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  • Martin Ariza
    Martin Ariza  5 days back

    Hand of god? Maradona is not happy with the reference haha.

    • Michael Morgan
      Michael Morgan  5 days back

      Thank dr. You're enlightening the masses. Btw your eye contact is level 10🤩

      • Mike Tyson
        Mike Tyson  5 days back

        Neil is just an arrogant pompous pseudo intellectual constrained by the lack of the scientific process in disputing the existence of God. God is not the God of Gaps but is the God arrived at by rational thought. Neil never attempts to discredit Thomas Aquinas's theories which establish that God is the most plausible scientific rational for explaining the evidence for intelligent design exhibited in our universe. Neil is soooo full of himself that he always tailors his arguments to the most basic soundbites to which his adoring audience eagerly trumpets as sheer brilliance when in actuality his bold assertions offer no intellectual discourse to explain away the evidence for a creator creating creation.

        • Tim H
          Tim H  1 days back

          @Mike Tyson you're just an ignorant, pompous anti-intellectual who can't see past your own childish bitterness that not everyone wants to play pretend the way you want to.
          your fairy godmother is not arrived at by rational thought. it's arrived at by complete gullibility modified by centuries of the slightest of corrections based not not on revelation but on the religious following scientific discoveries and then acting as if that was their claim all along.
          every generation of belief has been inadvertently proven to be bullshit by science and every new generation of fools includes that science into their new version of the same old foolishness.

          there is no science based argument for any fairy godmother just misstatements and misunderstanding of science just as there is no scientific evidence of ID which is a wholly foolish and anti-science religious argument. even the more famous proponents of ID like Behe admit that it's no more scientific than palm reading or horoscopes.

          but shit talkers like you are so full of yourselves that you'd rather go to your graves as ignorant liars and fools than to ever have an honest moment and admit the reality of it to yourself or anyone else.

          when you shit talkers actually provide some evidence for your fairy godmothers, then you can claim someone tried to explain it away.... until then you're just proving what a laughably dishonest self deluded little shit talker you are.

        • Mike Tyson
          Mike Tyson  4 days back

          @Bryan Helton The majority of scientists in his field agree with an opinion? Bryan..youre pushing the typical response of atheists which is to paint believers as emotional. Stop trying to paint me into your image of what a believer is. This was a conversation predicated in the scientific process which Neil cannot do concerning the creation of the universe nor morality. If it makes you feel like a big shot to resort to labeling then that is where we disagree. You have not proven how the universe was created or how DNA is so complex.or morality, etc. However..great keep having faith in the belief not to believe without any empirical evidence.It takes way more faith to be an atheist because unlike Christianity you offer no argument of substance ...simply insults like.
          ignorance is bliss! Good day!

        • Bryan Helton
          Bryan Helton  4 days back

          @Mike Tyson This is so hysterically typical. You assume that because I disagree with your opinion and back my stance with proven facts by scientists that I'm angry or "not calm". Youre epitomizing the victim complex all you Christians are notorious for. Just bc we disagree with you in no way means I'm angry or hostile towards you or religion in general. Religion is a great thing that has helped millions and millions of people get through the hardest times of their lifes and I won't discredit that. But this should go both ways and you shouldnt openly try to discredit an esteemed scientist just bc you disagree with the majority of everyone in his field. That shows complete ignorance on a topic that is clearly not understood. I'll also refer back to your book.. Romans 14:22 "Hast thou faith? have it to thyself before God. Happy is he that condemneth not himself in that thing which he alloweth"

        • Mike Tyson
          Mike Tyson  4 days back

          @Bryan Helton When comparing my rejection of what you called "facts " in formulating my opinion that Neil was incorrect and when you stated that my opinion was based without any evidence unknowingly repeated the mantra for atheism itself. Pretty ironic. An atheist examines evidence for an argument being presented..which states for the existence of God..and makes the assumption that it is incorrect based upon the validity of the evidence. I am presently reading Thomas Aquinas Selected Writings henceforth my referral. Look..dont get your goose in a dander simply because I discredited Neil. Obviously..your admiration for him runs deeply as evidenced by your anger. is clouding your ability to understand my claim that Neil is not presenting empirical evidence but is merely grandstanding his opinion as factual. If you wish to understand the argument for the existence of God based on rational thought simply check out some of my liked videos. It's all there presented beautifully for you to examine.

        • Bryan Helton
          Bryan Helton  4 days back

          @Mike Tyson Right there is the fundamental problem. Your problem with Dr. Tyson is that your opinion is thats he is wrong regardless of all the facts he presents with no facts of your own to back your opinion. Dr. Tyson has always held the stance on any subject hes asked about to provide proof/facts that substantiate your claims or they're heresay which doesnt hold any scientific merit. As any true scientist would absolutely agree with. Oh btw nice name drop on a Christian "theologian"..

      • Sean Bragg
        Sean Bragg  6 days back

        "Our universe should be slowing down but it's not. We don't know what is going on." "Our universe follows the laws of physics"
        Anybody see the GRAVITY of statements like these in reference to what people believe about God. Basically "we don't know what is happening but I am sure it has nothing to do with any kind of God". The fact is everybody is religious and everybody has faith in something. There are no answers without more questions and after all this time and all these bold statements "We don't know what is going on" - Neil is right too many fools think out loud while too many of the wise keep silent

        • Tim H
          Tim H  1 days back

          @Sean Bragg by answering my question, dumbass. that's how you can make your bullshit claim clearer.

          what law of physics has changed?
          what aspect of the scientific method has changed?

          the answer in both cases is none.

          you're making a claim that you can't support. that science is changing, and even more stupidly you're claiming that because you personally are ignorant the rules of science are going to change.

          i'm stating facts that you can't deny that prove your argument wrong.

          and in response you're thinking if you just start again at the beginning your bullshit will get better with repetition?


          you're the dumbass who thinks just because a box is closed it might have leprechauns in it. that doesn't make you open minded or intelligent or thoughtful.... it makes you a willfully ignorant dumbass.

          any other ways you want to prove it?

        • Sean Bragg
          Sean Bragg  1 days back

          @Tim H my orgional post "Our universe should be slowing down but it's not." According to the information they are operating on, the universe "should" be slowing down... meaning they are operating without all the data, that is why the observation does not match the math. That concept needs to be applied to all matters of observation, the unknown variables change everything. I don't know how clearer I can make this aspect of universally used flawed logic.

        • Tim H
          Tim H  1 days back

          @Sean Bragg no. he did not say that. he said we don't understand it yet. but he never implied anything other than that when we do it will follow the same pattern as every other discovery since the beginning.
          everything seems mysterious until we understand it. to a scientist that means more study is needed. to a fool that means they can pretend their gods live there until they're proven wrong yet again as they have been over and over since the beginning.
          and that is the difference. Tyson is making a guess based on all the evidence and fairy tale fanboys are making guesses that ignore all of the evidence. Tyson is arguing from a system of thought which has proven successful , and increasingly so for thousands of years while fairy tale fanboys are arguing from a history of abject failure for tens of thousands of years and are just too stupid to take a hint.

          there has never been a curveball. not one. since the first scientifically minded people started basing their world on testable evidence not once has it left us down. not once has something that was proven wrong turned out to be the right answer. not once has anything other than a natural phenomenon been revealed. not once has science failed. the only failures are when scientists stop doing science and start basing their arguments on belief instead of science. and trying to blame that on science is laughably dishonest.

          and no, science doesn't rethink it's rules. testable evidence is the rule and no one is rethinking it. that claim is laughably stupid.

          and you clearly don't know shit about how science is addressing dark matter. i'm guessing that at best you've read a few popular articles and don't have the sense to know the difference between actual science and a headline meant to grab your attention.
          and here's the proof that you don't know what you're talking about... answer this question: name one rule of physics that has changed since our discovery of dark matter or name one part of the scientific method that has changed...

          the reason you can't is because it's a stupid claim based on your refusal to address the issue honestly.

          what if?? really??
          what if there's a leprechaun in the box? what if it's a unicorn? what if it's a genie? what-if-ism is the crutch of the stupid and uninterested people of the world who couldn't care less about the facts and just want someone to play pretend with them..

          there's a reason why i can make simple comments that destroy yours while you can't even begin to address mine.
          it has nothing to do with intelligence. it has to do with motivation. i'm not here to make myself feel better about believing in a fairy godmother so i don't have to rely on bullshit to get through. i just stick to the facts and then reality reveals itself.

          you should try it sometime.

        • Sean Bragg
          Sean Bragg  1 days back

          @Tim H but what Niel just said is their findings don't make sense according to the rules they have been operating on... my point is, so many times in scientific history, they think they pinned something down they get thrown a curveball. That means they have rethink their rules and that requires putting those new rules into place over the entire spectrum of science. One example is a complete misunderstanding of dark matter. It doesn't follow the normal rules so they have to rethink what those rules are to explain it's existence, and therefore ALL rules to ALL physics can be re-interpreted with that one snafu taken into consideration. They only know of it's existance becasue it demonstrates a gravitational pull... what if our understanding of gravity is incomplete and we need to operate under a new set of rules? Unforeseen variables is the bane of proof positive discoveries.

        • Tim H
          Tim H  1 days back

          my wife bought me a present. i don't know what's in it because the box is closed.

          now if you're intelligent you can make a lot of guesses about what's in there and still be wrong.... but if you assume it obeys the laws of physics you wouldn't be stupid for doing so.

          if you assume because you don't know what's in there that it doesn't obey the laws of physics and is probably a god of some kind.... then you would be stupid.

          how hard is that to understand?

      • SuckMy SpinningBalls
        SuckMy SpinningBalls  7 days back

        I absolutely agree with Neil's statement regarding religious fundamentalism. Their agenda is to undermine the First Amendment, thus, poisoning education, prevent scientific discovery, and inevitably halt the progress of humanity. They have become desperate in their tactics; deception, fear-mongering, and hatred - all to demonize science in some pathetic attempt to paint themselves as martyrs. The most prominent Creationists are all guilty of this. Yes, even the cherished frauds like Dennis Prager, Kent Hovind, and Ray Comfort. Evidence is not obligated to orientate itself based on your willful ignorance of it. The scientific and academic communities are not obligated to lower their standards based on your archaic beliefs and lack of evidence.

        • Jwb52z
          Jwb52z  4 days back

          I'm afraid that that kind of attitude is what keeps more religious people from being willing to question things.

      • Jasmine Luxemburg
        Jasmine Luxemburg  1 weeks back

        Mr Tyson is a great ambassador for science. He’s funny, enthusiastic and explains possible scenarios in ways that get us thinking.6

        • KC LEACH
          KC LEACH  1 weeks back

          Neil your my hero!

          • ENKI Epic
            ENKI Epic  1 weeks back

            Neil deGrasse Tyson is a arrogant moron full of himself

            • Bryan Helton
              Bryan Helton  4 days back

              You misspelled *confident intellectual* who tries to explain very complex scientific principles in terms ignorant doorknobs (like yourself) should be able to understand. But I do understand your frustration with him bc children do get irritated when they dont know whats happening.

          • Nasser Al Bogami
            Nasser Al Bogami  2 weeks back

            If anyone says there's no God , he's without doubt the stupidest person who ever walked on earth, no matter what degree in science he's holding, or otherwise, he's just another devil in person .

            • Jacque Renee
              Jacque Renee  2 weeks back

              Dark Energy/Matter=heavy & invisible something

              • Joseph Vick
                Joseph Vick  2 weeks back

                Neil Tyson mocks and belittles people that claim to have seen ufos.He says that they are suffering from brain failure,thus labeling them as mentally ill.How many people have been damaged by his influence?This is malicious and harmful to tens of thousands of people throughout the world.He is an arrogant pompous buffoon,by this kind of ugly assertion.How many have been instititutionalized by his influence?He represents the worst of science.

                • Bryan Helton
                  Bryan Helton  4 days back

                  @Tim H Thank you. Mr. Tyson has never belittled anyone who believes they were abducted or witnessed a UFO. As a true scientist he has stated on many occasions that he will not take eye witness testimony as fact bc its completely unreliable in all aspects of scientific merit.

                • Tim H
                  Tim H  1 weeks back

                  0 dumbass. 0 people have been institutionalized by his influence.

                  you're a pathetic little shit talker with a hurt butt because he doesn't play pretend the way you want him to.

                  you're a pathetic child throwing a tantrum because the adults asked you to clean up your toys and go play in the other room while they talk.

              • Morpheus x
                Morpheus x  2 weeks back

                The religious guy seems to be using the god of the gaps theory to justify the existence of god by calling dark matter as god loll .

                • Morpheus x
                  Morpheus x  2 weeks back

                  Did the religious guy just call his god dark matter is not darkness supposed to be the domain of the devil according to religion.

                  • Cameron Bartlett
                    Cameron Bartlett  2 weeks back

                    Starts at 1:22

                    • Sunil Nair
                      Sunil Nair  3 weeks back

                      Pagan and asura is breeding like hell. Do you know why? To get. The skin color right. ROFLMAO

                      • Sunil Nair
                        Sunil Nair  3 weeks back

                        Look at. This joker.


                        Half pagan half asura. ROFLMAO

                        Imagine that. ROFLMAO

                        And he's myth Buster. How? By killing of actual Saints and learnt people from actual country of saints. ROFLMAO

                        • Gale Daniel
                          Gale Daniel  3 weeks back

                          I'd love to hear Neil pick apart the story of Noah. I always wonder how did the kangaroos get to the arc and back home to Australia

                          • Gale Daniel
                            Gale Daniel  3 days back

                            @Jwb52z and people actually believe garbage. Noah was like what, 5000 years ago. The continents have probably moved something like 10 feet in the last 5000 years.

                          • Jwb52z
                            Jwb52z  4 days back

                            At that time, according to the Bible, there were no separate continents.  The continents, in this context, didn't exist until what happened at the Tower of Babel.

                          • Bryan Helton
                            Bryan Helton  4 days back

                            My 6 year old already did that and was legitimately kicked out of the church my ex wife took her too. They said she was being too disruptive bc she told the "teacher" she was wrong. In the Noah story they claim that god created the rainbow saying he would never flood the earth again and my daughter told the her.. And I quote "No he didn't! A rainbow is the sun shining through water in the air! My dad taught me that with a water hose.."

                        • Tobias Valasquez
                          Tobias Valasquez  3 weeks back

                          I feel you, bro

                          • Jiang En
                            Jiang En  3 weeks back

                            Bill: "peope will say scientists have found god because of dark matter"
                            Neil: goes into intellectual oblivion

                            • Joseph Bishara
                              Joseph Bishara  3 weeks back

                              13:56 _"Some myths deserve to be broken apart, out of respect for the human intellect"_

                              • Dr Jc
                                Dr Jc  4 weeks back

                                After the POTTY ARSED TRUMP, deGrasse must be this World’s biggest and most hilarious BS Artist that one could imagine.

                                Well done, Fat Arse, I mean deGrasse, you are famous for something!

                                (I think Homer Simpson is jealous of him!)

                                • Bryan Helton
                                  Bryan Helton  4 days back

                                  @Mark Stone I think you used too many big words...

                                • Mark Stone
                                  Mark Stone  2 weeks back

                                  Dr Jc You know that childish name-calling is almost always a cover for fear, don’t you. All bullying is rooted in fear. Instead of name calling, perhaps you could try being an adult; quote something said in the video, and use evidence, logic and reasoning to dispute it.

                              • Jaan C
                                Jaan C  4 weeks back

                                It's a breathe of fresh air that interviews before 2017 wouldn't force Neil to comment on Trump for click-baits. Thanks... god.

                                • JanusAtTheGate
                                  JanusAtTheGate  4 weeks back

                                  God is the dark matter. What WILL he be next?

                                  • rent a shill
                                    rent a shill  2 weeks back

                                    whatever we dont know
                                    famous "god of the gaps"

                                • Rodolfo Saluto
                                  Rodolfo Saluto  4 weeks back

                                  God is universal scientific mathematical laws

                                  • Rodolfo Saluto
                                    Rodolfo Saluto  1 weeks back

                                    There are differences between the laws of nature and what you believe .you can jump off a building and believe you won't splatter when you hit the pavement. The truth is that while you're falling you can't change the law of gravity, but you can mediate it with a parachute.. that is why God is law. Or. Law is God . Let me remind you YOU WILL SPLATTER.

                                  • Tim H
                                    Tim H  1 weeks back

                                    Tinkerbell is laws of physics.
                                    loch ness monster is traffic laws.
                                    UFO's are bylaws of boy scouts.

                                    who's statement was more meaningful, yours or mine?

                                • Richard Ball
                                  Richard Ball  4 weeks back

                                  The Universe isn't Real, it's all in God's imagination...

                                  *Or the universe is Real, and "God" is IMAGINARY* .

                                  Take your pick.

                                  • Bryan Helton
                                    Bryan Helton  4 days back

                                    I'll go with God is imaginary.. If in fact he is real He's a narcissistic asshole who knowingly tortures his creation and then forces them to surrender to his will. "Heaven" would be unbearable as well bc it would full of self righteous pretentious sheep kissing his ass constantly. I'll gladly take burning in hel than deal with that for eternity.

                                • Alvaro Goenaga
                                  Alvaro Goenaga  1 months back

                                  Tyson deserves a medal for popularizing science.

                                  • Internet Drifter
                                    Internet Drifter  1 months back

                                    19:43 iconic opening to any show

                                    • Nawal
                                      Nawal  1 months back

                                      14:05 lol so true growin up in a religious home!!

                                      • Ossie Dunstan
                                        Ossie Dunstan  2 months back

                                        Their is no evidence of dark energy or dark matter, just because man expects the universe to do something and it doesn`t , religion states god, Modern science replace god with dark matter and dark energy.
                                        Absolute rubbish, the data i have seen is inconclusive on both dark matter and dark energy.
                                        I say the universe is still spewing hydrogen into the cosmos.
                                        Even if its not , if the cosmos give`s no resistance to our universe expanding , dark energy and dark matter are not needed , just like fucking god is not needed for anything other than grooming children for sexual assault.
                                        Sorry but TIME is not apart of our universe,TIME is apart of the cosmos of which our universe is embedded.
                                        To demand that time began with our universe is as ignorant as the god claims.

                                        • Tim H
                                          Tim H  1 weeks back

                                          you clearly don't understand what he's talking about.

                                      • manyonezerometalsmyth 66
                                        manyonezerometalsmyth 66  2 months back

                                        *Got Class? Got Belfagor?; A White Knight Concedes to Black*
                                        "When Adam dug and Eve span, Who was then the gentleman?"
                                        Hey, happy knight extermination. This knight extermination system is bigger than a ten-ton atomic bomb of churches, military, information, bad food, drug wars, sexuality, disease, work conditions, but mostly information...then they hit the hospital, woo hoo...that's tradition! It's not my system, we've just been building it since ancient Egypt. Who wants wolves? Also, that female is on trial of the nature of her true character and the vagaries of the goodness of her gifts...for I believe it is opposed to natural selection and in line with more a death sentence as seen in the evidence of nature. I want her resolved and proven. Dawkins and Darwin would run in addition to the church as a guillotine and I want the evidence. CSL. Hey, many an Eli Whitney or a Wright Brother take over a system. And I would speak their name for I know their true place in it. But me a lowly scribe and jewelry maker could not possibly fit in this vast aristocracy so I concede to reveal it its true form. L O L. And, by knight I mean the lowly dirty male of Erasmus, and the military, bully, and villain that the white one destroys in his battle in a system he doesn't understand. Would I be that knight after such scribes and truth? F U. A female would understand her own agenda and sexuality as it destroys a chosen male and a male would understand his death through it...a man suffers a death of sorts that may be linked to physical disorder in his future when he gives birth and gets locked in a battle that weakens him, and he becomes like a worker with no living salts, and, also, I doubt the nature of her true intentions in general as they may be buried psychologically and chemically and even in her soul if there is one. There are a couple of good Romans, sure, but I'll concede to the Greeks even as their expendable die in battle, and I'll take of my own sciences and maths and make them mere hobbies. And of the vampires in the revenge, who dies and is weaker but those locke din coitus and love? These trolls think there is an evil on high in spite of their obvious extermination, yet the books are set at good natures beyond that of God himself and a sure hand to destroy them. God cannot be proven or disproven on purpose because it is of the nature of destroying an enemy through their temptations and idiocy. The occult is really white magic, as before, but of a similar and lesser nature...

                                        • Greg Anderson
                                          Greg Anderson  2 months back

                                          Honestly, I don’t know?? I mean if God exists our human finite minds can’t even comprehend him or it. Gods nature has to be completely foreign to our nature. How can we even come to a consensus? Our minds are so limited and the self is so easily deceived that it’s hard to arrive at a conclusion.

                                          • rent a shill
                                            rent a shill  2 weeks back

                                            well "god" from any religion isnt real... "holy" books show us that

                                        • Kendon casey Curtis
                                          Kendon casey Curtis  3 months back

                                          Because of false teachings ( also biblical) most people don’t realize that there is no contradiction, the dark ages are the very reason for most misinterpreted Bible. Tell Mr. Tyson dark matter/ dark energy is (Gods programming) Tyson use the King James original , with the Doc strong concordance, and Bollingers companion bible. Their are definitely other universes. God built them, in the original universe. If we are headed to our being capable, of being capable of putting all the information, into A computer generated environment in our future. Where people can because of nanotechnology coupled , with the nano bots, the mapping of the human genome project, coupled with computing power doubling every year, with nano bots . capable at first to clean arteries without invasive operations, because the Nono bots can be programmed , and injected into the bloodstream. Then to kill disease like cancer. Then to augment the human brain, in order to map the individuals brain so at first it gives them capability ,of control over the artificial limbs. Then it’s not to much of A jump to imagine the economically charged gaming industry, and other entertainment industry like movies. People can be augmented to be more intellectual, but eventually to map the personal brain for gaming. To make the experience . Of the five senses of , our, feel, smell, taste, sounds,sees it in the perfect point to augment into the universe of our computer generated environment.

                                          Newton was deeply religious he even used the Bible codes to predict the end of time.

                                          Each scientific disciplines are plucked out singularly. True wisdoms comes from the combination of All the scientific disciplines. Religion being one of them. 85% of the universe movement is dark matter you seem to play that down.

                                          So the singularity is electromagnetic energy in A vacuum that has all of space ,time ,matter, and the great expansion of the universe. Within seconds. Now with string theory, the holographic universe, Black holes, super massive black holes, the new unexplained black hole that is so different it can’t be explained

                                          No offense to you mr Tyson however I had A heart attack without loosing consequences. As I wanted fresh air, after the first time my heart stopped . The thing I wanted was fresh air when my heart started again. So I went out to my back deck for fresh air. I could here the ambulance. Let me say as A believer I was not scared simply surprise ( wow today is the day I die) my two granddaughters just wanted poppy to play. They had the same color bathing suits , with the same sun both equally in the same light. My one granddaughter was never healthy with three heart operations at the time, they would try to sew her up ,but swelling would mean that they would have to open her up with what I would describe as her chest being covered with a thin plastic. I have seen her heart beating.

                                          Now let me be clear as I sat on the top step as my heart stopped the second time, again taking in deep breath but no oxygen to the brain, I like to call it being in the basket. The only problem is I saw both my granddaughters Ora’s, which by the way had you said Ora’s to me prior to my heart attack I would have laughed at this ! Yet their Ora’s where what, I would describe as fuzzy rainbows that surrounded my granddaughters in the same light with the same color bathing suits for they had been in the kiddie pool. The horse 20 yards behind them inside a fence. Didn’t have A Ora. Yet I’m fading out I could see their Ora’s my granddaughter who just got A heart transplant two months ago ( still on the intensive care unit) she is now 16. Please pray for her, and the family of the person who had to die for her to get her transplant. Hayleigh Smith in north Georgia.

                                          When I was having my heart attack I saw her Ora it like a fuzzy rainbow but she standing right next to my healthy granddaughter who’s fuzzy rainbow was brighter yellow red blue pink, now aside from where their Ora’s came together where they stood close at the foot of the stairs saying poppy come play. My granddaughter who just got her heart transplant had A completely different Ora it was bluish fish’s purple,

                                          Now keep in mind I never lost conciseness I now have A pacemaker ( the ambulance arrived on time) I feel extremely blessed to be here. I feel blessed at seeing nothing that science can explain in my experience that science can not explain. I am we’ll studied in the Bible let me say there is nothing the Bible doesn’t explain. Naturally people ,with less knowledge of the scientific frontier . You ate wrong about newton he hid his belief in God because of people like you !
                                          Also back then to contradict the order of the day was dangerous.

                                          • vaughansport
                                            vaughansport  3 months back

                                            WOOT RAIDER BREAK! tops off, drinks up!

                                            • ROBBY Andrews
                                              ROBBY Andrews  4 months back


                                              • ROBBY Andrews
                                                ROBBY Andrews  4 months back


                                                • ROBBY Andrews
                                                  ROBBY Andrews  4 months back


                                                  • Collin Joe
                                                    Collin Joe  4 months back

                                                    "To even write that means you don't even know what they are"

                                                    • TWSTF 8
                                                      TWSTF 8  5 months back

                                                      I love that he makes those couple of points alot.

                                                      #1: The Universe, (or Reality, more broadly,) has much more interesting objects and processes than anything us humans can think up or imagine. (Like, an epileptic seizure isn't demon possession.)

                                                      #2: The Universe is under absolutely NO obligation to, "make sense," to anyone.

                                                      • Noelkinz G.Roman
                                                        Noelkinz G.Roman  5 months back

                                                        Uncertainty Forces Change In Consciousness.

                                                        • ray salmon
                                                          ray salmon  5 months back

                                                          Sorry but Jesus did not teach this

                                                          • jude costa
                                                            jude costa  5 months back

                                                            you suck cos ur full of fake

                                                            • Ahmad Almarri
                                                              Ahmad Almarri  6 months back

                                                              Apollo 11 is science fiction

                                                              • Ahmad Almarri
                                                                Ahmad Almarri  4 months back

                                                                @Boglerun of course you gonna say that douchebag because your brain is in your foot

                                                              • Boglerun
                                                                Boglerun  4 months back


                                                            • Amitesh Sinha
                                                              Amitesh Sinha  6 months back


                                                              • 2Uahoj
                                                                2Uahoj  6 months back

                                                                Ha, ha, he doesn't have faith in God, but he has faith in another universe --- with absolutely no evidence for it. Isn't there just a bit of a contradiction here?

                                                                • Alvaro Goenaga
                                                                  Alvaro Goenaga  1 months back

                                                                  If I were an astrophysicist I would not have "faith" of any kind either, let alone believing in cosmic wizards.

                                                                • Michael Cohen
                                                                  Michael Cohen  6 months back

                                                                  He said it could be true but he wasn’t sure. He believes dark matter could be an evidence. He was tentative on this stuff.

                                                              • m. saint
                                                                m. saint  6 months back

                                                                Neil says nature never made only just one of anything, but yet he thinks humans are the only sentient, intelligent life in the universe, which seems to be a contradiction.

                                                                • Paul Dana
                                                                  Paul Dana  7 months back

                                                                  The INVISIBLE "God" is the leading character in Hebrew MYTHOLOGY and that's why religions are the greatest money making scams in history.

                                                                  • Ravi Sadana
                                                                    Ravi Sadana  7 months back

                                                                    1 second ago
                                                                    The universe exists to give life at all levels to rise up for self-realization. Vedic literature specifically gives instructions on how to prepare for and actually achieve self-realization. It happens over many incarnations, rising up thru purity of mind, absolute truth in heart , meditating in specific details and breathing in specified patterns. Altruism is practised.
                                                                    Unfortunately, science has given us great devices to ease the burden of life and business. That has prompted greed and conditioning of the human mind by Time, Money and Mathematics over the years. We don't know how this will affect us. But talking to millennials, the prospects don't look good. Mentally we are going down. Talk to teenagers.
                                                                    For more pl. go to:

                                                                    1. For Brain-Mind Complex
                                                                    2. For Mind Sciences

                                                                    It took many years of research to prepare the material.. Your comments will be helpful as feedback.. They are forward thinking.

                                                                    • Andrew Douglas
                                                                      Andrew Douglas  7 months back

                                                                      Is de Grasse Tyson an intelligent man? Is all he purports it is a fact is indeed true? On the contrary! How can one who is founded in excluding, in negation, be assertive and intelligent? If he just separates and does not includes, embraces, he is certainly making the first steps - there isn't now way to be deceived. You've got to be affirmative to come to the thresold of perception of the real - THAT is true science, not this. Let Tyson in his ring, punching as he pleases. That's called grovelling in the dark (of pretension).