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  • Little Lia
    Little Lia   6 months back

    where should I eat next???

  • Ayleen Mendoza
    Ayleen Mendoza  2 hours back


    • Journey Lahey
      Journey Lahey  17 hours back

      I Hate Pizza 0-0 and im 10 soooooo
      Its a little Weird for my age

      • Imari Marcelle
        Imari Marcelle  24 hours back

        Lia the food is not running away lol

        • Watermelon Gamer
          Watermelon Gamer  1 days back

          Bro this food look bomb af I want it

          • Stitch Girl626
            Stitch Girl626  1 days back

            The worst trippel crown

            • ANNA Cuatlacuatl
              ANNA Cuatlacuatl  1 days back

              Ok i am a kid and i get pizza but i only have one then i had like salad mexican food because i am Mexican then i have different things

              • psycho Queen3000
                psycho Queen3000  1 days back

                Lea:kids only eat pizza in buffet
                Me at the buffet:mom can have crabs,bread,sushi,cream soup,shrips,beans,taco and that will be it
                My mom:ok boss just come with me

                • • Bliss •
                  • Bliss •  1 days back

                  *You were eating like kings! But what did it cost? ;)*

                  • Gang Girl
                    Gang Girl  2 days back

                    How much was the price

                    • UnicornLover 4life
                      UnicornLover 4life  2 days back

                      CRACKER BARELL!!!! Pls, I would love it if u tried their food

                      Big fan ❤️

                      • Grace Huebsch
                        Grace Huebsch  2 days back

                        lol i hate oysters to

                        • ღari ღ
                          ღari ღ  3 days back

                          I don’t eat no pizza at buffets, I JUST EAT THE CHINESE FOOD (some seafood welp -3-)

                          • Maggie Ni
                            Maggie Ni  3 days back

                            I ALSO LIVE FOR CRAB LEGS THEY'RE SO DELISH I also love seafood. Mmmmmmmmm

                            • MAISY WILK
                              MAISY WILK  3 days back

                              Gordon Ramsey:eats ice cream
                              Gordon Ramsey : it COLD
                              Me:🤯🤯🤯wow I didn’t know that
                              Also me: well I do know that

                              • Buttery Fingers
                                Buttery Fingers  4 days back

                                I don’t know why she said it was basic that kids chose cheese pizza. Some people can’t eat pork, like me.

                                • Opsie Cassi
                                  Opsie Cassi  4 days back

                                  I HATE oysters

                                  • QUEEN SKAYLYNN
                                    QUEEN SKAYLYNN  4 days back

                                    I went there when I was on vacation

                                    • Pete czar
                                      Pete czar  4 days back

                                      Close your mouth 👄 when you eat 🙀

                                      • Evie Barker
                                        Evie Barker  5 days back

                                        lava cake is the best
                                        also i love your channel

                                        • Angel The cookie queen

                                          Ur hair

                                          • Angel The cookie queen

                                            Like me

                                            • sad_ potato101
                                              sad_ potato101  5 days back

                                              Mmmmmmmmm,that sushi looks damn fine!I LOVE me some sushi!!!😂😄

                                              • Phenix_123
                                                Phenix_123  5 days back

                                                Lia has a crush on

                                                This buffet

                                                • Stacy Dunning
                                                  Stacy Dunning  5 days back

                                                  lia's buffet coming soon!!!!!

                                                  • Tanner Manson
                                                    Tanner Manson  6 days back

                                                    Dont worry I hate oysters too

                                                    • Zayaan Abdullah
                                                      Zayaan Abdullah  6 days back


                                                      • Jaiyden J
                                                        Jaiyden J  6 days back

                                                        Snow crab legs dipped in melted butterare my faveee but there so expensive

                                                        • Jaiyden J
                                                          Jaiyden J  6 days back

                                                          Where did you get your glasses??? 💞💞💞💞

                                                          • Chloey Steele
                                                            Chloey Steele  6 days back

                                                            Long John Silver's

                                                          • Blake Naquin
                                                            Blake Naquin  6 days back

                                                            that food looks so so so goood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

                                                            • Natalie Cox
                                                              Natalie Cox  7 days back

                                                              I'm also on a gluten free diet

                                                              • Kamari Nevaeh
                                                                Kamari Nevaeh  7 days back

                                                                Since I was 8 I've been eating lobster osters I don't eat pizza

                                                                • Melania Hernandez
                                                                  Melania Hernandez  7 days back

                                                                  My favorite dessert is flan 🍮

                                                                  • Melania Hernandez
                                                                    Melania Hernandez  7 days back

                                                                    I love snow crabs there so boom 💥 🦀

                                                                    • Gabriela Medrano
                                                                      Gabriela Medrano  7 days back

                                                                      what’s the name of the place

                                                                      • Thialand Morris-Tucker
                                                                        Thialand Morris-Tucker  1 weeks back

                                                                        She was supposed to eat mussels not oysters oysters are going home nasty

                                                                        • Amikko Empire
                                                                          Amikko Empire  1 weeks back

                                                                          Love this!

                                                                          • Hortensia Fandino
                                                                            Hortensia Fandino  1 weeks back

                                                                            your like me with sushi EVERYONE I know loves sushi and I don't I don't understand.

                                                                            • Jordon Grager
                                                                              Jordon Grager  1 weeks back

                                                                              I love ice cream it's sooooo damn good I usually melt it so it's like ice cream soup and then I drink it mmmmm

                                                                              • Jordon Grager
                                                                                Jordon Grager  1 weeks back

                                                                                Isn't moose for yo hair

                                                                                • Jordon Grager
                                                                                  Jordon Grager  1 weeks back

                                                                                  Hey hey hey Lia don't talk shit about pizza it's soooo good n u know it u cultured swine

                                                                                  • Jordon Grager
                                                                                    Jordon Grager  1 weeks back

                                                                                    Lia have u been to IHOP it's sooo good

                                                                                    • Jordon Grager
                                                                                      Jordon Grager  1 weeks back

                                                                                      I like how she smells da oyster and makes that expression like it's full of nasty poop lol

                                                                                      • Jordon Grager
                                                                                        Jordon Grager  1 weeks back

                                                                                        I died my pubes pink

                                                                                        • MadisunK Chandler
                                                                                          MadisunK Chandler  1 weeks back

                                                                                          Why you hate oysters

                                                                                          • Steven Edwards
                                                                                            Steven Edwards  1 weeks back

                                                                                            Ar u sssniperwolf

                                                                                            • Babita Kumari
                                                                                              Babita Kumari  1 weeks back

                                                                                              Little lia PLZ replay to me BTW I'm gluten free to from 2015 I was in the hospital for a week