5 Red Flags of a Weak Chest (FIX THESE!)

  • Published: 13 January 2019
  • If you have a weak chest, it not only will show up when you take your shirt off and look in the mirror but it will also have a detrimental effect on your bench press and other lifts in your chest workouts. In this video, I’m going to show you the 5 biggest red flags for a weak chest, and most importantly, what you can do to fix them.

    The first thing you want to do is look at the way in which you are performing your dumbbell bench press or barbell bench. If you have the tendency to allow your shoulders to drift forward ahead of your chest on the pressing portion of the lift then you likely are compensating for a weak chest. This becomes especially true if you find that it happens even more as you fatigue during the set.

    Next, take a look at your performance and strength on the overhead press as compared to the bench press. If you find that you are meeting or coming close to pressing your bodyweight on the OHP but are far less capable of pressing one and a half times your bodyweight on a bench press, you likely have a very weak chest. Why is that? This is because the OHP requires primarily the strength of the delts to perform it well. Given that your delts are also needed on the bench press, if you have incredible strength in them that should carry over to the bench. If yours falls apart however, the most likely cause is that your chest is not nearly as strong as your shoulders.

    Sticking with the bench press, you also want to be aware of where in the range of motion you seem to most often fail or struggle. Generally, the shoulders are most responsible for getting the bar off of your chest at the bottom of the lift. On the opposite end, the triceps are relied on tremendously for locking out the lift. The chest however, is most active and recruited during the midrange of the lift. If you find that it is here that you are failing on your reps or getting stuck, then it is something that you are going to want to work on and at the very least, identify as a major red flag.

    Continuing on, you don’t just want to be concerned with your absolute strength in your chest but also your ability to produce force over time repeatedly. The muscle endurance of the chest can be tested by simply performing 25 pushups as I show you in the video, breaking them up into 5 reps at a time with a 5 second hold in the midrange of the exercise each time. Without stopping, see if you can get all the way to 25 reps while accruing 25 seconds of holding time. If not, you want to be alerted to the weakness you likely have in your chest muscles.

    Finally, take note of any potential discrepancy in your performance of the dip. We know that leaning forward in the dip is going to more effectively recruit the muscles of the chest rather than relying heavily on the triceps (as happens in a more upright dip). If you find however that you can do more reps upright than you can tilted forward in more of a chest dip, this is a major red flag.

    The fixes for each of these red flags are included. Be sure that you keep your shoulders held back during all pressing movements so that your chest can more actively contribute to the lift. Likewise, it is ok to work on including partials in the midrange of a bench press or even paused reps in the midrange to evoke more work from the chest and strengthen it. Finally, with dips, don’t just treat them as a high rep exercise. Remember to include some weighted dips and lean forward into the chest dip position and work on increasing your strength on the exercise in the lower rep ranges.

    If you are looking for a complete workout program that helps you to not only overcome these red flags but everywhere else you can develop them in your body, be sure to click the link below and get a step by step plan for training like an athlete. Build ripped, athletic muscle in just 90 days by training with the ATHLEAN-X Training Systems.

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      Bryan Naylor  2 months back

      ATHLEAN-X™ Can you get stronger without putting on muscle?

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      Jeff, can you make a video about isometrics exercises, Thanks from your brazilian fan

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      When I am doing bench dips my once side chest is going like inside and painting a lot

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      Madness  9 months back

      and how i combine that to my chest workout ?

    • Hope Hicks
      Hope Hicks  9 months back

      I got very weak pectorals. No upper chest whatsoever. My right pec is almost half my left- doesn't extend toward the middle at all. And no matter what, i can't do more than 12 push-ups or 8 dips. How could u help me out with this, Jeff? Btw I'm a 33-year-old male.

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    Ozark Chinquapin  3 days back

    You helped me so much

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        I made the 25 pushups with the holds and holded after the 25th rep. Then tried to get up with my arms... I failed... Damn. My chest burns rn

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            Hahaha...great acting in the beginning

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                  I feel I’m the only person in the world who HATES BenchPress

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                    AWESOME VIDEO... VERY HELPFUL...!!! GREAT STUFF....

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                      if Jeff barely did the 25 rep test how does he expect we do it

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                        Rishu Yadav  2 weeks back

                        Bro u said everythink but if you mentioned the exact weight ranges for finding the red flags then it would be very easy for us

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                            I can do high-quality push-ups with 15 reps, but no more power then. This video is a bad news to me hhh

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                                Car Man 96  3 weeks back

                                The issue I have is I dislocated my right shoulder 3 years back and my left side of my chest has grown but not my right, and Im having these same issues, where my right side chest the side I dislocated my shoulder is weak and can’t push it as much as my left side. Starting to think I simply can’t develop my right side chest because of my right dislocated shoulder, keep thinking the muscles are too damaged or something

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                                  Thank you Jeff. Don’t think I would have ever realised I was doing my bench press and push ups incorrectly without this video

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                                      Im currently benching 9 reps of 85lbs on the bar. Im aware im weak,..... thanks.

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                                        I tore something in my chest while doing a dip and I’m 16😳

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                                            Umm ... if my 4 rep max is HALF
                                            my body weight , is that a red flag 🚩? Lol !!
                                            I weight 185 lbs . Just saying ... 😩

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                                              I thought your supposed to push your shoulders forward on pushups? Every video says so

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                                                    1000 Subs With 0 vids?  1 months back

                                                    Guys im 62kg and i just did a 60kg bench press for 6reps (including the bar) Is that good?
                                                    16 yo btw

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                                                      Just found this channel and every one of his videos has some pretty heavy information. I can't wait to increase my gains

                                                      • retardedsquirrel106
                                                        retardedsquirrel106  1 months back

                                                        Relevant question related to this specific video, as I have a very weak chest, if anyone can help me out:

                                                        (Please excuse the wall of text. I wanted to really lay my situation out there to get more accurate advice)

                                                        My max (with 3 full sets) on bench was 135 back in the day when I was in a weight training class. 2 years ago, I went to the gym for the first time in several months and did chest day. Since I hadn't worked out in a while, I decided 95 lbs was a good weight for bench. I can't remember if I finished the third set with that full weight, but I know I did at least 2 sets with 95, so the weight seemed manageable.

                                                        Fast forward to next chest day, about a week later:

                                                        I put 25 lbs on each side of the bar for a total of 95 lbs again, because I'm still fresh to the gym. I start my first set and I can't lift the weight. I go down to 75 lbs - still can't lift it. 65 lbs - nope. I take all of the weight off, pushing only the bar, and I struggle. I complete it, but I struggle.

                                                        I was shocked and very confused.

                                                        Over these last 2 years, I have had trouble gaining strength and endurance back (although I have been in and out of the gym, as I am finishing up college while working full-time and I've been hella busy). I am now back up to 95 lbs, but it's really frustrating that I just now got back to the point I was originally at that fateful day 2 years prior.

                                                        I'm not sure if I somehow tore my pec from working it too hard my first day back or if I fucked something else up.

                                                        Does anyone know the most likely cause(s) of this? What mistakes I may have made, in form or otherwise? What are some actions I can take to reduce my chances of this re-occurring?

                                                        Thank you to anyone who takes the time to read this or is able to give me advice. I'm a novice who is trying to became more consistent with my exercise

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                                                      You are a life saver, I would honestly be clueless without these vids

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                                                        Similar kind of thing happens when I'm doing biceps. I can curl the starting phase but get stuck somewhere in the middle, does it have to do with weakness in some part of my arms? #needhelp

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