MULLET Gets His 1500hp Texas Speed LS! (The Bald Eagles Have Landed!) + afterburner is on!


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  • Thomas Spencer
    Thomas Spencer  2 months back

    McFarland fab number 1800 bog deep

    • Erich Steinhagen
      Erich Steinhagen  2 months back

      Ok sweet thanks for the update!!!

      • charles johnson
        charles johnson  2 months back

        need tube core support

        • Gary Wynegar
          Gary Wynegar  2 months back

          I think you guys should build a car that can be a contender with Street Outlaws on there no prep events and cash days . Love your builds and the show keep up the great work. Bring it to the next level..

          • Homer Sapienne
            Homer Sapienne  2 months back

            So remember when I said strapping a jet engine to a car is mad fucking dangerous? Since you made this video, Jessi Combs is the latest jet car death victim.

            Once the turbine fires off on a jet car, you're no longer driving it; you're a passenger. Whoever is driving this car when it crashes, dies.

            • Kayla White
              Kayla White  2 months back

              If you guys need a good tig welder, let me know 😬

              • Gerard Montgomery
                Gerard Montgomery  2 months back

                It never fails to amaze me how compact those engines are. I'm a Brit so I was brought up on twin cam four bangers. Its hard to beliece that motor has over twice the capacity od the motors I'm used to.

                • Mak Ern
                  Mak Ern  2 months back

                  I've been away from this channel for a couple of months and now they are doing... WTF IS THIS

                  • SGTSAVAGE 17A
                    SGTSAVAGE 17A  2 months back

                    dale truck content pleaseeeeee

                    • HO LEE FOOK
                      HO LEE FOOK  2 months back

                      You want the Billy Ray acky breaky heart mullet....look the music video up...king of mullets

                      • Dwayne Harralson
                        Dwayne Harralson  2 months back


                        • Aaron in Aus
                          Aaron in Aus  3 months back

                          This will help you to refine your bogan


                          • Jason Dudderar
                            Jason Dudderar  3 months back

                            Make sure I loose the front window !! On street then use mullet !! Blades too support °°°°°

                            • Titahbayflier
                              Titahbayflier  3 months back

                              Imo this car should be called toast and the camaro should be called mullet.

                              • David Kelm
                                David Kelm  3 months back

                                yep 🐴🦅🐴🦅🐴🦅

                                • edvisme
                                  edvisme  3 months back

                                  I hope you are making some coin off of the ad's. There are a shit ton of those annoying things on your page.

                                  • cornholio24
                                    cornholio24  3 months back

                                    Can someone explain to me pls what are the diferences between this block and a stock one, also what is the diferences of forges pistons and rims

                                    • MrAristes
                                      MrAristes  3 months back

                                      I think this thing should have the Jagermeister stag on the doors and be named Chuck Jager in honor of Chuck Yeager who broke the sound barrier. Hell, if you painted it dark green Jagermeister might sponsor it. Jager and Mountain Do anyone?

                                      • Owen Costello
                                        Owen Costello  3 months back

                                        Have you ever thought about actually building your cars? Instead of paying for it

                                        • paul beenis
                                          paul beenis  3 months back

                                          Lmfao have you ever thought about not being a broke ass?

                                      • alex33211
                                        alex33211  3 months back

                                        never seen more ads in a 10min vid.

                                        • paul beenis
                                          paul beenis  3 months back

                                          Fasterproms is even worse then cleetus now. Used to love these guys not so much anymore

                                      • Ese Sleepy
                                        Ese Sleepy  3 months back

                                        I have a 1981 el Camino and its fun to drive

                                        • jackle9696
                                          jackle9696  3 months back

                                          Get that mullet boy hahaha

                                          • Lover of Freedom
                                            Lover of Freedom  3 months back

                                            i finally have a mullet, its epic man, one question a hondia and it over heated, im putting in a new engine, a 16 valve, and im wondering if i should turbo can the engine handle it or not?

                                            • Stephen Schlee
                                              Stephen Schlee  3 months back

                                              Mullet and toast should swap names. It'd kinda be more fitting

                                              • P Gansz
                                                P Gansz  3 months back

                                                You guys should have put this in Toast and the big block in Mullet. The driving characteristics, weight distribution, and themes of each vehicle are shot to shit now. IMO.

                                                • Jeff Allen
                                                  Jeff Allen  3 months back

                                                  You need to take this to Bonneville Salt Flats!

                                                  • Kevin Tucker
                                                    Kevin Tucker  3 months back

                                                    I dig the 6 foot 8 camera angle, thanks Cleeter!

                                                    • Bad Luck Garage
                                                      Bad Luck Garage  3 months back

                                                      Don't forget the waterpump gaskets between the plate and the engine. Thats a bad day on first startup.

                                                      • Bill Alleman
                                                        Bill Alleman  3 months back

                                                        No oil pan?

                                                        • Carl Trano
                                                          Carl Trano  3 months back

                                                          J85 aka cj610 nice 👍 a little GE thrust now that’s America

                                                          • christopher peterson
                                                            christopher peterson  3 months back

                                                            Time to get serious .. get some mullet extensions done, during the grow in period...

                                                            • Peter Cole
                                                              Peter Cole  3 months back

                                                              Anybody can buy a wrecked Lambo or Ferrari for a rebuild project on YouTube...ain't nobody got a damn jet car!!

                                                              • Who Zaskin
                                                                Who Zaskin  3 months back

                                                                I'd definitely consider ducting the air to the jet from all the way across the top 5 or so inches of the windshield. Symmetry.

                                                                • Jacob Sims
                                                                  Jacob Sims  3 months back

                                                                  You need some down force otherwise you're going have the first Chevy in space.

                                                                  • Yawn Bageleisen
                                                                    Yawn Bageleisen  3 months back


                                                                    • Fast Fatty
                                                                      Fast Fatty  3 months back

                                                                      Man! You should name that the Hell Camino.

                                                                      • Patrick Springer
                                                                        Patrick Springer  3 months back

                                                                        I have to say that the "Dr. Squatch" soap commercial at the end of this video was kinda odd. I didn't know what kind of pussy I was.....until "Dr. Squatch" put it in perspective.

                                                                        • Danny Allen
                                                                          Danny Allen  3 months back


                                                                          • Justin Lamb
                                                                            Justin Lamb  3 months back

                                                                            192k right now

                                                                            • Andrew Staal
                                                                              Andrew Staal  3 months back

                                                                              All wheel drive u got plenty of room in there

                                                                              • ej2civic b
                                                                                ej2civic b  3 months back

                                                                                456 dislikes ?

                                                                                • LegitElf123
                                                                                  LegitElf123  3 months back

                                                                                  Casually mentions getting 25k power glide 😂😂

                                                                                  • Ashjoe Foster
                                                                                    Ashjoe Foster  3 months back

                                                                                    Pics on gofundme

                                                                                    • Ashjoe Foster
                                                                                      Ashjoe Foster  3 months back

                                                                                      Hey cleetus my names joe ima big fan of urs on august 16,2019 me and my family was in a bad car wreck i had my 5 year old and my 1 month old baby in the car with us a man clipped the rear driver bumper on my gt mustang and made us hit head first in a tree we hit head on then went air born then hit a second tree in the driver door we all came out with bumps and bruises but thank god were alive heres the link to the gofund me if anyone wants to help we are currently rideless and we have a newborn we need a ride please help any amount helps
                                                                                      Thank you so much

                                                                                      • BOT BRAD
                                                                                        BOT BRAD  3 months back

                                                                                        I love Leslie Bereneezy

                                                                                        • andrew newell
                                                                                          andrew newell  3 months back

                                                                                          "Alright fire her up" had me dying 🤣🤣🤣

                                                                                          • Denali Neidig
                                                                                            Denali Neidig  3 months back

                                                                                            I would love to see you guys use some bleed air from the jet as intake air for the engine. I think this would be a REALLY cool idea

                                                                                            • Plays With Cars
                                                                                              Plays With Cars  3 months back

                                                                                              Hey Cleetus! You need to get the girlfriends to drag race. Mine did for her first ever time tonight: