Heavy Equipment Auction??Buying Used Trucks+Trailers


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  • Cedric Macon
    Cedric Macon  5 days back

    Hey, I live in Salisbury. How much do the Walmart trucks go for. I'm looking to buy a truck.

    • Edward Wiltz
      Edward Wiltz  3 weeks back

      Throw the bones to the dogs and watch them fight each other

      • quocbinhduong 1981
        quocbinhduong 1981  2 months back

        waoooooooo bãi xe đầu kéo u.s nào ở nước ngoài cũng wá trời xe, 2exhaust đẹp wá anh ơi.

        • CoC Master
          CoC Master  3 months back

          Where can I find used porn auctions?

        • Jaybird23
          Jaybird23  3 months back

          hell yea 1980 w900 hell yeah

          • B D
            B D  5 months back

            Do happen to have the address of this place thanks

            • Malik Awan
              Malik Awan  2 months back

              Google Taylor and Martin auction. They got auction in different states. One in video is Salisbury NC.

          • Aaron ___
            Aaron ___  7 months back

            Solid presentation of the topic. Nice video!

            • Top News
              Top News  7 months back

              Thanks for Video, Could you Recommend maybe any Semi truck and Trailer Online Auction? Thanks anlot again.

              • muamer1919
                muamer1919  7 months back

                What auction is that?

              • Jack Smith
                Jack Smith  8 months back

                Sweet video on truck trailer auction. Thx man!

                • Josh Krause
                  Josh Krause  8 months back

                  If you maintain the systems properly which is not depending on dealers or mechanics as they just want to make money. every 200,000 miles you need to remove the EGR and EGR tube and clean out the carbon buildup. That is the same with your doser injector and where attaches to the exhaust. The same goes for your def injector that is before the muffler. as far as your DPF filter take it in and get it cleaned every 200 to 300 thousand miles and you will avoid the breakdowns.

                  • Berto Zap
                    Berto Zap  7 months back

                    A simple maintenance goes a long way. But we have a lot millennial drivers that dont want to do more than what we call common sense. Lol

                • ttgk
                  ttgk  9 months back

                  Walmart takes really good care of their equipment

                  • José Manuel Villeda
                    José Manuel Villeda  10 months back

                    What places at North Carolina?

                    • Chris Watson
                      Chris Watson  9 months back

                      China grove nc on 85 around exit 68 or so thats where this auction took place

                  • Tommy Reed
                    Tommy Reed  10 months back

                    Def is the future next year youI will have to get a def truck.Government will make it mandatory.

                  • kingdom science
                    kingdom science  10 months back

                    What to look for when buying a Used truck:
                    Note1. Lesser Distance between seller and your home office. Driving a purchased truck through state lines will incur you some Taxes and or permits.
                    Have between $10K to $20k for As Is auctions, and a working plan to raise and invest at least 15K in the truck within 6 months. A fair deal for a cheap used auction or owner seller truck is 20-30k within a year of purchase, which is buying price plus needed work/ upgrades.
                    Note 2, Mileage is more important than the Color of the truck. Obviously, Have a prefered Make and Model in mind before u start looking.
                    Most fairly used trucks will be between 400k-650K miles, and year 2006 onwards. Lesser miles preferred, but it all goes back to maintenance history. Egr equiped trucks will usually need emission-related service around 500-600k miles, at a Dealership, so beware. Avoid rigged emission equiped trucks. Pre emission trucks will usually be around 900K miles and over. Price will depends on specs.
                    Wear an overall or Carry some kind of card board box or rug for ur back to check underneath the vehicle. Please always wear your safety glasses. Warning: Never go under a seller's vehicle without permission and/or unattended. Vehicle must be turned off and breaks engaged.
                    1: Do your Regular pretrip inspection paying close attention to oil, coolant hoses and coolant condition. Coolant must not smell fuel or have oil.
                    2. Check brakes and Drums. Not too worn. Worn brakes and drums are first signs of poor maintenance.
                    3. Check for oil leaks from the Front Main and Rear Main bearing housings. Esp rear bell housing oil leaks will mean asap replacement of Seal and possibly New Clutch.
                    4. Feel the clutch with your hand. Not too loose, not too tight. Play around with the shift make sure it can move into all gears from nuetral with a light pressure on Clutch.
                    5. Steering rod. Must be firm.
                    Big ones
                    6. Drive-line. Firm. Absolutely No rocking/shaky Driveline. No worn U joints.
                    7. Air bags: no cracks or leaks.
                    8. If you're allowed to start the engine and do a test drive, check for any lights. Also check the speed and RPM ratio. Truck must have ample boost without struggling to reach higher RPM. Check for smoke color at idle. No white smoke or thick dark smoke at idle. Excessive blowby smoke no good. Smoke on takeoff is normal within first mile after prologed idle. If no power and only low RPM , possible Boost leak, bad Turbo, plugged fuel filters, and or bad injector/s.

                    Please refer to trucker bloggers and techs like Adept Ape and for more info

                  • webmillions
                    webmillions  10 months back

                    If I have a vehicle that has problems and I need to sell it quick I sell it at the auction! 🤘🏻

                    • Melón malone
                      Melón malone  10 months back

                      what about texas

                      • mauricio
                        mauricio  10 months back

                        Great video do you know of any public semi truck auctions in California inland empire or Los Angeles area ??

                        • Greater Harvest Church
                          Greater Harvest Church  10 months back

                          I want a truck that doesn't stink 😢

                        • Darling Murphy
                          Darling Murphy  10 months back

                          Thats a junk lot

                          • Gcal1956
                            Gcal1956  10 months back

                            Buying a big truck and not scanning for codes or putting it on a dyno or even testing the oil , is just asking for problems. Unless u buy right from the fleet that serviced it and pulled it off the road themselves.
                            Otherwise it’s a 30k dice roll.

                            • Timmi Ryan
                              Timmi Ryan  10 months back

                              Awesome! Can you still find Walmart trucks at auctions? Was told they didn't take'm there anymore.

                              • JasonVladimir
                                JasonVladimir  10 months back

                                Appreciate the insight, thanks for sharing!

                                • Great One
                                  Great One  10 months back

                                  HOW MUCH THEY RE CHARGING A TRUCK AT AUCTION.

                                  • Mister Hand
                                    Mister Hand  10 months back

                                    I call bullshit...nobody can understand that stuttering loco dude...

                                    • Drone Trucker
                                      Drone Trucker  10 months back

                                      I have a 02 international 9200i with a Cummins n14, old crst truck, it will be pryed from my cold dead hands lol

                                      • Richard G
                                        Richard G  9 months back

                                        Must make money. I bought a 98 freightliner flat top for 10k the n14 had 280k on rebuilt motor. I know the seller, he regrets selling it. I made 14k the first month. I'm still with her, she's running strong. My old boss called to go back and drive one of his trucks, lol. I spend 3 or so days a week sitting and make much much more.

                                    • Ricardo Garza
                                      Ricardo Garza  10 months back

                                      is there a phone number

                                      • Malik Awan
                                        Malik Awan  2 months back

                                        Google Taylor and Martin auction

                                    • michael young
                                      michael young  11 months back

                                      Thanks yo!

                                      • Stingray FISH
                                        Stingray FISH  11 months back

                                        GREAT VIDEO!!

                                        • bill2526 bill2526
                                          bill2526 bill2526  1 years back

                                          If you paying 60.000 for for a truck thats got 450.000 miles your way beter off buying a new one

                                          • Quentin Traywick
                                            Quentin Traywick  8 months back

                                            @Scott Hanson you wont touched those Walmart trucks for under 25k

                                          • Scott Hanson
                                            Scott Hanson  10 months back

                                            it is more like $6000 . 10 to 15 thousand will get most of them

                                        • XbullzX1
                                          XbullzX1  1 years back

                                          What would be cool is if you showed how you go about inspecting these trucks at the auction before buying one and any pitfalls to buying at the auction.

                                          • Ulises Hernandez
                                            Ulises Hernandez  7 months back

                                            jesse glenn that's why you need a laptop to interface with the MCM to at least check if everything is running in good working order and there are no codes. looking around the system you can at least look at temperature sensors and external exhaust components ,nox sensors. the only thing you can't look at is what condition the filters are in. but you can at least check to see if they're clogged. you can also check for erase codes if you have the proper diagnostic tools

                                          • jesse glenn
                                            jesse glenn  7 months back

                                            @Ulises Hernandez Intake valves? Combustion chamber? Piston heads? Piston rings? Exhaust valves? Fuel injectors? O2 sensors? Exhaust line? Glow plugs? DPF? EGR? I do decarbonizing and these parts are almost never new.

                                          • Ulises Hernandez
                                            Ulises Hernandez  7 months back

                                            you get a mechanic to come in and inspect the trucks that you're interested in.. DOT inspection and use the laptop but first you need to do a visual to pick out the best ones. no rush! check to see if things have already been replaced like turbo radiator clutch then have the mechanic do the annual inspection on the Vehicles you choose. that is an expense make sure you have the money to purchase the one you want. a vehicle with low mileage might not be the best option if another vehicle with 20 50,000 miles more and has new parts already installed. also check to see if you can get the repair history from the factory. make sure it's not a lemon!

                                          • jesse glenn
                                            jesse glenn  10 months back

                                            80% of engine / exhaust system problems are carbon deposits. Decarbonize these systems and 80% of your problems are gone. It will run like new.

                                        • Sami Moha
                                          Sami Moha  1 years back

                                          Can i go by myself no dealer?

                                          • Bugatti The Trucker
                                            Bugatti The Trucker  1 years back

                                            Speedfreak1984 how could I get in contact with you to go to the auction

                                          • Corinne Lynch
                                            Corinne Lynch  1 years back

                                            Can I go with you to buy a truck? I’ll pay you.

                                          • SpeedFreak
                                            SpeedFreak   1 years back

                                            Yep all usually need is like $1,000 to get a number to bid. If you don't buy nothing I'll give you your money back.

                                        • Shukhrat Rahimkulov
                                          Shukhrat Rahimkulov  1 years back

                                          Can anyone go there without a dealer

                                          • Melón malone
                                            Melón malone  10 months back


                                          • Matt Moschkau
                                            Matt Moschkau  10 months back

                                            Shukhrat Rahimkulov
                                            Some auctions are public, some are dealer only. Also state laws may determine who can or can not attend.
                                            Your best bet is to call some local vehicle auctions and ask. In most cases you can bid as an individual or for a small fee you can have someone broker the sale and that will allow you to buy a vehicle in most any state.

                                        • 53016 poolman
                                          53016 poolman  1 years back

                                          I live just below Charlotte NC can you tell me how to find out when and where these types of auction s take place in North and South Carolina?

                                          • Chris Watson
                                            Chris Watson  9 months back

                                            Their is on in china grove nc 85 north between exit 68 and 70

                                          • 53016 poolman
                                            53016 poolman  1 years back

                                            PokerMan thank you

                                          • PokerMan
                                            PokerMan  1 years back


                                        • G Rad
                                          G Rad  2 years back

                                          whats wrong with DEF?

                                          • Jack Smith
                                            Jack Smith  8 months back

                                            OTR performance! https://youtu.be/PGOgbWvF2p0

                                          • Jack Smith
                                            Jack Smith  8 months back

                                            Demon excrement fluid! Nowhere does Freightliner indicate 21cpm which maintenance, what you need to cover engine inline + def+normal (tires brakes) 1box RR runs $12.5k and up w new sensors labor and DOC's. 21cpm is an average of my repair costs OTR from 230k mi to 1 mill mi. This is why people want older trucks. The freightliner proprietary software is a SCAM! Tech doesn't hold up all sensors go bad and it's 500$ parts and labor and possible a tow from the derated engine (safety issue) My 1box died 1 month after warranty. There is a tool available to clear codes, but still. DEF is an Engineering Pipe dream that looks good on paper and puts people out of business. Derate temp fix tool by OTR performance..https://youtu.be/PGOgbWvF2p0

                                          • Chris Watson
                                            Chris Watson  9 months back

                                            @G Rad you can but not allowed in ca or co

                                          • real yardy
                                            real yardy  10 months back

                                            Use to drive a def front end truck the worse truck I have ever driven too much problem

                                          • Sebastian Brzeczeszczykiewicz
                                            Sebastian Brzeczeszczykiewicz  10 months back

                                            Tummun reputable diesel mechanic can handle that it will cost you around $2k

                                        • TheSgtShade
                                          TheSgtShade  2 years back

                                          What's a good truck to start with? I know it kind of personal preference, but what are some major things to look for or stay away from? Thanks

                                          • Mohammed Abosarah
                                            Mohammed Abosarah  8 months back

                                            did you bought Truck ? if yes,
                                            what is your experience? Let us know . Thanks

                                          • R Rdgz
                                            R Rdgz  2 years back

                                            Take a mechanic with you. Pay the guy for the day and buy him a meal. He'll be able to tell you if there is a recall on a piece of equipment, or what kind of problems each truck has. More important he can tell you how much you looking to spend to bring a truck up to speed. It'd be money well spent.

                                          • ambokozo
                                            ambokozo  2 years back

                                            Thanks for the info. Thinking about going to Ritchie bros in Denver. Looking for a Freightliner cascadia, do you know which years to stay away from? And Detroit or Cummins for less trouble. Thanks again

                                          • SpeedFreak
                                            SpeedFreak   2 years back

                                            I always stay away from trucks that have DEF ,and Regen.I always like Detroit 12.7L or a 14L with no egr.They get good fuel mileage so i get to keep more money in my pocket.I run some cats but they cost more to fix and eat the fuel but have the power.