My Dad Wanted To Get Rid Of Our Old Dog. But Then Buddy Saved His Life

  • Published: 16 July 2019



    Hello! My name is Luna and I am fourteen years old. We've all heard that a boomerang returns back to the person who throws it. Unfortunately my dad and I have recently experienced this ourselves. So today, I want to share our story.

    My family comes from Iowa. My father has a farming business where he grows food crops and vegetables. Since this was the only way we made a living, we had to protect our farm from being broken into. And that's why we got Buddy. He was the sweetest dog ever. I was only four years old when we got him, so we've been best friends for years. He was not just a nice pet, he was the best defense we could get.

    One night, I woke up because I heard a horrible noise. Buddy was barking as loud as he could. I rushed to my parents' room, but my dad was already on his feet and heading outside with a gun. We opened the front door just in time to see Buddy lock his teeth on the burglar's arm. The burglar's accomplice got away, but he hadn't managed to steal anything. This happened a long time ago, and Buddy has been my hero since that night. But time has not been kind to him.

    It's been almost nine years, so he's obviously gotten pretty old, but he still kept our farm safe. I started noticing that he had become too passive and had lost his appetite. He wouldn't even get excited if I got him his favorite food anymore. I was getting really worried, but my dad said he was fine, just old. To tell you the truth, my father never was a sentimental person. So when our dog got older, he was upset, but mostly because he thought Buddy wasn't much of a help anymore. I just could not understand that!

    One day, I went up to Buddy's dog shed and saw that he was just lying there and breathing heavily. He didn't even notice I had come to him. I ran to my dad immediately and asked him to drive Buddy to the vet clinic. But would you believe that he refused to do it and said Buddy had been a good dog and stuff, but that's life, and it was much easier to just get a new dog, after all. I burst into tears and begged him for a whole hour to drive us to the clinic, but he wouldn't listen. Then I said I was going to go alone, on foot! It was only then that he finally gave up. So, after hours of waiting behind the door and numerous examinations, the vet gave Buddy an unfavorable diagnosis. He was suffering from a bad stomach ulcer and he urgently needed surgery. And there was actually not much hope that it would even help. This news made me feel absolutely miserable and dejected. But there is no use in crying over spilled milk. We had to make a decision. My dad and I were silent in the car on our way back home. Later I heard him talking to my mom in the living-room and I was sure they were discussing the surgery date. But then I got close enough to overhear their conversation and heard those horrible words. They were going to put him down the following morning. I couldn't believe my own ears. Buddy had been the most devoted creature all these years and dad was able to just get rid of him so easily. Mom didn't back me up either. She couldn't go against my father's word. But I could. I would not let this happen.

    I called my best friend Peter and asked him for help. I knew I would not be able to find enough money for the operation, but I took all my pocket money and Peter generously donated his. He also suggested organizing a fund for Buddy and putting posts on the internet. This is the definition of – a true friend. I wish I could've gotten my dad to give a penny. But we didn't have time for that. We had to take Buddy to a safe place because my dad could come after him and put his plans into action at any moment. So, we decided to take him back to the vet clinic and to hope for the vets' compassion for our poor dog.

    I snuck out of the house early in the morning so that nobody would see me. Peter and I had to carry Buddy, because it was hard for him to walk. The clinic was pretty far from our house, so we had to get there by bus which took an hour. The vet recognized Buddy and I. We told him how much money we had and about our situation. We also shared our thoughts about the fund and asked if he could help us. The vet sighed and said that we didn't have even have half of the money needed and also that Buddy didn't have enough time to wait until it was all collected. I was about to burst into tears, when he said: "There's no such thing as hopeless." He went out of the room and discussed something with his colleagues. Then he came back and said that Buddy could stay in the clinic until the money was raised. He also told us that we could organize the fund right there in the clinic, so that it was faster, and said to not give up.

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  • Shark Boi
    Shark Boi  4 hours back

    My mom used to have a Rottweiler when I was 5 until my moms ex boyfriend shot it, it didn’t survive.

    • M Metro
      M Metro  4 hours back

      Why did she yell at the beging of the video

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        Roger Villegas  9 hours back

        No wifi for 1 minute...


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          This story sounds familliar

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            You made me so pisted because I went for sergery

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                  Dad:We're gonna get buddy down tomorrow.
                  John Wick:I'm about to end this man's career.

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                    Jieriel Tormis  21 hours back

                    this story make me Dont give up hope and make sad but it okay

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                      Tyrell tuala  22 hours back

                      Wait i am confusion are the people disliking because they dont like the fact the dad did something bad or just being jerks

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                        Tyrell tuala  22 hours back

                        Y u mock Australians (aboriginals) we catch da boomerang not hit our selves

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                            Yamah Mamaa  2 days back

                            Like your voice

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                              WTF my name is Luna

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                                My dad don,t like dog he change his mind

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                                  Buddy is so cute

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                                      Same segury happent to My dog

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                                                              Literally No one says: We all heard that a boomerang always returns back to the person who throws it.

                                                              Me: Bruh, I’ve never heard that..NO ONE SAYS THAT

                                                              Oh and also, your selfish if you want your dog to live just a little longer...Because, do you really want your dog to suffer more!? He is suffering Pain..You want him to be in more Pain..? Wow, what a bad owner

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                                                                  My Dog Is named Buddy :D

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