stage to main stage go???

                            • The Gurukul
                              The Gurukul  5 months back

                              Divisional final ????????????????????????
                              Anyone tell me plz

                              • The Gurukul
                                The Gurukul  5 months back

                                @Brisa Rodriguez thank you so much

                              • The Gurukul
                                The Gurukul  5 months back

                                @Brisa Rodriguez when will be the Divisional final for upper devision team ???? The Kings the heima and unity la

                              • Brisa Rodriguez
                                Brisa Rodriguez  5 months back

                                Yes she did get in with the second highest score :)

                            • Sergey Chernobay Dance Channel

                              Once again, we are witnessing a fantastic performance! The dance is just great! Fantastic plastic and the choreography is perfect! Great pleasure and admiration!

                              • Debbie Green
                                Debbie Green  5 months back


                                • dimitra karavidopoulou
                                  dimitra karavidopoulou  5 months back


                                  • Stephanie Achane
                                    Stephanie Achane  5 months back


                                    • Athanzkie
                                      Athanzkie  5 months back

                                      So proud to be Indonesian, go raise our flag!!!

                                      • bi11iejoe
                                        bi11iejoe  4 months back

                                        @Joe Yes it is. I should know because I am Chinese and my last name is Mak. where is your evidence that says it's not? Claiming something without facts is contributing to a world of misinformation and confusion. Not needed.

                                      • sharon
                                        sharon  4 months back

                                        @Joe Mak is the Hong Kong transliteration of the Chinese surname Mai. So yes, it's Chinese.

                                      • Joe
                                        Joe  4 months back

                                        sharon ... mak isn’t a chinese last name

                                      • sharon
                                        sharon  5 months back

                                        Her last name is a Chinese last name. But she's a mix of Chinese, Japanese and Cuban.

                                      • Maria Bleu
                                        Maria Bleu  5 months back

                                        @Read Sleep Eat Repeat thanks, I've always thought she's Chinese. Didn't know that she's also Japanese and Cuban though.

                                    • Charles Holcomb
                                      Charles Holcomb  5 months back

                                      Very good

                                      • Chance Aurupa
                                        Chance Aurupa  5 months back

                                        Beautiful 🥰

                                        • ALONDRA BELL
                                          ALONDRA BELL  5 months back

                                          bellsisimos algun dia estare ahy yo tambien

                                          • chandrusekar 95
                                            chandrusekar 95  5 months back

                                            Very good and strange full

                                            • anshika pathania
                                              anshika pathania  5 months back

                                              Stunning performance... 🌺🌺

                                              Top -Notch flexibility...😎😎

                                              • Jenny Wu
                                                Jenny Wu  5 months back

                                                Love love LOVE her!!

                                                • Help me get 100 w/ no content

                                                  Nice performance.

                                                  • JECELL LEI
                                                    JECELL LEI  5 months back

                                                    Its my first time to watch her and I was so amazed! 😍