GOT7 "니가 부르는 나의 이름(You Calling My Name)" M/V


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  • 3333 are
    3333 are  31 less than a minute back

    JB So Smart!!!!!

    • Christine Borlasa
      Christine Borlasa  36 less than a minute back

      Where are you phoenixes?

      • Tep Manut
        Tep Manut  48 less than a minute back

        Fighting for next week guys

        • วิราสินี เชื้อวัฒนสถาพร


          • Nida Nava
            Nida Nava  2 minutes back

            Wowwww 33.6M

            • young jae so cute
              young jae so cute  2 minutes back

              Call out my name 😇😇

              • Bảo Ngọc Hoàng
                Bảo Ngọc Hoàng  4 minutes back


                • Rosa L
                  Rosa L  4 minutes back

                  Ahgases Please vote for AAA, MAMA, and Vlive.

                  • ธัญวลัย สีแสง

                    ชอบทุกคนเลยยยยยน่ารักมากกกกLove you

                    • G7 nafr
                      G7 nafr  12 minutes back

                      Keep spinning guys..hopefully this is getting better later & YT give our vixws back...don't worry, keep fighting!!

                      • bunch barona
                        bunch barona  13 minutes back

                        *Please don’t stop streaming this :———( let’s make them proud*

                        • 0lvia Levy
                          0lvia Levy  15 minutes back

                          Aghases are you spinning or the vi3ws have been frozen again

                          • jaenana
                            jaenana  21 minutes back

                            ma bois 💚

                            • youngjae 2004
                              youngjae 2004  26 minutes back


                              • Nita Zamri
                                Nita Zamri  29 minutes back

                                Ahgase . Please str*am YCMN MBC KPOP . Got7 second place right now .

                                • Rahmawati Firmaningtyas
                                  Rahmawati Firmaningtyas  32 minutes back

                                  I need some water

                                  • GOT7 call my name
                                    GOT7 call my name  34 minutes back

                                    GOT7 and Ahgase did well! Lets be better for the next cb

                                    • icha lii
                                      icha lii  36 minutes back

                                      hey ahgase, today is d-day hard carry 2.5, lets trend it with hashtags at 7pm KST

                                      • huda
                                        huda  36 minutes back

                                        Guys there is no mcountdown this weak so please keep spinning and buy the album so they can nominees next week :(

                                        • huda
                                          huda  36 minutes back

                                          Also the show champion

                                      • thesarahnurizzati
                                        thesarahnurizzati  37 minutes back

                                        THIS SONG IS A BOP OMG

                                        • Brianna rks
                                          Brianna rks  37 minutes back


                                          • gabsy boo
                                            gabsy boo  38 minutes back

                                            I LOVE YOU

                                            • Vitri Andriani
                                              Vitri Andriani  40 minutes back

                                              Are u guys still strming on naver tv. The gap is less than 3k from competitor. Pls strming !!!!!!!!!!

                                              • yugy dandy
                                                yugy dandy  12 minutes back

                                                @Nita Zamri you can find the tutorials from the str..ming team in twitter!! let's do it for got7 :)

                                              • Nita Zamri
                                                Nita Zamri  28 minutes back

                                                How ?

                                            • 아가새
                                              아가새  48 minutes back

                                              They did so good, I’m so proud!
                                              It’s a different concept they’re not afraid to experiment & that’s why we love them! Thank you to everyone’s who’s been streaming thank youuu so much! Im at work just jamin to CALLL MY NAME 😩🖤🤍🖤🤍

                                              • got7's baby bird
                                                got7's baby bird  48 minutes back

                                                always coming back to my favorite place <3

                                                • Jemay Meili
                                                  Jemay Meili  53 minutes back

                                                  One last spin before anything else...

                                                  Yeah, right last spin my ass :D

                                                  • catchadick inyourthroat
                                                    catchadick inyourthroat  54 minutes back

                                                    I love got7 alot personality wise but I never really liked their songs this is the first one I like

                                                    • yugy dandy
                                                      yugy dandy  10 minutes back

                                                      try listening to their b-side!! here are my recommendations: Moon U, No one else, Page, Teenager, Come on.

                                                    • GOT7 call my name
                                                      GOT7 call my name  36 minutes back

                                                      Try to listen their bsides

                                                  • คนดี ที่เธอเท*-*

                                                    I Love you 😘

                                                    • nid nid
                                                      nid nid  56 minutes back


                                                      • Brianna rks
                                                        Brianna rks  58 minutes back


                                                      • Mackenzie Foong
                                                        Mackenzie Foong  58 minutes back

                                                        Let's watch this mv atleast 1 time in a day. It only takes 3mins in a day for GOT7. Ahgases Let's fight for GOT7💚💚💚
                                                        COME & GET IT💚

                                                        • J Jack
                                                          J Jack  1 hours back

                                                          Don't forget for MaMa vote

                                                          • la gata
                                                            la gata  1 hours back

                                                            keep going, it's slow now but they add them later ✌

                                                            • Dafrosa Sindy
                                                              Dafrosa Sindy  1 hours back

                                                              Bless my ear

                                                              • sun shine
                                                                sun shine  1 hours back


                                                                • Paem Laphasrada
                                                                  Paem Laphasrada  1 hours back


                                                                  • Kanong Vue
                                                                    Kanong Vue  1 hours back

                                                                    Yes JB. You've made me cry... with your beautiful self.

                                                                    • Stay With Me
                                                                      Stay With Me  1 hours back

                                                                      Support GOT7, 35M Fighting!

                                                                      • Khaleesi Daenyris
                                                                        Khaleesi Daenyris  1 hours back

                                                                        Guys the views are slowing down.. please aghasses stream and view some more for our boys! They deserve big for this comeback!

                                                                        • yugy dandy
                                                                          yugy dandy  8 minutes back

                                                                          censor your words, we don't know for sure if it affects the v.ews but let's be careful :D

                                                                      • - jc
                                                                        - jc  1 hours back

                                                                        i don't know how many times I've streamed this song but i still can't get enough of it, it's really good!

                                                                        • rama bts
                                                                          rama bts  1 hours back


                                                                          • Brianna rks
                                                                            Brianna rks  1 hours back


                                                                            • Wendy Acosta
                                                                              Wendy Acosta  1 hours back

                                                                              I love all the choreography

                                                                              • - jc
                                                                                - jc  1 hours back

                                                                                33.5 ♡

                                                                                • Wendy Acosta
                                                                                  Wendy Acosta  1 hours back

                                                                                  I love this song , I'cant take it out of my mind ,fighting got7 i love

                                                                                  • Hyunjin’s beautiful moles

                                                                                    بام بام 🥺

                                                                                    • 10110001 001
                                                                                      10110001 001  1 hours back

                                                                                      33.5M woah vamos bien

                                                                                      • Priscilla Sanchez
                                                                                        Priscilla Sanchez  1 hours back

                                                                                        WOW I am just so in love with this comeback! It’s one of their best to date 😍