India-Pakistan rivalry has lost its edge - Harsha Bhogle

  • Published: 16 June 2019
  • On My11Circle presents #CricbuzzLIVE, our panel reviews the highly-anticipated encounter between India-Pakistan and mentions that the age-old rivalry has lost its sheen through the years.

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Comments • 514

  • Nusrat Noor
    Nusrat Noor  3 days back

    Whom to blame? U guys never want to play with us that,s why this rivalry lost the edge....

    • The Wrestling FanGirl
      The Wrestling FanGirl  3 months back

      I am a Pakistani but agree with every word they say. Pakistan just don't have the confidence anymore that they can beat india. Yes we did use to lose against india even before 2010 but that was a whole different scenario. But since 2011 world cup, it's no more a rivalry. But then that series in Misbah's era gave us some hope that there might be some fire left in this rivalry. But we were all so wrong. Yes we did beat india in CT17 final was a match played by Pakistan like true champs and i believe only Pakistan could do that to india at that stage and no one else but if we look at the winning ratio then it's not good enough to beat 1 out of 10 matches. Even Bangladesh can do so.

      • Adi Aryan
        Adi Aryan  3 months back

        Why Cricbuzz hires, all genetically challenged people for cricket commentary and analysis. I mean look at the Anchor, and now look at his nose, WTF is that? Second, the great Taklu Harsha bhogale. Despite, qualifying IIM he still has inferiority complex for his hair. Taklu underwent costly hair transplant multiple times. What's the point Taklu? You're still a Taklu

        • Aswin Nr
          Aswin Nr  3 months back

          Never under estimate Pakistan ever ...they are dangerously unpredictable ...Pakistan exposed indian team in CT Final 2017...and now look like Pakistan is coming back in this world cup too...

          This Indian team is Over hyped and over rated... Top Three is good(and now Dhawan is gone) bowling is pretty OK...and thats all... middle order is shitty, not a champion team by any means

          This Indian team will probably get kicked out in semi final by a better team.

          So both Harsha and Uthappa please stop going over board about this indian team, enough of this kind of shit....and if there is a huge Gulf between India and Pakistan as you guys were saying, then India would not have lost champions trophy two years back.

          In reality, India is as good as only as other subcontinent teams, even though we Indians like to believe, otherwise.

          Champion teams, are the teams like Australia of 2000's and WI of 70's of 80's..

          • Manjunath S
            Manjunath S  3 months back

            I love how Harsha has a man crush on Dravid

            • s27waterB
              s27waterB  3 months back

              Sure India might be more dominant than Pak at this moment but remember Rivalry not only based on strength match up. The ashes in late 90s and 2000 was one sided affair too.

              • Rajdeep Ghosh
                Rajdeep Ghosh  3 months back

                I liked it... Same people only a border in between

                • K
                  K  3 months back

                  India got hammered in the champions trophy final and overall Pakistan is ahead in one day games.What are these idiots talking about.

                  • Sunny Gupta
                    Sunny Gupta  3 months back

                    @Aswin Nr bcci rich.... Porki beggar... You beg to play against India.. Haha 😂😂... Except 2017 ct you dont any other achievement to bark upon...

                  • Sunny Gupta
                    Sunny Gupta  3 months back

                    @Aswin Nr lol u beggar people crying... Keep crying converted mulla

                  • Aswin Nr
                    Aswin Nr  3 months back

                    Exactly, current India or so called "Team India, Men in blue" is a bunch of overrated buffoons...Pakistan exposed these buffoons in CT Final 2017...Even today if Pakistan bat first (especially) and put a decent total on the board these buffoons will crumple....
                    As an Indian always admired and loved (sometimes feel jealous yaar) the raw talent of Pakistan cricket, which i consider the best in the Subcontinent or even in the world.
                    I don't know what the fucking use of BCCI,being the richest cricket board...they are all corrupt unprofessional s filled with nepotism,regionalism,lobby-ism etc... they can continue their IPL circus and commercialize cricket and damage it even more.

                  • K
                    K  3 months back


                  • Sunny Gupta
                    Sunny Gupta  3 months back

                    Shut up

                • AThomas Mathew
                  AThomas Mathew  3 months back

                  It's time to leave Neighbor vs Neighbor rivalry and go for Opressor vs Opressed rivalry... Ind vs Eng WC Finals !!!

                  • sibertooth
                    sibertooth  3 months back

                    Forget cricket and look at their economy INR RS 100= PNR Rs 226 .Their economy is in slumber !! Ye baat alag h ki adhe ye soch rahe honge our currency is double to that of India .Madrassa Mulk h kuch bhi ho sakta h .

                    • kd2013
                      kd2013  3 months back

                      India should still remember it's 73-54 or so in favour of Pakistan, head-to-head in ODIs. No reason to slack off, we still need to win another 19 matches!

                      • Boys Played Well
                        Boys Played Well  3 months back

                        Unfortunately, Pakistanis generally are still in denial mode. They don't realize the fact that India is a much much better team with better talent and brains!

                        From a Die-Hard Pakistani Fan!!

                        • Syed Abdullah
                          Syed Abdullah  3 months back

                          Pak wins 73, Ind 54 there's no matchup there anymore

                          • kunal mishra
                            kunal mishra  3 months back

                            Syed Abdullah Pak 73 Ind 55 now. Be thankful that IndvsPak bilateral series isn’t happening nowadays like it used to happen when Pakistan were the better team else that record wouldn’t last. Anyways whatever happens Pakistan can never beat India in world cups.

                        • Mubbashir Raza
                          Mubbashir Raza  3 months back

                          It’s all mindset. Even based on the way they address the media and the way they talk about particular games, Pakistan’s mindset has been letting them down regularly. They need to look at the professionalism and disciplinary mindset of the Indian team as an example for how to play their game

                          • SafathZ TV
                            SafathZ TV  3 months back

                            Bangladesh vs India is way better clash than India vs Pakistan. BD vs Ind should be more hyped now!

                            • umar shah
                              umar shah  3 months back

                              This argument is so flawed, let me explain its to these dummies. Take Ashes, England werent competative for 20 years ( Their economy was doing fine though ) but its still a big western rivarly. Take football, Barcelona v Madrid, Barcelona smashing Madrid doesnt mean the rivalry is over. The India v Pakistan rivarly is a Cultural rivarly, its Philosophical rivarly ( Partion was done so that we have our own Homeland (Kashmir no matter how much you guys abuse them they will always say Pakistan Zindabad). As a Pakistani I wouldnt want to lose against India in Ludo Match let alone Cricket. Pakistan has smashed India for decades and still head to head after 10 years of indian dominance is 73 to 55 . Its your time enjoy it as we sure will come back to kick your arse . LOL.

                              • umar shah
                                umar shah  3 months back

                                Jay D Harsha bogli was condescending in his tone and talking rubbish, tho aus ko jawab dai raha tha, that bogli oakat may rahay aus ziyada free na hu.

                              • Jay D
                                Jay D  3 months back

                                Kaun si mirchi chipkaye ho pachar mein? :) :) Bhekhaari hoon, bhikhari jaisey pesh aao to izzat deyengey duniya. Bombs and terrorism aside is there even one other area where Pokis know the basics right?

                            • Anil Narayanan
                              Anil Narayanan  3 months back

                              I have this strange feeling- Which I first had 2 months back - I dreamt of Kohli lifting the World cup- India vs England Final - Eng bat first 282 and India winning the World Cup chasing 282 with 12-14 balls to spare - Kohli 145* another great chase by the greatest batsman of the 21st Century.

                              Kohli is warming up with just 200 runs so far in 3 matches - I predict him to make another 550-600 in 7 matches with 4-5 Centuries.

                              • Masood Ahmed
                                Masood Ahmed  3 months back

                                Hi I am from Leeds, England and support the cricketing enigma that is Pakistan, a few things, firstly the bowers do not compare to the 1990s, secondly Indians are tougher mentally they possess a stronger psyche than Pakistanis who often rely on flair and arrogance to get them over the line, thirdly batting is very weak they are unable to structure an innings and then build appropriately. There are some interesting comments made by Harsha but the at the moment the difference between the two teams are based upon skill and cognitive acumen, the latter is something that Pakistanis lack that is why they have to resort to be taxi drivers whilst Indians become accountants.

                                • Anish Shah
                                  Anish Shah  3 months back

                                  Ct 17 was fixed and it was literally watchable

                                  • Ghouse Patan Basha
                                    Ghouse Patan Basha  3 months back

                                    have you ever seen any of current paki players rotating the strike??

                                    • Ghouse Patan Basha
                                      Ghouse Patan Basha  3 months back

                                      imam knows only one shot come front and hit a six after consuming 20 deliveries for 1 run. fakhar only a leg side heave. Babar only cover drive. sarfaraz he only dont know whether he plays cricket or cleans the pitch. Hasan Ali good for poses rather than bowling. Shadab khan only knows hoe to bowl short pitch bowling. all one dimensional players

                                      • Ghouse Patan Basha
                                        Ghouse Patan Basha  3 months back

                                        im expecting Afghanistan to beat Pakistan in this world cup only. Lil bit of carefulness and match awareness, Afghanistan are surely gonna win against Pakistan

                                        • Nikhil Kelkar
                                          Nikhil Kelkar  3 months back

                                          What is Robin saying ? In the nineties why was it a rivalry? Man to man we were worse back then . Just enjoy the victory mate and don't make tall claims. We have grown up watching our team being hammered day in and out , so this feels sweet. And in any case it's us fans who keep the rivalry alive.

                                          • Chandra V
                                            Chandra V  3 months back

                                            Wonder what this indian team will be if Dhoni retires and becomes a coach . We need to kick Shastri out..

                                            • Chandra V
                                              Chandra V  3 months back

                                              One man and that is a rock wall. Our under 19 will produce tremendous cricketers for next 20 years if that wall is there. The name is Dravid, Rahul Dravid.

                                              • xylo crus
                                                xylo crus  3 months back

                                                Tables can turn again

                                                • xylo crus
                                                  xylo crus  3 months back

                                                  Btw when miandad hit that six of last all, 11 indians diec kf heart atta k

                                                  • xylo crus
                                                    xylo crus  3 months back

                                                    I xtill remembef when saeed anwer alone use to spank india and how hopeless indiA and crowd looked,

                                                    • xylo crus
                                                      xylo crus  3 months back

                                                      Vow......we felt sorry when pakistan use to beat india in 90,s and even until 2010. My advise to indians dont turn snobbish and no need to bri g economic comparison. Pakistan is still much less poorer than India

                                                    • Umair Z
                                                      Umair Z  3 months back

                                                      Great nations remain humble in victory. I never went in believing Pakistan can take India on even though I never put Indian bowling in the top class region. Indian batsmen doing what they are best at doing. And Pakistan batsmen doing what they are best at doing. Collapse!

                                                      • Priyabrata Parhi
                                                        Priyabrata Parhi  3 months back

                                                        now India Vs Australia is more exciting to watch.

                                                        • tanzilur rahaman
                                                          tanzilur rahaman  3 months back

                                                          Sad but true. However, what perplexes me is that why India doesn't play Bangladesh much, considering how much India plays against Sri Lanka and Windies which most of the time end as one sided affair. In sub-continent, Bangladesh is taking the place of the cricket rival of India. Last but not least, we export garment products to every corner of the world not terrorism.

                                                        • Anurag Malpani
                                                          Anurag Malpani  3 months back

                                                          Robin utthapa analysis is genuine perfect like what cricket expertise should be.

                                                          • Shyam sundar Kalyanaraman

                                                            Hitman is on 🔥🔥. The form he is in he will be the highest run scorer 🔥🔥

                                                            • pohela a
                                                              pohela a  3 months back

                                                              I think Bangladesh is now far better than pak

                                                              • Milton Kazi
                                                                Milton Kazi  3 months back

                                                                It's true, sorry Pakistan but Bangladesh is probably more of a rival to India now than you guys and even we can't beat India.

                                                                • Mr Mela
                                                                  Mr Mela  3 months back

                                                                  you idiots bring in superior indian economy and non-cricket issues in to the debate! well india always had a far bigger economy than Pakistan but still got its ass beaten by the Pakistani teams of 80s and 90s. Look at the overall ODI record of the two countries harsha and only then you might be able to roll it and shove it up your ass! bloody bjp suckers!

                                                                  • Active Ayaan
                                                                    Active Ayaan  3 months back

                                                                    India V Bangladesh is way more exciting nowadays

                                                                    • Nirankar Singh
                                                                      Nirankar Singh  3 months back

                                                                      I don't care if it is "boring" one sided matches, as long as India wins.

                                                                      • Akhtaruzzaman Joy
                                                                        Akhtaruzzaman Joy  3 months back

                                                                        India vs Bangladesh is the new rivalry 😍

                                                                        • Peter Naveen
                                                                          Peter Naveen  3 months back

                                                                          Let's not flatter ourselves too much.. we were beaten pants down in champions trophy... In a good bowling wicket Amir alone is enough to rip apart our or any batting team... However on a batting wicket we are always better...

                                                                          • Javaid Iqbal Shah
                                                                            Javaid Iqbal Shah  3 months back

                                                                            Pakistan cricket team kuch nahi India ke samne

                                                                            • Street Sights
                                                                              Street Sights  3 months back

                                                                              My dad is a Pakistani and Because of these players my dad fought with my mom whole day..Hate you Pakistani team should rather go n sell shoes at road's true we can't compare with India ..India is a professional team and they always act professional

                                                                            • Nidhi Agarwal
                                                                              Nidhi Agarwal  3 months back


                                                                              • Biswanath Mohapatra
                                                                                Biswanath Mohapatra  3 months back

                                                                                But Pakistan won Champion's Trophy..🤗😂🤣😍😁💩🤗😁😍

                                                                                • Kindrêd dōj
                                                                                  Kindrêd dōj  3 months back

                                                                                  Harsha is correct 🙏👍

                                                                                  • RKB BR7
                                                                                    RKB BR7  3 months back

                                                                                    It took them so long to say it

                                                                                    India pakistan peaked in 2006

                                                                                    • jeet singhal
                                                                                      jeet singhal  3 months back

                                                                                      Pakistan se jyada competition to Bangladesh deta hai.
                                                                                      Sach me competition raha hai india vs ban ke match me