White Fish with Orange Sauce


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  • JunsKitchen
    JunsKitchen   6 days back

    Thank you so much for watching the video and supporting me on Patreon! I was able to make my room into a kitchen studio thanks to you all! Our cats love sleeping on the tree as well. :)
    Special thanks to Mr.Nagano and Takashi for all the mikan!
    ご視聴ありがとうございます。^ ^ 皆様のご視聴のおかげで、自室を料理部屋にすることができました。猫たちもキャットツリーを気に入って、よく寝ています。また、みかんを沢山分けてくださった永野様、ご助力くださったタカシ様ご夫婦には格別の感謝を!山川みかん、とても美味しかったです!ではまた、次回の動画で。^ ^

    • エリ里田
      エリ里田  10 hours back


    • Edaf Plays
      Edaf Plays  1 days back

      JunsKitchen what's the knife with the orange sheath called?

    • Og Sonni
      Og Sonni  1 days back

      Hi, if you do more of those "fixing some kitchen tools" videos do before you fix it couple tests and do those same tests after fixing that tool (; Ps: Your cat is toooooo cuuute!

    • chinmay kamalapurkar
      chinmay kamalapurkar  2 days back

      Marry me just for that recipe and ur cat 😍😍😛🤘🏻

    • Kutay Kaan Başer
      Kutay Kaan Başer  2 days back

      Looks delicious 👌🏻

  • Lime
    Lime  4 minutes back

    Man id love to be one of ur cats so i could watch you cook in person

    • xxCeceEquestrianxx
      xxCeceEquestrianxx  7 minutes back

      faciest way to salt a fish i've ever seen

      • Villi Rogue
        Villi Rogue  10 minutes back

        Pinter ya kucing nya, didepan nya ada ikan juga masih anteng

        • ciels table
          ciels table  16 minutes back

          Oh crap, there’s a fork? Fake video

          • Lina
            Lina  25 minutes back

            People who happen to stumble across this probably think he's cooking for his cats and one of the cats is called Rachel

            • Emanuele Caputo
              Emanuele Caputo  52 minutes back

              there's something magical about your videos. Every time I see your video I feel much lighter.

              • Hiyori Tyan
                Hiyori Tyan  57 minutes back

                i have missed him so much

                • Djsillu22
                  Djsillu22  1 hours back

                  A E S T H E T I C

                  • LeopardAzure
                    LeopardAzure  1 hours back

                    Jun really flexing on us with that damascus knife

                    • A A
                      A A  1 hours back

                      The cat is so good, doesn't touch anything or ruin anything... just watching...

                      • Keena Kindragon
                        Keena Kindragon  2 hours back

                        I LOVE your videos!! And your cats! No way are my cats sitting there if I have a fish in front of them. Yours are so well behaved! Thank you so much for posting these... keep em coming. They are so relaxing, make my day.

                        • Detective Pixel
                          Detective Pixel  2 hours back


                          • Ne0NxCuPcAkEs
                            Ne0NxCuPcAkEs  2 hours back

                            JunsKitchen I love your videos, especially the cats. They are so beautiful 😍. 1 question I have is could you use Porgy fish In this recipe?

                            • s8 n
                              s8 n  2 hours back

                              feels like you’re soma from shokugeki no soma in real life

                              • BorkMyLife ;3;
                                BorkMyLife ;3;  2 hours back

                                One thing that I will always ALWAYS wonder is... *why can’t I hear poki at all?*

                                • s8 n
                                  s8 n  2 hours back

                                  your cinematography, editing and narration is always superb!

                                  • Mandy Low
                                    Mandy Low  2 hours back

                                    Oh my... This makes me wanna get an orange and try cutting it your way.

                                    • arluxia
                                      arluxia  2 hours back

                                      I'm always very impressed by your dedication to fresh ingredients!

                                      • Kelsey Carter
                                        Kelsey Carter  3 hours back

                                        Hi (sorry for bad English)

                                        • good acc smurf
                                          good acc smurf  3 hours back

                                          I imagine Sanji from one piece to be as skilled as you

                                          • SeaBiscuit
                                            SeaBiscuit  3 hours back

                                            I love this vibe :)

                                            • peppa pig lover
                                              peppa pig lover  3 hours back

                                              I can’t even cook I’m so scared of the knife 😢

                                              • Людмила Михайлова

                                                Очень уютное видео)) спасибо

                                                • Adam Garratt
                                                  Adam Garratt  3 hours back

                                                  I just love how the cats observe everything you're doing. adorable

                                                  • ClaudiaLeBebe
                                                    ClaudiaLeBebe  3 hours back

                                                    Jun to Haku: Actually I have some more fish. Do you want more fish?
                                                    Poke: *distance meow from another room*

                                                    • Derek Simmons
                                                      Derek Simmons  3 hours back

                                                      I don't wanna be to dramatic but I would literally lay my life on the line for your cats.

                                                      • Big Uncle Terry
                                                        Big Uncle Terry  4 hours back

                                                        What kind of knife is that?!?

                                                        • Camille La Voyageuse
                                                          Camille La Voyageuse  4 hours back

                                                          I love your video. It seems so peaceful to cook.

                                                          • Henry Xiong
                                                            Henry Xiong  5 hours back

                                                            Those knives though...............

                                                            • ciawarhater
                                                              ciawarhater  5 hours back

                                                              woah woah woah ,what are these magic silicon covers that are sucking up to te bowls there 5:58 ?

                                                              • Naya O
                                                                Naya O  5 hours back

                                                                At first I thought those were clementines when I saw the size of those oranges. But they look so healthy and beautiful!

                                                                • Hà Minh Châu Vũ
                                                                  Hà Minh Châu Vũ  5 hours back

                                                                  11:51 that haku sleeping

                                                                  • John Andrew Senorin
                                                                    John Andrew Senorin  6 hours back


                                                                    • Some Random Weeb
                                                                      Some Random Weeb  6 hours back

                                                                      Damns that's *FANCY AS SH!T*

                                                                      • Neurotic Sos
                                                                        Neurotic Sos  6 hours back

                                                                        that knife is so cool

                                                                        • Pongo Zongo
                                                                          Pongo Zongo  7 hours back

                                                                          Your cats are so well behaved. Mine would have eaten the fish so faster than I can blink.

                                                                          • tangina mo
                                                                            tangina mo  7 hours back

                                                                            you know its a sharp fucking knife if u hear that metal thingy that makes ur teeth grit

                                                                            • Conectivelifegamers
                                                                              Conectivelifegamers  7 hours back

                                                                              Wish he was my dad

                                                                              • Han Nife
                                                                                Han Nife  7 hours back

                                                                                Why this is so fancy! 😻😻😻

                                                                                • Knight Of Ni
                                                                                  Knight Of Ni  7 hours back

                                                                                  i like the meow meow.

                                                                                  • Alpha_ laffel04
                                                                                    Alpha_ laffel04  7 hours back

                                                                                    I already feel my tears coming out during he is cutting onions...

                                                                                    • 유in원
                                                                                      유in원  8 hours back

                                                                                      이 요리는 완벽하다 여유를 가진다면

                                                                                      • Xeno Power
                                                                                        Xeno Power  8 hours back

                                                                                        Мне кажется что его кот скоро сам начнет готовить

                                                                                        • ЮИ N'
                                                                                          ЮИ N'  8 hours back

                                                                                          Awesome 👍

                                                                                          • the julien 78
                                                                                            the julien 78  8 hours back

                                                                                            how to basic

                                                                                            • イーハイフン
                                                                                              イーハイフン  8 hours back


                                                                                              • バルサミコサーカー

                                                                                                This is mettya osyare.