Rebuilding a Burnt 2016 Dodge Hellcat part 1


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  • D.I.Y GANG
    D.I.Y GANG   5 months back

    If your reading this now...know the car is almost done!😉🤙

    • Parrot
      Parrot  3 days back

      @Truckguy1970 he will prob sell it for 100k profit at least 50k

    • Truckguy1970
      Truckguy1970  3 weeks back

      @D.I.Y GANG That's Damn cheap for Hellcat parts :) Just imagine the cost of labor though lol

    • TRASH tastic
      TRASH tastic  1 months back

      @D.I.Y GANG did u ever end up washing the fuzzy dice and or keeping it to put in Phoenix to remember how far you've come?

    • D.I.Y GANG
      D.I.Y GANG   2 months back

      @Curtis K 22k is twice the cost?🤔

    • D.I.Y GANG
      D.I.Y GANG   2 months back

      @Jose DeJesus 22k and I have a 2 tone custom candy paint job and a custom built motor rated 1300hp and a manual transmission converted hellcat. That I built. I dont think you'll find a custom built hellcat for $22k.😉👍

  • George Campbell
    George Campbell  22 hours back

    That should buff right out.

    • lucas waugh
      lucas waugh  2 days back

      She's finished now thank God

      • Skill 009
        Skill 009  2 days back

        Definitely binge worthy

        • Ralph Adamson
          Ralph Adamson  4 days back

          Hello D.I.Y Family, just a thought why dont you put your hellcat on the wall of fame.. before and after, peace out guys..p.s. i really hope you dont need to sell it tho.

          • Score SpaceCatMusik
            Score SpaceCatMusik  4 days back

            They say, isn't worth it , but they don't see the views
            more than worth in views my friend

            • K Vailes
              K Vailes  5 days back

              I've watched this build all the way through.  Gotta go back and watch Episode 1 every now and then just to read all the "It'll never happen" comments, and laugh.....

              • James Bachi
                James Bachi  1 weeks back

                Ha you proved everyone wrong the car is now a roadworthy amazing machinery back on the road

                • Charles Fullmer
                  Charles Fullmer  1 weeks back

                  I wanted for this day to come! so i could come back and go off on negative comments! I knew you could do it since day 1!! D.I.Y GANG!!!

                  • Cesar Villagomez
                    Cesar Villagomez  1 weeks back

                    I just came down to this video to see this negative ppl comments haha you proved them all wrong

                    • richard brior
                      richard brior  2 weeks back

                      who is dumb now it`s finished and looks great

                      • Uncle Yeetus
                        Uncle Yeetus  2 weeks back

                        richard brior just wait till the rust resurfaces lol. Think about it all of the frame was on fire. And virtually no parts of that were salvageable so he basically bought a new car in pieces and fixed ir

                    • MH Ghostreaper
                      MH Ghostreaper  2 weeks back

                      I know the car is almost done but if I did this I would have just made it a drift car or track car and semi fixed the body left interior out and if it got banged up it wouldn’t matter

                      • Papi illest
                        Papi illest  3 weeks back

                        I’ve always seen this car in my recommended and now imma watch all these vids to catch up

                        • Sean Kaine
                          Sean Kaine  3 weeks back

                          2019 sep 25 2019 whats the update .. I just seen this on another channel and they said you will not be able too fix this ..

                          • Sean Kaine
                            Sean Kaine  3 weeks back

                            @D.I.Y GANG thats whats up my bro just too show u can do anything you put your mind too.. Also i have a 93 honda civic hatchback im trying too paint over 👀👀 i like too pay you and tape it. We are a big import company that throws event's like honda day and import vs domestic also street warz would love too do some work with you..

                          • D.I.Y GANG
                            D.I.Y GANG   3 weeks back

                            Update is the car is almost done bro. After tearing it down, grafting a rear clip, custom painting it, tore down the engine and rebuilt it with performance parts did a manual transmission conversion and now 7-8 months later the project is near completion.😉🤙

                        • Michael Ohare
                          Michael Ohare  3 weeks back

                          If only we could have saw what you seen 8 months ago respect, I’m not sure there’s many people out there who would have taken this on(I wouldn’t at the start I thought you had lost your mind or something) you sure look a lot younger in the early videos 😃but all you need in life is support from friends and family and the determination to succeed.
                          This is the most entertaining channel I can only hope you get rewarded for all your work, make your mrs a cup of coffee she deserves it and keep the good work up. Thanks

                          • Del Whylie
                            Del Whylie  3 weeks back

                            This is video #1 Now at # 55 - 9/23/2019 the wife is going to take the mask off after 8 almost 9 months of working on this HellCat. Well if she turns out 1/2 as good looking as the car you won't want to miss it. I watched every video most 2 or 3 times waiting for the next video. This kind of dedication and workmanship is rare. The information and knowledge learned and taught in these video's is indescribable. Mr & Mrs & the DIYGang.

                            • Vintage 30
                              Vintage 30  3 weeks back

                              Del Whylie I really got a kick out of going back through and reading all the negative key board mechanics and bodymans comments. Ive been in the collision industry for 33 years and knew from day one this was not an impossible task. Lots of hard work but very achievable.

                          • Del Whylie
                            Del Whylie  3 weeks back

                            3/4s of a million views 9/23/2019 😎👀 8 months and 3 weeks ago started watching this jose guy thinking this guy is nuts. Here we are 260 days and 55 video's later and Here to hear it run. Yep, he's nut's him and the entire family DIYGang  they done it!

                            • CrazedSymptoms
                              CrazedSymptoms  3 weeks back

                              I’m back after it started for the first time

                              • Sandra Stanley
                                Sandra Stanley  3 weeks back

                                Congratulations outstanding couldn’t be happier for you💯💯💯💯💯👍👍👍

                                • Symyne Shinn
                                  Symyne Shinn  3 weeks back

                                  😂 Look at how many people doubted your vision and how far you've came anyway bro! Keep up the good work bro and can't wait for the burn out vids!

                                  • Jimmy Willims
                                    Jimmy Willims  3 weeks back

                                    You have better luck taking a plane basic challenger and turning it to a hellcat then rebuilding that thing

                                  • Omar Zowila
                                    Omar Zowila  4 weeks back

                                    If the car is completely burnt, that means it’s unrepairable but when the car is burnt under the engine and the fire was put out quickly, that means it’s repairable

                                    • TAHY09
                                      TAHY09  4 weeks back

                                      Damn bro you came a long way 🙌🏽💪🏽

                                      • Tommy Gunn
                                        Tommy Gunn  1 months back


                                        • James Deshler
                                          James Deshler  1 months back

                                          I doubted you like 110% but the great attitude, drive and spirit absolutely hooked me. I am burning through these rebuild videos now brother! Keep it up!! AMAZING WORK!!

                                          • Maze
                                            Maze  1 months back

                                            making a 35 part series about a car like that ... come on man !!!!

                                            • Maze
                                              Maze  1 months back

                                              @D.I.Y GANG no , you're wrong

                                            • D.I.Y GANG
                                              D.I.Y GANG   1 months back

                                              Bro are you serious. This thing was in horrible shape. But it's almost done

                                          • boren niggamm kkk
                                            boren niggamm kkk  1 months back

                                            What a waste

                                            • D.I.Y GANG
                                              D.I.Y GANG   1 months back

                                              Car is almost done go check it out engine going back in next episode!!!

                                          • Shiv Persaud
                                            Shiv Persaud  1 months back

                                            Looking back at the first vid of where this build started and now 8 months after its almost complete....i never doubted your skills josé alot has accomplished on this build

                                            • aspeck360
                                              aspeck360  1 months back

                                              Dude your Fucking crazy

                                              • aspeck360
                                                aspeck360  1 months back

                                                This dude got money to waate

                                                • Don toth
                                                  Don toth  1 months back

                                                  Just watching this made me nervous.... Be easier to build a car starting with a 10mm wrench..... 😂

                                                  • mercedes Fam
                                                    mercedes Fam  1 months back

                                                    Thats not even a car any more we call that a piece of metal take it to the scrap yard

                                                    • boosted saleen
                                                      boosted saleen  2 months back

                                                      Making some of these boys eat their words. Lol 😂😂

                                                      • Christopher Fortney
                                                        Christopher Fortney  2 months back

                                                        i hope the paint ends up looking like it was in a fire. to hell and

                                                        • I want to believe
                                                          I want to believe  2 months back

                                                          Put it in rice?

                                                          • batz capo
                                                            batz capo  2 months back

                                                            straight from hell

                                                            • Jabari Rhodes
                                                              Jabari Rhodes  2 months back


                                                              • Hello There
                                                                Hello There  2 months back

                                                                I hope your videos pay for the huge money you lose on that piece of shit !

                                                                • Gary Smith
                                                                  Gary Smith  2 months back

                                                                  Start with course compound and a wool wheel, work your way up to a fine compound and a foam wheel and it should shine right up 👍🏼

                                                                  • Chris Stafford
                                                                    Chris Stafford  2 months back

                                                                    Lmao😂 OK I'm gonna watch you rebuild this.

                                                                    • Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec

                                                                      Did the dice survive?

                                                                      • Michael Reed
                                                                        Michael Reed  2 months back

                                                                        Man I wanna see this

                                                                        • Quincy Jones
                                                                          Quincy Jones  2 months back

                                                                          I'm glad you got a lot of money to put in this restoration, cause a guy that works a regular 9 to 5 wouldn't even give this burnt skeleton of what used to be a car a second look.

                                                                          • Barry Stone
                                                                            Barry Stone  2 months back

                                                                            I see what mama sees in you and very very positive no negativity at all it can be done what's next

                                                                            • Barry Stone
                                                                              Barry Stone  2 months back

                                                                              As I said before you saw something no one else saw Kudos man love your blog hell of an undertaking and you are not a scared LOL keep up the good work brother can't wait for the next video

                                                                              • Jose DeJesus
                                                                                Jose DeJesus  2 months back

                                                                                How much had you spended ?? 4th time I ask you

                                                                              • Young Carter
                                                                                Young Carter  2 months back


                                                                                • Boimah Sambola
                                                                                  Boimah Sambola  2 months back

                                                                                  This video alone has over HALF A MILLION VIEWS. Not to mention the subsequent videos. From a MARKETING perspective, I'd say its worth it!