LG just made the Best Monitor of 2019 – 27GL850 Review

  • Published: 31 July 2019
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    LG’s claim that their new UltraGear lineup of gaming monitors sport 1ms pixel response time is pretty alluring, especially since they already have high refresh rate (144Hz), Adaptive-Sync variable refresh rate, and Nano Cell accurate colors! Check it out here:

    Buy LG UltraGear IPS 1ms 27GL850 on Amazon: geni.us/j1cvE

    More info on LG's site - LG Nano IPS 1ms GtG 27GL850: bit.ly/2SV8I3E

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Comments • 3 937

  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips   2 months back

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    • Ra awesome
      Ra awesome  2 days back

      Linus Tech Tips

      You do know that Acer has developed a 1440p 144hz IPS 1ms monitor in Feburary, right?

    • nirvgorilla
      nirvgorilla  1 weeks back

      VPNs are like identify theft insurance: a waste of money. Yeah let's pay money to slow down our 1GBPS internet. Makes sense.

    • MrBrander
      MrBrander  1 months back

      @0:36 I see what you did there. That's Logitech MX518 gaming mouse. The best gaming mouse ever built. I'm still using mine like 10 years after its release, if not even more. (Or is that the relaunch version of it but whatever.)
      Also. I think your shutter speed of your camera just wasn't enough fast to catch clear image of the screen and thus gave the blurry image. But that's still pretty clean image compared to other monitos as you showed.

    • Marcel Mayer
      Marcel Mayer  1 months back

      smasung chg70 is still better

  • Torbacz 666
    Torbacz 666  8 hours back

    how about the contrast ? is it good enough?

    • Andrew Spencer
      Andrew Spencer  20 minutes back

      Hello, an in-depth review of the LG 27GL850: https://youtu.be/T5Loh7vOcVM

  • Joey Thomas
    Joey Thomas  21 hours back

    The amazon link does not link to this monitor, but to a similar one?

    • Ruk us
      Ruk us  2 days back

      Hey Good video I wanted to email you or something because from what I have read and seen you must know gaming and graphics cards and computers very well and I was wanting to ask you about my GPN an creek settings as I was playing around with the screen resolution and ratio size and I was trying different things to take a load off of my graphics card like turning off the laptop display and off and just hav the 42” 4K isp LG smart tv which brought the temperature and usage of the GPU with and where is my Asus ROG strix scar 2 with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 TI graphics cared and i7–8750H processor 16 GB of DDRR4 RAM memory, The laptop has a 120 frames per second refresh but I am using HDMI to my LG 4K isp 8bit smart TV and almost every screen resolution aspect ratio the same until I change the game settings to 50FPS refresh rate on a 1920x1080 display resolution and the NATIVE 16x9 aspect ratio The picture got darker but way more clear and real looking and camera movement giving me the feeling like you’re actually in the game or realistic,just a way better more HD looking picture with better creep movement which must be becasuse it was set below 60FPS at 50FPS refresh rate and the correct resoloution size. but any higher of a resolution size I am game for Ragnar and Gyorfi and then forward like you’re stumbling graphics can’t. That’s just my guess but I wanted to ask a expert and from what I’ve read you must be. OK get your opinion watching TV settings for the TV and or computer combined.Would installing the game on my solid-state hard drive if I had enough Room that is, make the game run much smoother or a girl even go to Crystal clear Picture load times of the game obviously..

      • Lorenzo Martinez
        Lorenzo Martinez  2 days back

        What's your guys opinion on the Asus monitor vg279q ips?

        • Michael Flores
          Michael Flores  2 days back

          Why I love Linus " is it Marvelous or Marketing" LOL

          • An Phan
            An Phan  3 days back

            0:11 who dat

            • [GD] GGzachpotter [Jah]

              Or if you don’t care about colors, you can get this exact same monitor with a TN panel and G Sync for half the price: Dell 27 gaming monitor.

            • Carl Cusumano
              Carl Cusumano  3 days back

              For COD... 1080p is the preferred right? Maybe with supersampling enabled(does this cut back the fps rating)? 24 inch or 27? Curved monitor or flat? Sorry for all the questions but I know you're amazing with electronics. And I'm not thr richest man in the world lol

              • Emre Akyüz
                Emre Akyüz  3 days back

                Resolution (1080p, 2K or 4K) and monitor size (24" or 27") have nothing to do with it. For fps games, the most important things are monitors' refresh rates (up to 240hz) and response times (up to 0.3 ms today). By the way, if you want to utilize all of an 240hz monitor's refresh rate, then you need to get the number of fps that is equal to your monitor's refresh rate (240fps for 240hz). There is also a technology called variable refresh rate (G-sync for Nvidia and Freesync for AMD) and it helps when you get lower or higher fps than your monitor's refresh rate in order for the image to have no tearing. Curved or flat options are up to your preferences. Panel options are also up to your preferences: If you care about colors, brightness etc. (image quality in general), IPS panels are better but more expensive.

                Conclusion: Refresh rate / Response Time / G-sync or Freesync compatibility are the important things for games' performances. The other things are for preferences or image quality.

            • Афанасий Пушкин

              B-b-b-but why on Earth this is the best monitor of 2019 if both of its key features (HDR and 1ms) are useless?

              • Vinc
                Vinc  4 days back

                so monitor with 750:1 contrast ratio is the best monitor of 2019? ... this is paid promotion or simple ignorance. If you are in market for new monitor i recommend you to check out better sources of information like Hardware Unboxed, Lims Cave, pcmonitors.info, rtings.com or tftcentral.co.uk

                • Robert Crow
                  Robert Crow  4 days back

                  If the 1ms feature is basically useless, and it doesn’t even reach HDR400 levels, what is special about this monitor? You say it’s the best monitor of 2019 in the thumbnail, WHY?!

                  • Jackson Cowdrey
                    Jackson Cowdrey  3 days back

                    It's an IPS screen that is faster than basically any other IPS screen regarding pixel response times, which as said in the video, is virtually unheard of until now.

                • capo
                  capo  4 days back

                  I want that lamp on your desk.

                  • Yusuf Ahmed
                    Yusuf Ahmed  5 days back

                    Is the 27gl850b the same as the 27gl850

                    • Don
                      Don  5 days back

                      It does offer a USB 3 pass through. Check the ports again.

                      • Thomp YT
                        Thomp YT  6 days back

                        What about 24gl600f-b?

                        • Conner Dassen
                          Conner Dassen  6 days back

                          I can't buy it anywhere?

                          • M E N E F R E G O
                            M E N E F R E G O  1 weeks back

                            can't find this in any uk areas to preorder ffs

                            • Drewdizm
                              Drewdizm  1 weeks back

                              Which one should I get, LG 27GL850-B or ASUS PG279Q?

                              • Yusuf Ahmed
                                Yusuf Ahmed  4 days back

                                @Drewdizm sme

                              • Drewdizm
                                Drewdizm  5 days back

                                @Yusuf Ahmed True that it's cheaper on the LG 27GL850-B. I'm just waiting for the stocks to arrive, as it is sold out right now

                              • Yusuf Ahmed
                                Yusuf Ahmed  5 days back

                                LG 27gl850
                                It's cheaper and doesn't have the crazy blb the asus has

                            • Leafy is Beefy
                              Leafy is Beefy  1 weeks back

                              should i go with this? Im extremely competitive when it comes to gaming I play games like cs,r6, and overwatch, i have a rtx 2080,i7 9700k, but i also really enjoy playing beautiful single player tipple a games (metro, tomb raider games, far cry, ac, etc) I was wondering if this would be a good choice. idk why but that ghosting on fastest seems like a deal breaker, let me know if this is the best choice or if I should go with something else

                              • Zdawg Dawgdawg
                                Zdawg Dawgdawg  1 weeks back

                                Debating whether to get this one or the asus vg27aq

                                • TheONE
                                  TheONE  1 weeks back

                                  Oi you didn't clarify if that was sustained or peak brightness. If it is 350 sustained then it does meet the HDR cert. Their website notes 350 (typ), which I would conclude as sustained. But you won't know unless you really test it.

                                  • Trapster2
                                    Trapster2  1 weeks back

                                    Actually, I prefer IPS panels and I'm a gamer. I got a Dell Ultrasharp U2412M atm. Love the colors.

                                    • Future Brain
                                      Future Brain  1 weeks back

                                      27UK850 or 27GL850? For xbox one x...

                                      • Joseph Ostrand
                                        Joseph Ostrand  1 weeks back

                                        How about the backlight bleed? I tried getting IPS 144 hz but the backlight bleed was horrible on all the models I tried. So I settled for my 144hz TN. Can't wait for OLED to hit gaming monitors once they figure out the screen burnin problem lmao

                                        • Joseph Ostrand
                                          Joseph Ostrand  4 days back

                                          @Robert Crow Yeah it's an incredible tech, I read that they are trying to improve the life of the pixels so that they last much longer before degrading. I'd buy one that would last me 3-4 years. But I bet some other tech would come out before OLED reaches any form of longevity on the pixels.

                                        • Robert Crow
                                          Robert Crow  4 days back

                                          Joseph Ostrand they won’t. The burn-in is a side-effect of the technology. OLED would be incredible for HDR content though.

                                      • Ben Nodland
                                        Ben Nodland  1 weeks back

                                        Hey how about reviewing this monitor: VIOTEK SUW49C 49-Inch Super Ultrawide 32:9 Curved Monitor with Speakers, 144Hz HDR 4ms 3840x1080p, FreeSync, GamePlus, VESA & More

                                        • Soner
                                          Soner  1 weeks back

                                          I just purchased this monitor. Anyone got some recommended settings for overal usage?

                                          • Marco Cavazos
                                            Marco Cavazos  1 weeks back

                                            Plz review this monitor!!Sceptre 30-inch Curved Gaming Monitor 21:9 2560x1080p Ultrawide Ultra Slim HDMI DisplayPort up to 200Hz AMD FreeSync

                                            • Janne Laitinen
                                              Janne Laitinen  2 weeks back

                                              Is that really 144hz? Looks like 30hz.

                                              • Juuldebuul
                                                Juuldebuul  2 weeks back

                                                Almost 2 months later after I decided I wanted this monitor and it's still not for sale anywhere!

                                                • Talal Yousif
                                                  Talal Yousif  2 weeks back

                                                  Even that refresh rate couldn’t fix your aim, Linus.

                                                  • Breakcaft
                                                    Breakcaft  2 weeks back

                                                    Linus i m seriously more in the all in one theme so what i m looking for is a TV that viable as a computer monitor for gaming. So i have a r9 380 gpu and some i5 core thingy and am wondering what i should get even a not tv would be fine i can still use netflix an a pc;) budget would be around 150 or 300 if 55 inch

                                                    • Beck
                                                      Beck  2 weeks back

                                                      NO RGB??? *"BUY"*

                                                      • DCNash55
                                                        DCNash55  2 weeks back

                                                        Linus, how does the Aorus AD27QD 27" compare to the LG?? can we get a video of that?? would love to see the comparison of the two!! as the Aorus is also an 10 bit IPS panel supposedly rated at 1ms, HDR, 1440 144!!!

                                                        • Sokan_1919
                                                          Sokan_1919  1 weeks back

                                                          Yeah thats exactly what I want!!

                                                          I would love to see that too.. I'm considering to buy one of this 2.. but i cannot decide which one.

                                                          I know the Aorus has great, accurate and contrasty colour, nice 144hz, HDR 400 (but no local dimming), G-Sync Compatible, but some little issues here and there with backlight bleeding and PRT, but it's honestly not that bad either. There is just no full review of the LG to compair it.. So yeah, pls do it Linus!!

                                                      • 85kentray
                                                        85kentray  2 weeks back

                                                        So basically with this monitor you pay more for features ur not going to use. I pass!

                                                        • Koushik Paul
                                                          Koushik Paul  2 weeks back

                                                          Review the gigabyte aorus monitor

                                                          • TheAndrew0085
                                                            TheAndrew0085  2 weeks back

                                                            Did you actually not bother to show the direct apples-to-apples comparison between this monitor and the TN one? All you showed is the inverse ghosting on the TN, you didn't show what it looks like with the overdrive turned down. That would have made this video much more valuable to someone trying to decide between IPS and TN.

                                                            • A G
                                                              A G  2 weeks back

                                                              How would you compare this to the MG24UQ by ASUS?

                                                              • b00mer
                                                                b00mer  2 weeks back

                                                                can you make another video for acer nitro similar model ...which tells IPS 1ms 144hz 1440p on the box
                                                                coz its really cheap

                                                                • Alipt Shrivastava
                                                                  Alipt Shrivastava  2 weeks back

                                                                  My IPS monitor is 120hz and it's a laptop monitor 😎

                                                                  • Atomic Ninja
                                                                    Atomic Ninja  2 weeks back

                                                                    Nothing about backlight bleed? Does anyone know how bad it is?

                                                                    • Alucard Helsing
                                                                      Alucard Helsing  2 weeks back

                                                                      It's a lottery on it. I'll just keep returning mine till I get one that doesn't have it. I know warranty doesn't cover it but I can still do it within the 30 day time frame.

                                                                  • Promotheus
                                                                    Promotheus  2 weeks back

                                                                    best way for gaming monitor is ASUS ROG PG278QR definitly or 279 series!!!

                                                                    • Valar Morghulis
                                                                      Valar Morghulis  2 weeks back

                                                                      Rich Burmond
                                                                      They are recommending many models
                                                                      Without comparing each other

                                                                      Now confused after watching all these models

                                                                    • Rich Burmond
                                                                      Rich Burmond  2 weeks back

                                                                      @Valar Morghulis He did not say that anywhere?

                                                                    • Valar Morghulis
                                                                      Valar Morghulis  2 weeks back

                                                                      Which is best 1440p 144hz gaming monitors

                                                                      Is that LG as Linus says ???
                                                                      Within few days Linus came up with another
                                                                      ASUS TUF monitor as best ....

                                                                    • Promotheus
                                                                      Promotheus  2 weeks back

                                                                      Im not fan,just enjoy in gaming,i test maybe 10 different monitors expensive monitors and asus quality is the best for me!!

                                                                    • Rich Burmond
                                                                      Rich Burmond  2 weeks back

                                                                      @Promotheus sure, i see that u are a big fan of them. You must be objectively right then. With all those well rounded arguments

                                                                  • Jonathan Rauckhorst
                                                                    Jonathan Rauckhorst  2 weeks back

                                                                    Are they not selling this monitor anymore?

                                                                    • Jonathan Rauckhorst
                                                                      Jonathan Rauckhorst  2 weeks back

                                                                      @Alucard Helsing I noticed yesterday that amazon was selling it for a short period of time and it said the estimated date would be october... kinda concerns me if they are selling a small batch of these monitors at a time.

                                                                    • Alucard Helsing
                                                                      Alucard Helsing  2 weeks back

                                                                      It's on backorder for me. And I'll get it by at least november. Before the tarrifs hit for monitors. Only reason why I decided to get it now.

                                                                  • Konayo
                                                                    Konayo  2 weeks back

                                                                    The Asus PG279q already had this 3 years ago. IPS/G-Sync/165hz/1440p/1ms

                                                                    • Marcel
                                                                      Marcel  2 weeks back

                                                                      @Alucard Helsing its ok if ur happy with it, if ur looking for a perfect competitive gear, there is no way around 1ms

                                                                    • Alucard Helsing
                                                                      Alucard Helsing  2 weeks back

                                                                      @Marcel And is about $100 cheaper.

                                                                    • Marcel
                                                                      Marcel  2 weeks back

                                                                      its 4ms

                                                                  • mihai ioan
                                                                    mihai ioan  2 weeks back

                                                                    Just buy samsung 4k 28 inch monitor with 165 dollars

                                                                    • Jay TemTps
                                                                      Jay TemTps  2 weeks back

                                                                      Could you buy me one? I'm starting my pc and I'm getting closer and closer

                                                                    • CallMeDaddy420
                                                                      CallMeDaddy420  2 weeks back

                                                                      I don't know why but I just bought a 144hz widescreen and ive chaned all of the possible settings I could but when I go to blurbusters it says I am only running at 83 hz…. can anyone help any advice

                                                                      • Wang Callen
                                                                        Wang Callen  2 weeks back

                                                                        1:17 response time, motion blur
                                                                        3:05 pixel overdrive 3:33 response time setting
                                                                        4:58 G-sync compatible
                                                                        5:52 downsides