Driving on Indian roads tougher than on F1 circuit: Sebastian Vettel


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  • Raghav Goel
    Raghav Goel  3 weeks back

    The sad part is that they ended the video with an ad for their frikkin cricket app.

    • Biswajyoti Nag
      Biswajyoti Nag  1 months back

      Sebastian and Christian Horner are looking like babies in this video🤣🤣
      By the way I'm feeling jealous about the journalist as he got a chance to interview Vettel on Indian soil. I don't think anyone will get that opportunity again.

      • Santosh Joshi
        Santosh Joshi  4 months back

        Getting a license for driving in india is more difficult than driving itself!

        • Jezza
          Jezza  6 months back

          Should of asked , “Is there enough oxygen in the air for the cars to work”. Indian people are born white 😏 it’s just when they go outside they turn brown

          • Alwin Abraham
            Alwin Abraham  11 months back

            Any one 2019

            • spunk v
              spunk v  12 months back

              Losing to Lewis Everytime😭😭😭😤😡

              • UnkIND CS
                UnkIND CS  2 months back

                @thisura D ahahaha u sure :(

              • Omar Munir
                Omar Munir  4 months back

                Adithya Naren probably didn’t see the german gp did you

              • Adithya Naren
                Adithya Naren  5 months back

                @thisura D Yeah lol

              • thisura D
                thisura D  10 months back

                Not in 2019.

            • Abhi Dhoundiyal
              Abhi Dhoundiyal  1 years back

              That dominance of Redbull

              • Naresh Bhadresha
                Naresh Bhadresha  1 years back

                F1 drivers are nerdsss...

                • Shshank Verma
                  Shshank Verma  1 years back

                  Damn Sebastian said "Dhanyawad" My family feels awkward when i say that in place of Thank you

                  • RPM Internet Dose
                    RPM Internet Dose  1 years back

                    I m hating my indian people making us really angry on roads..

                    • Insane Zombieman
                      Insane Zombieman  2 years back

                      Pure cringe

                      • Paras M
                        Paras M  2 years back

                        Lol rapid fire questions . Insane paparazzis

                        • Radhe Shyam
                          Radhe Shyam  2 years back

                          plis don't compare vettel with Alonso ... Alonso is a legend ..that guy doesn't know anything about f1

                          • Mukund Shivakumar
                            Mukund Shivakumar  8 months back

                            Senna is the best. None of you have any clue what you’re talking about.

                            Even Schumacher admits it

                          • Samuel Surender
                            Samuel Surender  1 years back

                            What is Alonso the great doing now in his new car

                          • monkey1234512345
                            monkey1234512345  1 years back

                            Radhe Shyam alonso chutya hai.he cried when he was not the number 1 driver in mclaren against lewis 2007. Then further cried when he was in ferrari because they were not fast. Vettel on the other hand built ferrari and it is the best car on grid today and alonso cries in mclaren which is 3 seconds slow haha alonso ka chusna band karde he is washed up and old and hooefully retires after 2018, cant tolerate him crying anymore.

                          • Niwesh Lekhak
                            Niwesh Lekhak  2 years back

                            Ok Haikkainen defeated a prime Schumacher so he is the best

                          • Radhe Shyam
                            Radhe Shyam  2 years back

                            Will Soden Alonso is the best pilot...he defeated Schumacher

                        • Rakesh Srivastav
                          Rakesh Srivastav  2 years back

                          Shows the arrogance of Vettel !!

                          • Omar Munir
                            Omar Munir  4 months back

                            Rakesh Srivastav probably shows how uncomfortable he is cause he’s being blasted with alot of stupid questions. Not arrogance, probably annoyance cause as he said they just finished a race so he’s probably tired and wanted some down time and instead had to spend some of it asking rather stupid questions.

                          • Samuel Surender
                            Samuel Surender  1 years back

                            How was that ignorance better and polite than our cricketers

                          • Sathya Pratyush
                            Sathya Pratyush  1 years back

                            Rakesh Srivastav Ham Fans Alert!!!

                          • ravicairo2510
                            ravicairo2510  2 years back

                            Be quiet because he is telling the truth, you are the arrogant one.

                          • SUPERSTAR_H_GAMER
                            SUPERSTAR_H_GAMER  2 years back

                            Rakesh Srivastav are u dumb?

                        • Stoned Fella
                          Stoned Fella  3 years back

                          Did he just say 'Dhanyavad' in the end? haha 🙏

                          • OGSiX33
                            OGSiX33  3 years back

                            The dude updating the titles had a little too much coffee.

                            • Soham
                              Soham  3 years back

                              OGSiX33 "sometimes its better not to think" wtf??? 😂😂

                          • Chada
                            Chada  4 years back

                            sad that India was dropped from F1 calendar. It could have been a nice technical & speed circuit.

                            • homie beaglePG
                              homie beaglePG  1 weeks back

                              @sasuke uchiha true

                            • sasuke uchiha
                              sasuke uchiha  5 months back

                              @Soham fucking trashbag UP government

                            • Naaynaa Suraj
                              Naaynaa Suraj  1 years back

                              Well the same thing happened in Malaysia

                            • Soham
                              Soham  3 years back

                              Chada its one of the most technically and practically challanging circuit.Its a shame it was dropped because the politicians in UP were too hard ass about the taxes and all,By which i mean,they didnt get enough bribe.

                          • Kandi Gallagher
                            Kandi Gallagher  4 years back

                            I liked the interviewer, it was fast paced, he must be from a light hearted show

                            • Anwar Kamal Khan
                              Anwar Kamal Khan  5 years back

                              This interviewer is speaking absolutely correct,because English has no any special accent American English has quite different accent than British and Australian has different accent,this interviewer is speaking Indian English.English is an international language........   

                            • Coffeestate
                              Coffeestate  5 years back

                              This Interviewer needs to learn how to Interview... #1 speak slow, #2 speak cleary #3 Give space. #4.....There's soo much room for improvement. Start with the accent! Yikes

                              • tarksable
                                tarksable  7 years back

                                The titles every few seconds are really annoying.

                                • Anikó Nóra Szabó
                                  Anikó Nóra Szabó  7 years back

                                  Ez tipikus indiai angol akcentus. Az agymenők nevű sorozatban is pont így beszél az indiai srác :PPP

                                  • tinshlong
                                    tinshlong  7 years back

                                    This interviewer needs to give him space and ask proper questions

                                    • raha khan
                                      raha khan  7 years back

                                      i love sebastian vettel. i am an indian.

                                      • Clash Baby
                                        Clash Baby  7 years back

                                        Ezt az angolt hol beszélik,ahogy a riporter kérdez? x) Csodálom,h Sebi érti egyáltalán...

                                        Az Indiai Nagydíj nagyon euforikus volt tavaly,úsztam a boldogságban,h megnyerte,azóta sem éreztem olyat.Imádtam érte!Nagyon örültem neki!Az első nagydíj volt ott és Ő megnyerte azt is.Fantasztikus volt.Mennyei érzés.Sosem feledem.Bahrein is jó volt az idén,de Indiával azért nem ért fel az érzés.Talán mert tavaly akkor már világbajnok volt.
                                        Lehet azért.

                                        Az én kis csokornyakkendős bajnokom...Olyan cuki! :)

                                        • alcohkid
                                          alcohkid  7 years back

                                          the interviewer is so fucking gay

                                          • Thicc Chungus
                                            Thicc Chungus  3 months back

                                            alcohkid just like you

                                          • Vishnu Teja
                                            Vishnu Teja  2 years back

                                            Napper your simple stupid

                                          • Napper
                                            Napper  2 years back

                                            simply indians

                                          • Mano Prasanth
                                            Mano Prasanth  2 years back

                                            Shut up, I'd like to see you be an interviewer. Then you can complain. You calling him gay just because he has an accent? Or black? Maybe not, but it looks like it.

                                        • Wahid Ahmed
                                          Wahid Ahmed  7 years back

                                          gay interviewer