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  • chris cutlip
    chris cutlip  3 hours back

    I can't comprehend this level of "feel good" stupidity from a libtard.

    • Van Helsing
      Van Helsing  5 hours back

      If you want “White Privilege” Just identify as J€W!$H!

      • Madam Koi Fish
        Madam Koi Fish  6 hours back

        This is why sticks and stones was the best stand up comedy.

        • Lithaitian
          Lithaitian  6 hours back

          Anyone calling this documentary racist are daft,ignorant selfish pricks who revel in their privilege and are part of the problem!!

          • vigorlilover
            vigorlilover  6 hours back

            Tiffany Haddish said part of white privilege is that white people know their history well I beg to differ. White people may know where they come from but they act like there don’t know what their ancestors have done to minorities in this country.

            • NPC 07640
              NPC 07640  3 hours back

              We want to be left alone, that's it...

          • Association of Free People


            • Brian Jones
              Brian Jones  7 hours back

              Vote this garbage down folks!

              • J Mc
                J Mc  7 hours back

                This is parody right? This has to be a joke.

                • sonatak304
                  sonatak304  8 hours back

                  The comments here are very open minded! As in not at all!

                  • mimi mimi
                    mimi mimi  9 hours back

                    This is such a useless piece of cinematic work. I followed Chelsea when she was no one, loved her, shared her material and I could tell from a mile away she was going to be big. Not because of her being white but because her humor is hers and hers only. Same happened with amy schummer, tifanny haddish, leslie jones, michelle buteau (3 black , 1 white btw) and some others. I watched their performances since back in the day and could tell they were going to make it as well. It has NOTHING to do with race. STOP trying to make it look like it.
                    You know what if feels like Chelsea? Looks like you're at a crossroads in your life where you finally made it, you have too much spare time and money and nothing to invest it on that's of your interest. So you're jumping on the SJW wagon out of what I think is a confused state of mind cause I doubt it's about getting more money...given that you're so generous and have plenty already.

                    So, bottom line, stop making the breach wider, there's no white privilege. There's just a country that's only 17% black and mostly white and still, you can go to any mcdonalds, any homeless shelter, any trailer park any given day and believe me you'll find LOTS of UNprivileged white people. Use your head. I know you got one.

                    Btw... you might want to take a look at black humor vs white humor. Take monique for example. She is disgusting with her uncalled for foul mouth. Black comedians like her are everywhere. It's not smart comedy, it's offensive and insulting. You even had the nerve to bring on that midget who made homophobic remarks and got his ass kicked from the oscars. Like...for real?

                    • dirkbogarde44
                      dirkbogarde44  9 hours back

                      Dumb bitch.

                      • Daniel Grozier
                        Daniel Grozier  10 hours back

                        Racist fake hate monger

                        • Jb Mayotte
                          Jb Mayotte  11 hours back

                          They should just rename this “hey everyone, look how amazing I am”

                          • BJ Chester
                            BJ Chester  11 hours back


                            • Ian Smith
                              Ian Smith  12 hours back

                              I’ve revoked her white membership. She’s not one of us. Just another opportunist piggybacking off of white people and black people.

                              Also, she should give up her house and have her money redistributed to minority’s. If her conviction is that strong. However, that would be like Amy Schumer moving to Canada 2016. Not gonna happen.

                              • Kurt Suffoletto
                                Kurt Suffoletto  13 hours back

                                These comments...

                                If you want these conversations to stop, then maybe you should reflect on your comments and actually see White Privilege exists.

                                There’s all kinds of privileges I had to witness in my life cause someone had something I didn’t.

                                By not having these conversations and getting all childish about ‘em... how are we going to discuss and solve further problems?

                                • Oswald Cobblepot
                                  Oswald Cobblepot  13 hours back

                                  This is absolute Cancer!

                                  • Brad Stingray
                                    Brad Stingray  15 hours back

                                    What a stupid stupid show. Another reason I canceled Netflix

                                    • David Willford
                                      David Willford  15 hours back

                                      People who were friends with Jeffrey Epstein after his conviction have no place to criticize me over my skin color.

                                      • Andres Daniel
                                        Andres Daniel  16 hours back

                                        Y’all are acting like the instances in when she benefited from white privilege people knew she was Jewish. You can’t spot a Jewish person, especially Chelsea Handler. To me and to the rest of the world that doesn’t know anything about her, she’s just another white girl. It fits.

                                        • My Name
                                          My Name  17 hours back

                                          This shit is straight up propoganda. Baaaaahahaha!! And no, I'm not Caucasian. Wtf does white privilege even mean? It's so assine to feed this to the masses; many countries and cultures have white people.... There's all sorts of white nationalities! This is beyond a welcome into idiocracy thinking.

                                          • Kamilah Wilson
                                            Kamilah Wilson  18 hours back

                                            do people really consider this "white shaming?" I am genuinely curious about your thoughts and feelings on this. Do tell... And , yes I watched the trailer, but not the show. yet

                                            • Kamilah Wilson
                                              Kamilah Wilson  18 hours back

                                              maybe there is so much going on with race, that including her Jewish religion and or culture may be a separate subject to her. Just a thought

                                              • je pense est puis j'existe

                                                what level of education has ms. handler? maybe get an education to develop critical thinking? Ur in now...u care...now get educated for real and help change our systemically racist education, ned system and entire nation? In all sincerity this is a very good start. long way from rosti sweetie...keep this shit up please.

                                                • tee rod
                                                  tee rod  19 hours back

                                                  Lol not surprised that there are more thumbs down than up. I Can only imagine the comment section, which I'm not going to read... Anywho, kudos to you Chelsea.

                                                  • Excelyent
                                                    Excelyent  19 hours back

                                                    Who is this made for?
                                                    Like genuinely what demographic is going to sit down and watch this thing.

                                                    • vicarious8989
                                                      vicarious8989  20 hours back

                                                      A racial thing or a gender thing? Women will always be treated differently by the justice system. Especially white women.

                                                      • B.C Drisk
                                                        B.C Drisk  21 hours back

                                                        get rid of your Netflix subscription! you're paying for people who hate you to make propaganda against you. save your hard earned money and starve the beast

                                                        • Tina Holewinski
                                                          Tina Holewinski  21 hours back

                                                          Why are people confusing her ethnicity with her skin color...that’s the real point. This comment section is proof that white people DO NOT get it!!!

                                                          • Nikola
                                                            Nikola  21 hours back

                                                            Don't advocate for equality while enjoying the assets and privilege whiteness gave you through generation. The state should first nationalize all wealth of white America and transfer it only to people of color equally and let white folks fight for their survival. White children have to pay for the sins of their ancestors. There is no other way than that.

                                                            • Danny Huungman
                                                              Danny Huungman  21 hours back

                                                              this bitch wouldn't DARE call out Jewish privilege though!

                                                              • Vann
                                                                Vann  22 hours back

                                                                Hey everyone! I hope you can help me understand. I'm Asian and not from America. I see a lot of debate of whether Chelsea Handler is considered as white. According to Wikipedia, "Her (Chelsea) American father is Ashkenazi Jewish; her German-born mother, who came to the United States in 1958, was a Mormon". And I thought that she is considered as a white person. Do forgive me for being ignorant. However, to an American, is she considered a white person? If not, who is considered as a white person?

                                                                • Not Me
                                                                  Not Me  23 hours back

                                                                  Is this a joke ? 😂

                                                                  • Evilbones76
                                                                    Evilbones76  23 hours back

                                                                    Wow. Just wow. It's like we have to get down on our hands and knees and beg black people for forgiveness, like black people suffer in todays society. This program makes me want to vomit.

                                                                    • Nikola
                                                                      Nikola  21 hours back

                                                                      You are exactly the reason why state has to impose to white folk the compensations to the blacks. The state should first nationalize all wealth of white America and transfer it only to people of color equally and let white folks fight for their survival. White children have to pay for the sins of their ancestors.
                                                                      We will fight politically and win the Congress even change the Constitution if we have too. 21th century is gonna be the rule of Blacks in the US.

                                                                  • Joel Monteiro
                                                                    Joel Monteiro  23 hours back

                                                                    I love it when multi-millionaires blame inequality on skin color. The worst part is, a large chunk of the american population seem to fall for it instead of fighting this crap where it matters: wealth. Just look at Europe ffs and adopt better wealth resistribution measures instead of using the same scapegoat to divert attention from the fact that the filthy rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, regardless of skin color.

                                                                    • Bubbagunooch
                                                                      Bubbagunooch  1 days back

                                                                      I wonder who’s Chelsea’s handler??

                                                                      • Special Ed yaay
                                                                        Special Ed yaay  1 days back

                                                                        Talks about how white privilege impacts America from her mansion and shows the people who work for her. Nice try

                                                                        • John Cortelli
                                                                          John Cortelli  1 days back

                                                                          "White people need to stop asking black people to solve our problems for us."
                                                                          Is this satire? Because it's literally the other way around lmao

                                                                          • OG213LA
                                                                            OG213LA  1 days back

                                                                            More left wing Democratic propaganda nonsense.

                                                                            • Leroy Ford
                                                                              Leroy Ford  1 days back

                                                                              White privilege has nothing to do with money or jobs. White privilege isn't “your life is easy because you're white”.
                                                                              White privilege is... “your life isn't made HARDER because of your white skin.”
                                                                              No one is saying your life is easy and you don’t have troubles, but unlike people of colour, those troubles aren’t BECAUSE of your whiteness.
                                                                              White peoples interpretation of white privilege points to the fact that most white people still feel the need to divert attention, lie and manipulate the truth to avoid relinquishing a few hundreds of years of undeniable privilege. Its an uncomfortable truth for most white people.
                                                                              EXAMPLES OF BLIND WHITE PRIVILEGE...
                                                                              > Being taken into custody ALIVE!!
                                                                              > Being believed even when there is proof that you're lying
                                                                              > Not having your vote suppressed.
                                                                              > Calling the police on black and brown people for the exact same things white people do in your everyday life
                                                                              > Never being mentioned in the conversation about welfare or food stamps even though you are the largest recipients.
                                                                              > White people now legalising, using and selling Marijuana, after incarcerating millions of Black and Brown men for doing the same thing.
                                                                              > 9/11 = "Never Forget", while 400 years of Slavery, MILLIONS MURDERED, RAPED & TORTURED = "Get Over It".
                                                                              > The fact that your great grandmother and her parents, or your great-grandfather didn't come from slavery, you benefit from never having to deal with the repercussions of what slavery did to the family.
                                                                              The fact that almost all white people can trace their family history back to a specific country for at least 100 years if not more, while slavery intentionally severed the link of black family history and their roots.
                                                                              > This is classic WHITE PRIVILEGE.. When your drug addiction is labelled as a "Crisis" instead of an epidemic, and the government responds with a treatment plan and billions, instead of jail time.
                                                                              When the black family was dying from the crack epidemic in the '60s, 70s & 80s, that Bush and Clinton smuggled in thru central America, the Black family were homeless and dying from the decades of the crack in their neighbourhoods, white people would say, "get a job you bum", but now white people are dying from opioids, (Big Pharma induced), suddenly its a crisis.
                                                                              Whenever something slightly bad happens to white people, the nation mourns, while centuries of horror happened to the black family, nobody cared.
                                                                              I'm really sick of this double standard, and these white snowflakes acting like drama queens. They're acting like they were on slave ships.
                                                                              White people infuriate me when they experience anything themselves, they expect the whole world to pay attention.
                                                                              Imagine what Black women went through during the hundreds of years of slavery right up to the 1970s. Hundreds of Millions were raped, tortured and had their identity stripped from them.
                                                                              Drug addiction is a terrible situation. But only when it happens to WHITE PEOPLE?????... I'm so damn sick of this "Oh poor me" from white people. They have no idea what black people have endured for centuries!!!!!
                                                                              Do they have any idea what black people have endured in America since the 17 century? Of course not because they simply do not care unless it's affecting them.
                                                                              If white people went thru centuries of trauma the way black people did, there wouldn't be any white people left, they'd be dropping like flies.

                                                                              • Skip Mars
                                                                                Skip Mars  1 days back

                                                                                Mercenary Panderer...paid very well to fake empathy.

                                                                                • Рулон Обоев
                                                                                  Рулон Обоев  1 days back

                                                                                  Oy vey

                                                                                  • dttruman
                                                                                    dttruman  1 days back

                                                                                    Most celebrities like Handler talk up a storm, but when they do want to volunteer, it has to be almost entirely on their terms. She isn't doing this so-called documentary for self improvement, but for the money and publicity. Once it's over, she is back to drinking, doing drugs, and complaining about what's bother her on some stage.

                                                                                    • Just an everyday person

                                                                                      If it wasn't for the fact that my 66 yr old mom and my 70 yr old dad like being able to watch things like river monsters Netflix would get the boot.
                                                                                      I'll be talking to them later about switching to a different streaming service for them as we also have hulu but hulu doesn't have all of their shows.
                                                                                      Check your own privlage netflix!

                                                                                      • J H
                                                                                        J H  1 days back

                                                                                        Women moment

                                                                                        • jeff Mac
                                                                                          jeff Mac  1 days back

                                                                                          Blacks need to have the talk that their continent sold 15 million world wide over 400 years to SOUTH America. Most notably Brazil. 300,000 found their way to what we call the American south. About 1% of white America was involved in slavery. Blacks need to have the talk they victimize themselves in the ghetto with gangs , drugs and guns. They aren't slaves. They aren't newly freed slaves. But if Africa wasn't selling, the world wouldn't be buying. And Africa has slaves today. So meh. Im white , born in 1971 and this debate is BULL 💩

                                                                                          • jeff Mac
                                                                                            jeff Mac  1 days back

                                                                                            Another rich bored white comedian who needs people to know who she is so she bashes her own race. Crowd looks dead. Waiting for rich white women to give cash which she wont of course

                                                                                            • Invidious
                                                                                              Invidious  1 days back

                                                                                              Avg White IQ is one standard deviation higher than average black IQ. There's your privilege Chelsea.