Johnny Johnny Yes Papa- (Trap Remix) - Song by PJ Panda

  • Published: 21 December 2018
  • Go check out PJ Panda !!! This remix was way to much fun to listen to so please sub to his channel for more!

    I have a new track I'll be using in the background of my videos.

    This was supposed to come out like 2 months ago but school was eating me alive so.... ahhhh I know the meme is dead but I promised I would animate this. I'm currently on travel with my family and don't plan to release any more storytime animations this year. I really need an actual vacation. Between doing school and work I lit

    STARTING JANUARY: Before Vidcon I plan on releasing a new storytime each month(Jan-Jul). After Vidcon I'm moving on with my animation series and a music video I should have completed a year ago oof. That's the plan ^^ I'll have more time this semester to work on animations now that I have less art classes so yeeeee
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