Michael Jordan weighs in on Tiger Woods

  • Published: 19 April 2019
  • Michael Jordan weighs in on Tiger Woods: ‘Greatest comeback I’ve ever.
    “I’ve been a fan for I don’t know how long,” Michael Jordan said on the phone Wednesday about his friend Tiger Woods, who came all the way back last Sunday to win the Masters, completing a comeback the likes of which we haven’t seen in sports. This wasn’t someone returning from a torn ACL (although Woods has had one of those) or Tommy John surgery. This was … well, we all know what Woods’ past decade has been like.

    Winning the Masters at 43, 11 years after his last major, doesn’t make Woods a hero to everyone. I get that. He hurt a lot of people with his personal behavior, most notably his now ex-wife and his children. But those children were there at Augusta National on Sunday to witness their father’s triumph, and share it with the rest of the world, and are now old enough to understand what it meant to him.
    There are very, very few athletes who have been as dominant on their fields and courts...
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  • Sammy Davis
    Sammy Davis  1 weeks back

    Nice take

    • Melchior AO
      Melchior AO  7 months back

      Goat recognize Goat.

      • Julie Mitchell
        Julie Mitchell  8 months back

        Little Tiger girl is going bald from a lifetime of testosterone injections lmao.

        • Morgan Bmgtow
          Morgan Bmgtow  8 months back

          Tiger was borned to be great; like Serena & Richard Williams & family greatness is all they are about; it is almost impossible to understood how much better TW is over Jack; you have to try to consider extreme pressure of completely dominating & rewriting history books of golf while Black; white men are given much of what they accomplish in every walk of life; in America black people must make it happen against Gov't, Media & crazyass white public; Jack had only to play well; TW had to deal with racist bitches every day & be great; TW & Serena are God like human persons with superior mental focus never seem before; congrats TW.

          • Ronnie Baker
            Ronnie Baker  8 months back

            Kudos to both of them!

            • TheChosen Juan
              TheChosen Juan  8 months back

              I believe it because he doesn't watch Lebron or the 2016 finals.

              • Dean D.L.
                Dean D.L.  7 months back

                Just Film Its more of the warriors making bad moves (getting injured/suspended) and kyrie clutch shot than a Lebron comeback...

              • makaveli g
                makaveli g  8 months back

                LOL, another retarded Lebron's fanboy.

            • Clay Slade
              Clay Slade  8 months back

              Fuck Jordan!!!!! That black niggah left Tiger stinking when he needed him the most. He should just shut the fuck up and let Tiger enjoy what he has earned. Tiger, LeBron, Kareem & Ali were chosen ones. They are not people the media built up, they are the ones that built their own legacies from day one before the storm. They are the TRUE GOATS. They took and ran with what they were expected to from day one.

              • Life Of Brandon
                Life Of Brandon  8 months back

                I’m guessing this is harder than a 3-1 comeback ?!

              • rod runner be be
                rod runner be be  8 months back

                There going to come at him now to win at ANY COST👰🏌

                • Corey D
                  Corey D  8 months back

                  Anyone else have trouble discerning when Tak's commentary stopped and Jordan's quote started and vice versa?

                  • P Man
                    P Man  8 months back

                    That's because his gambling ass bet the house on it and probably won, finally! Probably the first time Jordan, that sell out, bet on his own people who ain't even fully black!

                    • Eric Thompson
                      Eric Thompson  8 months back

                      We'll said young brother

                      • nimrod geronimo
                        nimrod geronimo  8 months back

                        For michael jordan to praise this flawed man in this unathletic sport is an insult to all real athletes .this was a man who was afraid to admit that he was even black at the beginning of his career telling people that he was kablazen his mothers etnicity not his fathers .his victory is nothing bit good presd for people of color thats it thats all

                        • ToneBone
                          ToneBone  8 months back

                          Nimrod your sh*t stinks OK

                        • Hi there
                          Hi there  8 months back

                          Sorry your butt is hurt nimrod (what a perfect name). That's what happens when you have no life.

                      • mhc 121
                        mhc 121  8 months back

                        I didn't know "athlete" had 3 syllables lol

                        • jay bee
                          jay bee  3 months back

                          i didn't know cock sucker was spelled mhc

                      • Fred Farkash
                        Fred Farkash  8 months back

                        So happy for tiger congratulations

                        • Louis Graham
                          Louis Graham  8 months back

                          How come black people are so good at sports?

                          • Hi there
                            Hi there  8 months back

                            Drive and desire - white folks are lazy. Yes I am white and know this to be true.

                        • evan browne
                          evan browne  8 months back

                          Tiger told his caddy on the final 9 we are in the Endgame now.

                          • AG AG
                            AG AG  8 months back

                            Does anyone think it was rigged to get people to start watching again? I'm not sure but with the way hes been playing and now to come beat guys that are way better than him is either another amazing comeback or the other players were cued to not play as good fo ket Tiger win. I mean it happens all the time in many other sports. Not sure what to believe anymore.

                            • Monkey Brain
                              Monkey Brain  8 months back

                              Click bait

                              • Montreal6979 North
                                Montreal6979 North  8 months back

                                I "had" a so-called associate emphasis on "had" that said tiger was washed up and I said you just wait and see I've always been in his Corner love him when he was sick and got stopped by the police in snake filled Florida that they flushed down the toilets and they grow to be humongous monsters in the Everglades they were all saying this and,they were saying that watching CNN ESPN TMZ all those Sell Out shows did make their money at somebody else's expense you took that golf club and rammed it up every commentator every one of your enemies rectum you clean them out really good now maybe then go back to eating fruits and vegetables🍉🍉🥦🥑🥑🍎🍈🥒🌶🥦🍆🍓🍅🍅🌰🥜🥔🥔🥦🥦🍐🍍 I love you Tiger Woods and I love to watch you play golf🍺🍺🍺🍻🍻🍻🍾 now everybody's got to have their five minutes of fame talking about you this when nothing was going on you couldn't find none of them to say a damn thing wow wow wow wow how the Sun shines congratulations tiger👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌🙋‍♂️👊👊👊👊👊 I was here for you 97 I'm here for you in 19 headed for 20 let's do it baby.!!

                                • Carl Parish
                                  Carl Parish  8 months back

                                  I remember Snoop Dogg predicted years ago when Tiger Woods was at his lowest point in life said Tiger Woods is going to win again and make a comeback.

                                  • Clarence A
                                    Clarence A  8 months back

                                    from one G.O.A.T.. to another....

                                    • ron Chad
                                      ron Chad  8 months back

                                      The haters are burning to ashes ....hahahaha

                                      • Jerry Parker
                                        Jerry Parker  8 months back

                                        Wipe that Tiger jizz off your chin big boy and don't worry about the worshippers and the haters!

                                    • Michael Jordan
                                      Michael Jordan  8 months back


                                    • ronnie massart
                                      ronnie massart  8 months back

                                      How so?

                                      • Gods Servant
                                        Gods Servant  8 months back

                                        MJ and Tiger can sell underwear together when they both retire!lol

                                        • Gods Servant
                                          Gods Servant  8 months back

                                          @ron Chad Aww! Are we a little touchy! Are you crying?

                                        • ron Chad
                                          ron Chad  8 months back

                                          And you will continue to be a loser in the pits of a life with "no talent".

                                      • Captain Plaintiff
                                        Captain Plaintiff  8 months back

                                        Jordan the gambler ,the guy who bet on games , the guy who was sent to play baseball to diffuse his gambling addiction , now we are gonna listen to him about Woods as the next Messiah? Please !!! Woods was given his first place finish so Oligarchs could make more money . remember 4 guys in last 2 groups all double boogied . They all now know that it takes 4 fake back surgeries to be given a green Jacket , as long as your old enough to not threaten Jacks record! The masters needs to be renamed The Crapsters !!!!

                                        • Chris Gowers
                                          Chris Gowers  8 months back

                                          Casey: the point "is" that he won regardless of the reason. All sports are rigged to some degree.

                                        • Bob Michael
                                          Bob Michael  8 months back

                                          @Jerry Newberry Amen!!!

                                        • J Smith
                                          J Smith  8 months back

                                          Casey Sierhuis If that's true about Woods then its true about Jack Nicklaus and every other golfer ever.

                                          Your rant is based on nothing more than your unwillingness to accept outcomes that you're uncomfortable with.

                                          Jordan was picked for this video because he's undoubtedly the athlete most referenced when measuring other athletes for greatness.

                                          Mayweather - the Jordan of boxing
                                          Gretzky - the Jordan of hockey
                                          Bonds - the Jordan of baseball
                                          Serena - the Jordan of women's tennis
                                          Biles - the Jordan of women's gymnastics
                                          Hamilton - the Jordan of Formula One racing
                                          Ronnie Coleman - the Jordan of IFBB
                                          Roger Federer - the Jordan of men's tennis

                                          If that's too unpalatable for you, then we can say the "Bobby Fischer of golf" if it makes you feel better.

                                          Oh and um .. Tiger was hailed as the greatest _BEFORE_ this Masters win. That distinction was never predicated upon tying Nicklaus' record. That is just the latest metric that people like you wish to invent before you'll stop denying that Woods is already the greatest golfer the game has ever seen.

                                          They're doing the same thing to Serena by using Margaret Court's record.

                                          Woods has already surpassed Nicklaus in most other aspects of accomplishment in golf.

                                          This kind of behavior from you is no different than when athletes began surpassing Babe Ruth and Rocky Marciano .. and fans begin losing their minds and throwing tantrums like the tirade you just wrote.

                                          People like their legends to stay on top. I get it. But records are made to be broken and legends meant to be surpassed.

                                          Just because you don't like the fact that longtime kings and queens of sports are being dethroned doesn't mean that it isn't true.

                                        • momossco
                                          momossco  8 months back

                                          So what’s your point*?

                                        • Tony Sunshine
                                          Tony Sunshine  8 months back

                                          Casey Sierhuis, it's called the pressure of ELDRICK "TONT" WOODS. Most famously known as Tiger Woods! You would never know what that is (fat boy) Go eat a gallon of ice cream, along with you favorite donuts.......while Tiger, is working on his craft! P.S your wife is constantly telling you to workout. Get it going (fat boy)

                                      • Spirit of Life & Truth
                                        Spirit of Life & Truth  8 months back

                                        Nike paid a lot of money for Tiger to win. There wasn't a camera shot without a Nike Swoosh. Every Nike player was told to make sure Tiger won.

                                        • Craytos McFarfegnewton
                                          Craytos McFarfegnewton  8 months back

                                          Molinari is wiping those tears away with clean crisp hundred dollar bills!

                                        • Hi there
                                          Hi there  8 months back

                                          @Gods Servant - what a stupid name for someone making stupid comments.

                                        • Spirit of Life & Truth
                                          Spirit of Life & Truth  8 months back

                                          Mario Van Holle I believe they use some type of magnetized system with the ball and cup. It was one big Nike advertisement.

                                        • Mario Van holle
                                          Mario Van holle  8 months back

                                          I heard the balls were a nike prototype that can be guided by a smarphone , tablet or smartwatch

                                        • Ruben Scott
                                          Ruben Scott  8 months back

                                          It was the best plan in the world so even if they did it I don’t know how you can repeat it u have to get lucky a few time maybe they were controlling the environment because win screwed up the young pros

                                      • Willie Carter
                                        Willie Carter  8 months back

                                        Amazing Win......

                                        • Patrick O'Donnell
                                          Patrick O'Donnell  8 months back

                                          Gee...I didn't know there were three syllables in the word ath•lete. Ath•a•lete? That's amazazing.

                                          • ron Chad
                                            ron Chad  8 months back

                                            Pettiness will keep you in the pits of a loser's life, pat.

                                          • Tak Williams
                                            Tak Williams   8 months back

                                            Patrick O'Donnell - your correct sir... I can not argue that point... (lol)

                                          • person 1
                                            person 1  8 months back

                                            Be nice Pat. But you are ab-so-lu-te-ly right. It might be a black southern thing. I have heard it among my family. Anyway, its a minor infraction not a misdemeanor or felony.

                                        • Strat
                                          Strat  8 months back

                                          Imagine if Jordan, Phelps, Serena, Messi, and Gretzky were all there for a picture on the 18th... Like a GOAT farm celebrating the single greatest sports moment of all time.

                                        • Doak Masarik
                                          Doak Masarik  8 months back

                                          That was great

                                          • katina whitley
                                            katina whitley  8 months back

                                            He,s great ⛳🐅

                                            • Diane Fair
                                              Diane Fair  8 months back

                                              I prayed that you make a come back I never knew that it would be so wonderful and breathtaking good luck Tiger in up coming tournament 's .

                                              • Ruben Scott
                                                Ruben Scott  8 months back

                                                We all grew up loving tiger if you loved sports there was no way to not like him

                                            • billy y
                                              billy y  8 months back

                                              Obama ! ? why ?

                                              • J Smith
                                                J Smith  8 months back

                                                @billy y Yes but Trump has stated that he's giving Woods the Presidential Medal of Freedom for this win.

                                                So it is a valid and germane question.

                                                You mentioned Obama. So someone else mentioned Trump .. who claimed that he's about to bestow upon Woods the highest honor a civilian can receive.

                                                Do you not see the relevance here?

                                                Or are you just playing obtuse?

                                              • billy y
                                                billy y  8 months back

                                                Was Trump in this Video ! ! ? this is about Jordan and TW ! You F Moron !

                                              • Anton Swyer
                                                Anton Swyer  8 months back

                                                Trump? Why?

                                              • Spirit of Life & Truth
                                                Spirit of Life & Truth  8 months back

                                                It was a satanic ritual Illuminati fest, that's why Obama.

                                              • Tito 4
                                                Tito 4  8 months back

                                                why not

                                            • Chris Morales
                                              Chris Morales  8 months back

                                              Les Goooo TIGER!!!!!

                                              • elmexiastro
                                                elmexiastro  8 months back

                                                Coming from MJ makes me believe even more. Hope we get to see more of Tiger and his breaking records. Great video.