Game of Thrones Premiere Comparison: Season 1 vs. Season 8 Callbacks Breakdown


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  • Kebaburrito
    Kebaburrito  6 months back

    People be like "what a cool callback", but the reality is D&D is just reusing scenes to compensate for their lack of creativity

    PLANET DARKZ  7 months back

    Gendry and Arya's reunion in the forges is a call back to when Robert said "I have a son, you have a daughter. We'll join our houses" to Nedd in season 1.

    • GamerInVoid
      GamerInVoid  7 months back

      Where was she hiding all this while ? So beautiful <3

      • Grant Goodrich
        Grant Goodrich  7 months back

        Bran is one of my favorite characters as well. Awesome to see someone else respect his character. He is the most interesting character in the show because of his fantasy element. No one else in the show has a connection to ancient Westeros other than Bran. I hope he has some key moments coming up.

        • 1Chasg
          1Chasg  7 months back

          It clearly wasn't meant to be patronising Jon doesn't know what she has been through.

          • Carlos Garcia
            Carlos Garcia  7 months back

            How you gona compare a season that has been completed and the other that hasn't yet and BERLY CAME OUT SMFH

            • Ray
              Ray  7 months back

              Bran is reading Jamie. Jamie has changed for the better. Little finger has always stayed the same....evil.

              • Joe Wedg
                Joe Wedg  7 months back

                Gone downhill since it stopped going off the books. The writing is crap, and the story is rushed

                • eggs are chicken menstruation

                  Bran is the most boring character I’ve ever seen

                  • DeSPoTNemanjaS
                    DeSPoTNemanjaS  7 months back

                    He's not even a character anymore. He's just there to be dump exposition and be a deus ex machina.

                • Cryptic808
                  Cryptic808  7 months back

                  Thumbs up for the cool audio effect IGN did where they took Terri's mic that is right in front of her face and made it sound like she's speaking from an adjacent building.

                  • Jeremy B
                    Jeremy B  7 months back

                    I think Bron kills Brianne by accident when trying to kill jamie and that pushes him over the edge to kill Cersei

                    • Jeethendra S
                      Jeethendra S  7 months back

                      Spoiler Alert!!!
                      When Jon and Dany where kissing at wonderful place , Jon looked at dargons and blood was coming out from one of the dragons nose.
                      I saw that once I might be wrong.

                      • Frenkablooddrop
                        Frenkablooddrop  7 months back

                        How many times have you guys wathced the pilot?

                        • Ain Flores
                          Ain Flores  7 months back


                          • Jake Germaine
                            Jake Germaine  7 months back

                            How would that be patronizing. It was just fun banter

                            • Hashem Dharat
                              Hashem Dharat  7 months back

                              Man terry has beautiful hair.

                              • WoodyxVII
                                WoodyxVII  7 months back

                                Is it just me or was Kit Harington’s accent off or bad this episode?

                                • Sloppy Sandwhich
                                  Sloppy Sandwhich  7 months back

                                  WoodyxVII I thought that aswell, especially during his speech near the start

                              • ItZ_dAnAaL
                                ItZ_dAnAaL  7 months back

                                It’s an amazing video I’ve been watching you guys for years now and recently have started my own YouTube channel. I would love for people to subscribe to my channel because it would mean a ton to me anyways thanks, and peace out.

                                • Abe Gonzalez
                                  Abe Gonzalez  7 months back

                                  They played the same music they used for Robert’s arrival when Jon and Danny arrived

                                  • Kailyssia Pym
                                    Kailyssia Pym  7 months back

                                    How much in world time is supposed to have passed from seasons 1-8?

                                  • Rogue Seraph
                                    Rogue Seraph  7 months back

                                    It was so awesome that they used the same song they used on season 1 when Robert and the Lannisters arrived in Winterfell.

                                    • Mohammed Akbar
                                      Mohammed Akbar  7 months back

                                      Great first episode

                                      • Typical Mapping
                                        Typical Mapping  7 months back

                                        meh aint interested

                                        • Typical Mapping
                                          Typical Mapping  7 months back

                                          Mick I know, I like being edgy

                                        • Mick
                                          Mick  7 months back

                                          You do see the irony in you clicking on the video and even taking the time to comment to say you "ain't interested". Super edgy play.

                                      • Psycho XXXDDD
                                        Psycho XXXDDD  7 months back

                                        This first episode was meh

                                        • Josh Hunt
                                          Josh Hunt  7 months back

                                          DeSPoTNemanjaS its a joke! All serious shows have jokes to lighten the mood a bit other wise we would just be depressed the entire time! Loved that bit. Tormund is just a great comedic character and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. He’s like drax how he doesn’t realise he is being funny.

                                        • DeSPoTNemanjaS
                                          DeSPoTNemanjaS  7 months back

                                          @Zachary Dickey we get the joke it's just that it doesn't belong in this super serious show because whight eyes are easily distinguishable.

                                      • nazo blade
                                        nazo blade  7 months back

                                        Not first