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  • Published: 03 December 2019
  • Mama Maybel gave birth to four beautiful, healthy babies on 11/27! This is Maybel's fourth pregnancy, but in each previous pregnancy, her babies were stolen from her and sold. Here at Goats of Anarchy, Maybel and her Baybels will be together forever! We're so excited to watch them bond 💛

    --------------HOLIDAY CARDS--------------

    Send Maybel and her Baybels a holiday card! Help welcome the Baybels to the world by letting them know you’re thinking of them this holiday season. If you’d like to send them a holiday card, mail your card to the address below. We’ll choose some of the cards they receive to read aloud to them!

    Goats of Anarchy, Inc.
    c/o Mama Maybel
    10 Lower West St.
    P.O. Box 453
    Annandale, NJ 08801

    --------------MAYBEL'S BAYBELS SOCKS--------------

    Get yours here!

    --------------MAYBEL VIDEOS--------------

    Watch (or re-watch!) Maybel's ultrasounds, baby shower, and even her kidding! You can find all things Maybel in the "Mama Maybel" playlist:


    Q: Where did Maybel come from? A: Maybel was surrendered by a former breeder, where she was living with a buck full-time and not receiving proper nutrition.
    Q: What are the babies' names and genders? A: In order of birth: 1. Benny (male, brown with white stripe), 2. Ralphie (male, white and brown with a white patch on the top of his head), 3. Scout (female, solid white/tan), 4. Truffle (female, solid brown).
    Q: How old is Maybel? A: 3 years old.
    Q: Was this her first pregnancy? A: It was her 4th, but in her previous pregnancies her babies were taken from her and sold.
    Q: Will she keep her babies this time? A: Yes! This family will stay together forever.
    Q: Why are they alone? A: It's safest for the babies for the family to be separated from the rest of GOA's herd for now.
    Q: What's in the mounted container on the wall? A: The darker side contains goat minerals. The white powder is baking soda, which helps prevent bloat.
    Q: Are they warm enough? A: The straw on the floor insulates their stall and keeps them nice and cozy.
    Q: Wait, where did they go?? A: If you can't see them, they're outside in their play yard.
    Q: Where is GOA located? A: Hampton, NJ.
    Q: Can I come visit? A: We do not currently accept visitors, but we have a volunteer program! Info below.
    Q: What's the best way to donate? A: Donation info below! 👇

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