34 CREEPY YET CUTE TOY HACKS || Old Toys Recycle Ideas And Miniature Barbie Doll DIYs

  • Published: 07 August 2019

    We prepared a collection of ideas that adults and kids will totally love! Find all old toys you have that you wanted to throw away and watch our easy tutorials on how to reuse them. For example, you can turn your old stuffed bear into a backpack. This backpack looks really cool and will be a cool addition to your collection of accessories. Start with removing all the stuffing from a toy and attach handles! Check out the step by step tutorial. Turn your favorite but old teddy bear into a secret stash to hide sweets or something very precious. Cut the head of the bear off it and remove some stuffing to place inside a jar. Next, insert a jar and attach the head to the lid using hot glue. If you have one more stuffed toy but smaller, you can transform it into a pencil case.
    You will be surprised how you can reuse plastic toys! I bet you haven’t known how multifunctional they are! Watch our tutorials and make kitchen hooks decorate a lamp or you can even make bowls and earrings! And the best idea! If you have a very boring dresser that you can upgrade, change the handles. Choose plastic toys you like and cover them with spray paint. Next, replace old handles of the dresser with plastic toys. Drill holes in toys and attach to the drawers. Watch our video and find a full tutorial.
    One more incredible idea is to reuse old dolls and turn them into planters! Remove the doll’s hair and watch our tutorial! Toy cars also could be reused in a cool way! You can create a massager for your back or decorate a picture frame!

    00:09 Cute backpack idea
    02:41 A clever way to reuse toy cars
    04:04 How to remake a backpack
    05:41 Creative DIY planters
    09:03 Cool Barbie crafts
    14:31 How to reuse plastic toys

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