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  • Dylan Flowers
    Dylan Flowers  5 years back

    I think it is both a part of the job and wwe fault for not protecting the wrestlers instead wwe chooses to feed the masses of fans with non stop wrestling Instead of seeing the long term future injury that awaits many wwe superstars.

    • Broken Monkey
      Broken Monkey  5 years back

      I wish they'd take an old WCW ppv name like Starrcade, SuperBrawl, or Spring Stampede would be cool.

      • Dillon
        Dillon  5 years back

        Bash At The Beach!

    • Matt Burton Guitar
      Matt Burton Guitar  5 years back

      You will get injured in any sport. They could bring back No Way Out. The chamber has lost it's spark in this new era...I remember when it was a brutal structure.

      • Cain Battersby
        Cain Battersby  5 years back

        of course they need to chrisbenoit incident could have been avoided along with the mega painkillers used to dope up the wrestler like the hardy boys and so on theres alot more

        • BreN
          BreN  5 years back

          yes they need to watch for concussions, always with cases like jake roberts and the NFL suicides from CTE there should be some help in that field. As always wrestling is dangerous which people like but there should be a cut off to when it should be medically treated

          • Jayde Ash
            Jayde Ash  5 years back

            Doing what they do Injuries are going to happen..But I think they do what they can at times to lessen the effects.

            • Jeremy Angelo
              Jeremy Angelo  5 years back

              75 Years Of Batman :P

              • Doug Green
                Doug Green  5 years back

                With a name like "Fast Lane" or "Fast Track", it leaves me to wonder if this will be an event for the NXT talent to "get  the fast track" to the main roster. If so, I see the first one being the time Neville or Zain gets there chance.

                • Turd Fergusson
                  Turd Fergusson  5 years back

                  Screw Elimination Chamber! King of the Ring tournament needs to come back! Or mybe the actual Survivor Series... at Survivor Series.

                  • dvsmike
                    dvsmike  5 years back

                    Undertaker will be an invaluable asset to developmental and any trainee receiving his advisement.

                    • Jonny Ralston
                      Jonny Ralston  5 years back

                      The injuries come with being a professional wrestler. You should know what yor getting yourself into

                      • FatalYT
                        FatalYT  5 years back

                        No more elimination chamber :(

                        • JF Robinson
                          JF Robinson  5 years back


                          • stillrealtomedammit
                            stillrealtomedammit  5 years back

                            still waiting for alberto del rio shoot interview

                            • shadow-Vercetti
                              shadow-Vercetti  5 years back

                              Fuck these guys, they need to bring back IN YOUR HOUSE, or bad blood

                            • wwesuperhardyDXcvfhtrnygn

                              they should put elimination chamber at survivor series. it would make that ppv a whole lot more important and it goes along with the name since it's and elimination match 

                              • JTLaw
                                JTLaw  5 years back


                                • Honour Assassin
                                  Honour Assassin  5 years back

                                  elimination chamber is awesome! :(