(30:31) Doki Doki Panic All Levels speedrun (world record)


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  • Jason Godwin
    Jason Godwin  1 weeks back

    Did you know this game is actually Mario but also not really? *is shot^

    • Kurachi84
      Kurachi84  1 weeks back

      congrats on PB and WR, maybe next time(s) you'll have less bad moments, and will make yet another PB+WR
      love your runs :)

      • flagmonsterman
        flagmonsterman  1 weeks back

        WR! but wow man optimization is a LONG way away, looking forward to the journey! keep grindin lack!

        • DarkKnight
          DarkKnight  2 weeks back

          Nonchalantly gets world record.

          • bpelectric
            bpelectric  2 weeks back

            Really fun run to watch, even with the bits you weren't super excited with. You'll nail this soon!

            • epicstacker413
              epicstacker413  2 weeks back

              gg man! Can't believe i missed it :/

              • Alyssa Seibel
                Alyssa Seibel  2 weeks back

                Great run by a great speed runner. Congratulations and next we need a new pb in zelda 27x next!!

                • Jason Burke
                  Jason Burke  2 weeks back


                  • Josh Boone
                    Josh Boone  2 weeks back

                    lol first

                    nice run!