Brooks Koepka's Second Round in Three Minutes


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  • Danny Rouco
    Danny Rouco  7 months back

    Man it’s going to be a great couple of years in golf..tiger back to compete against the young studs like Koepka, DJ, Rory, JRose, Molinari etc.

    • Wipe Out Israel
      Wipe Out Israel  7 months back

      if anyone has full rounds or every shot played by tiger over the 3 rounds (4 tomorrow) please post.
      these clip shows Augusta puts out are terrible.

      • Gerard Guitarist
        Gerard Guitarist  7 months back

        GET RID OF HER!!!!

        • James Wiltshire
          James Wiltshire  7 months back

          Annndddd mute

          • Tiger Masters
            Tiger Masters  7 months back

            Gonna be a great day 3

            • SiLo Mixing and Mastering

              Brooks was my pick to win but i hope Tiger does it, will probably come down to those 2 again on Sunday just like the PGA

              • quest 77051
                quest 77051  7 months back

                nice.....but the tiger is on the prowl.

                • Andrew Crockett
                  Andrew Crockett  7 months back

                  Is that Tomi Lahren talking?

                • Raymond Lee
                  Raymond Lee  7 months back

                  He's probably did 50 crunches more than normal today😂

                  • Tevin Battle
                    Tevin Battle  7 months back

                    Better vocals this time.

                    • tigerwoods232000
                      tigerwoods232000  7 months back

                      Koepka is like the Larry Holmes to Tigers Muhammad Ali. He could be a really all time great player but never beloved like his predecessor.

                      • Chris Clifford
                        Chris Clifford  7 months back

                        tigerwoods232000 Koepka shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence as Tiger. His skill and accomplishments will never come close to Tiger in his prime. Great player though!

                    • Jazzy Castics
                      Jazzy Castics  7 months back

                      Make one with Alex noren and Jim furyk