Tips, Tricks, & Customizations for Your New AirPods Pro

  • Published: 31 October 2019
  • Here is everything you need to know about AirPods Pro and how to get the most out of them.

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Comments • 165

  • Sam Scott
    Sam Scott  1 days back

    Handy little tip I didn’t see in the vid: to tweak volume (and be specific) you can say “hey Siri turn volume up/down” & “hey Siri change volume to x%”

    • Yungg Dream
      Yungg Dream  1 days back

      Who else already have these and know how to do everything but still watching

      • artsy fartsy
        artsy fartsy  2 days back

        I got them yesterday because I new they were going to be sold out if I waited any longer for Christmas

        • Joe
          Joe  2 hours back

          artsy fartsy same

      • saif abdelkader
        saif abdelkader  2 days back

        I wanna see if there is a way to use one AirPod to skip and one AirPod to go back

        • Pawan Sandhu
          Pawan Sandhu  2 days back

          Please please answer..what is difference between active noise cancellation & transperancy mood.

          • Joe Blow
            Joe Blow  2 days back

            transparency mode lets ambient noise in so you could hear people talking around you and such as well as what you are listening to in the buds. Noise cancellation silences outside noise such that you only hear what is coming through the ear buds. So say you're on a plane. In transparency mode you would hear your music as well as the faint noise of the plane engines and the flight attendant speaking to you. In noise cancelling, you'd only hear your music, no plane sounds or people talking.

        • Zarorithajay Ham
          Zarorithajay Ham  2 days back

          Put a Slickwraps Skin on It

          • micahworld
            micahworld  3 days back

            What app is that u can use the live listen ?

            • CRZYJT
              CRZYJT  3 days back

              kinda dumb that Apple didn’t just put a regular charging cable

              • shak1ification
                shak1ification  3 days back

                Lol tips and tricks? Please .......this is click bait.... any one that has AirPods pro have more then likely read or figured out every thing here either for the tool tip that pops up when you first connect them to your iPhone or from using previous gen AirPods.

                • Gums n' alls
                  Gums n' alls  3 days back

                  I instantly liked you more after seeing you’re listening to Elton John

                  • Martin ivanitskiy
                    Martin ivanitskiy  3 days back

                    Is it good to use with iphone 6

                    • S R
                      S R  8 hours back

                      Martin ivanitskiy you just need to have iOS 13 downloaded to have all the features that come with the pro’s. It will work with an iPhone 6.

                  • WinnerMatt11
                    WinnerMatt11  4 days back

                    I bet none of us actually have AirPods pro

                  • Nancy Ycnan
                    Nancy Ycnan  5 days back

                    when i'm using airpods pro watching ios youtube, i can pause the video but it can't resume the video i,m watching, please help

                    • Nancy Ycnan
                      Nancy Ycnan  1 days back

                      @J D Thank you !!!

                    • J D
                      J D  1 days back

                      Nancy Ycnan This is a YouTube issue. They’ll have to update the app to fix this bug.

                  • HawkHardstylez
                    HawkHardstylez  5 days back

                    I’ve had them for 2 days only.. But damn they are amazing! The last year I’ve become very happy with Apple. I use the Xs and thinking of buying the watch as well now.

                    • Jack Fowler
                      Jack Fowler  2 days back

                      I highly recommend the series 4!

                  • Shane Q
                    Shane Q  5 days back

                    When I tap the i symbol on settings it only says ear activation on or off

                    • J D
                      J D  1 days back

                      Shane Q are you updated to iOS 13.2?

                  • Bud Betz
                    Bud Betz  5 days back

                    Andrew, thanks for the review and honest opinion. I do not and have never owned AirPods . I’m one of those folks that just can’t find a good fit for the earphone without a seal cup thingy. But finally Apple has released a product worth considering. However, I have the Bose QC30 Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones and have been very happy with them for a few years. Now that Apple has a product that can compete with a product like Bose and others, can you put a review or comparison of the AirPods Pro with other pod type headphones out there? I love the Apple landscape and am Apple centric in my personal convenience things, but I am also well entrenched in the Bose Lifestyle products as well. Thanks for your work and the things you and AppleInsider bring into visibility! -Bud

                    • Bryan Hilfiger
                      Bryan Hilfiger  5 days back

                      I have both powerbeat and AirPod pros, I love the noise cancellation but haven’t got used to the squeeze thing. Still feel kinda weird

                      • Kevin PAZ
                        Kevin PAZ  5 days back

                        can u use them without the silicone tips ?

                        • Tyler Hampson
                          Tyler Hampson  2 days back

                          Kevin PAZ yes it would technically work but the sound quality is worse and there is a major discomfort. But in my experience I feel that the ear-tips are very good!

                      • Mitch Morrissey
                        Mitch Morrissey  6 days back

                        AirPods pro are amazing. So happy with them!

                      • Johnny Larocque
                        Johnny Larocque  6 days back

                        They FIT TERRIBLE! Why would Apple change the shape from the AirPods 2? *those are perfect*
                        I’m super annoyed.


                      • Infinite Playz
                        Infinite Playz  7 days back

                        Who’s watching this bc they want them for Christmas

                        • Joe
                          Joe  2 hours back

                          Jeremy Pappas oh shit that's deep

                        • Jeremy Pappas
                          Jeremy Pappas  3 days back

                          The longer you wait the less days you get to use them before you die. They are insanely good.

                        • Matt Apprill
                          Matt Apprill  3 days back

                          Yo all me

                        • Nate.28 Oof
                          Nate.28 Oof  3 days back

                          I got mine yesterday 😂

                        • Drone Dude
                          Drone Dude  4 days back

                          Homeboy_Brando yo same

                      • Keith Whisman
                        Keith Whisman  7 days back

                        Instead of pulling on the ear attachments just a slight twist will cause them to pop off.

                        • Ashley Rosales
                          Ashley Rosales  1 weeks back

                          I have a quetion does AirPod pro only charge with the iPhone 11 or is the normal charger fine?

                        • Acethegamer L
                          Acethegamer L  1 weeks back

                          Who else watching just because you want them for Christmas?

                        • usasupra23
                          usasupra23  1 weeks back

                          I wish the tap features like on old AirPods were on my pros. Not a fan of the squeeze method even a week later

                          • usasupra23
                            usasupra23  1 weeks back

                            I hate the loud screech when you go to push them back into your ear due to covering the transparency mic and it gives loud feedback! Can’t grip them to get out of the case is hard also.

                            • Tyler Hampson
                              Tyler Hampson  2 days back

                              usasupra23 it is very easy to get them out of the case if you just put a small push on the back of the case and they pop out

                          • skimmyjeans
                            skimmyjeans  1 weeks back

                            can you do those on your macbook? cause I dont use iphones

                            • leo gomez
                              leo gomez  2 days back

                              skimmyjeans yeah for sure

                          • Shamlan Gaming
                            Shamlan Gaming  1 weeks back

                            I got them November 4 and it’s a really new experience

                            • Jill B.
                              Jill B.  1 weeks back

                              100% LEGIT. Visit my channel and i will be doing a video like this soon. Pls do subscribe first and lets grow together❤

                              • Hùng Vũ Nguyễn
                                Hùng Vũ Nguyễn  1 weeks back

                                I dont know why Siri doesn’t know my AirPods battery status?

                                • Eth Nick
                                  Eth Nick  1 weeks back

                                  Just say “Hey Siri, battery”. Efficiency is key. 😏

                                  • studivan
                                    studivan  1 weeks back

                                    What a waste of 8 minutes of my life, nothing new here, that you couldn't do with Airpod's 2 except noise cancellation.

                                    • Magnus
                                      Magnus  1 weeks back

                                      studivan shut up

                                  • Raynayn
                                    Raynayn  1 weeks back

                                    do you have to use the usbc cord that is provided? or can you just use the regular lightning cable

                                    • Michael Maaba
                                      Michael Maaba  4 days back

                                      You can use a reg one but just a heads up you can use that cable to us usbc-Pd and quick charge an iPhone 50% in 30 mins with a usbc-Pd Charger. This cable is a little more expensive than a reg one.

                                    • Monster God
                                      Monster God  1 weeks back

                                      Raynayn You can use the regular one too

                                  • Cool Nasty
                                    Cool Nasty  1 weeks back

                                    Dumb question but can you charge your airpods pros with the cable it comes in with the iphone 11. So like instead of the ipad you have an iphone/mac

                                    • Cool Nasty
                                      Cool Nasty  1 weeks back

                                      This isn’t available for me region Ma/Nh until thanksgivings, shit sold out quick

                                      • Spøøky Pie
                                        Spøøky Pie  1 weeks back

                                        Are you able to use these new Airpods Pro with a iphone 8?

                                        • LucaMax 13
                                          LucaMax 13  7 days back

                                          It works with anything that has Bluetooth

                                        • Rudy Rodriguez
                                          Rudy Rodriguez  1 weeks back

                                          yeah. I use mine with my 8 plus

                                      • zachary wan
                                        zachary wan  1 weeks back

                                        Hi does the share Audi’s feature only works with Airpods?

                                      • Arthur Morgan
                                        Arthur Morgan  1 weeks back

                                        I can’t take the tip off

                                        • Kircho Bg
                                          Kircho Bg  1 weeks back

                                          Arthur Morgan hah gay

                                      • Ashley Hahn
                                        Ashley Hahn  1 weeks back

                                        Representing cbus. O-H!

                                        • zebonaut smith
                                          zebonaut smith  1 weeks back

                                          Too afraid to pull off the tip lest I ruin them before a single day....

                                          • Ruben Kungur
                                            Ruben Kungur  6 days back

                                            usasupra23 don't worry bro they won't tear it's fine
                                            I did it u just have to pull hard to take it off

                                          • Ruben Kungur
                                            Ruben Kungur  6 days back

                                            Trust they won't break I did it

                                          • zebonaut smith
                                            zebonaut smith  1 weeks back

                                            usasupra23 I gripped it with a paper towel; that seemed to help. Things fit right now; but I don’t want to detach again.

                                          • usasupra23
                                            usasupra23  1 weeks back

                                            zebonaut smith I thought the same thing. I was pulling and thought it was going to tear them. I still feel like they will break if I have to swap ever again.

                                        • Angel Tega
                                          Angel Tega  1 weeks back

                                          Idrk y I watch this I'm too broke to afford these

                                          • babevso
                                            babevso  1 weeks back

                                            Hello 👋 Great Video, Where Did You Get That CHARGER AT In The Video?

                                            • Daniel Bonilla
                                              Daniel Bonilla  1 weeks back

                                              most complete video about tips and tricks nice

                                              • Omole Ayodele
                                                Omole Ayodele  1 weeks back

                                                Why is no one talking about the fact that there's no VOLUME control?!

                                                • Rudy Rodriguez
                                                  Rudy Rodriguez  1 weeks back

                                                  Because you can use your phone or apple watch to control the volume

                                                • Eth Nick
                                                  Eth Nick  1 weeks back

                                                  I don’t find myself needing to change the volume constantly anyway. I’ve gotten used to recognising my environments & telling Siri which volume level to set the Airpods at before entering the environment. For eg. Gym’s ideal volume is 88%....They become ‘pre-sets’ over time that you don’t need change much, if at all.

                                                • SpeccTix
                                                  SpeccTix  1 weeks back

                                                  @DCM I know right like these people do NO physical activities all day so they might aswell take 5 seconds to reach into their pocket and turn up/down the volume. Like, it's so simple people!

                                                • Ivan Macias
                                                  Ivan Macias  1 weeks back

                                                  Cuz it’s quick to do from your phone or watch????

                                                • S T
                                                  S T  1 weeks back

                                                  Omole Ayodele It's on the device to which they are connected.

                                              • Mrs & Mrs McCullough
                                                Mrs & Mrs McCullough  1 weeks back

                                                Would be nice to have a security lock on similar to activation lock that way if it gets lost no one else can use it.

                                                • Stay Toasty
                                                  Stay Toasty  1 weeks back


                                                • Stay Toasty
                                                  Stay Toasty  1 weeks back

                                                  Mrs & Mrs McCullough How would that work? Like a password before you use them or like remotely locking it? Remotely locking it wouldn’t work, because it might not be within Bluetooth rang

                                              • Julian Ramirez
                                                Julian Ramirez  2 weeks back

                                                I have a Samsung phone!!!!!!

                                                • Chris Estimator
                                                  Chris Estimator  2 weeks back

                                                  Anyone else using them without the rubber tips? They work fine and u can hear just as good. Tips are annoying AF all up in your ear canal, no thanks!

                                                  • HawkHardstylez
                                                    HawkHardstylez  5 days back

                                                    The fuck.. that’s one of the best things about pro!

                                                  • Chris Estimator
                                                    Chris Estimator  7 days back

                                                    @Yngx27 To your broke ass its not, but to me, it is. =)

                                                  • Yngx27
                                                    Yngx27  7 days back

                                                    Chris Estimator that’s not really worth $70 more lol

                                                  • Chris Estimator
                                                    Chris Estimator  1 weeks back

                                                    Elite SnipeZ whys that? There are more differences than just the tips. The AirPods pro are faster and they have a new pressure pad instead of tapping the sides. Cmon man.

                                                  • Elite SnipeZ
                                                    Elite SnipeZ  1 weeks back

                                                    Chris Estimator wtf? Might as well by the regular AirPods..

                                                • Louis 13
                                                  Louis 13  2 weeks back

                                                  Does anybody know when I’m not using my AirPods pro do I keep them in the case or out the case? Please help?

                                                  • Ivan Macias
                                                    Ivan Macias  1 weeks back

                                                    Why would you leave them out??? You’re more likely to lose the earbuds

                                                  • Austin
                                                    Austin  1 weeks back

                                                    David Luong dead

                                                  • David Luong
                                                    David Luong  1 weeks back

                                                    Keep them in the case.... wtf? It’s like y’all are new to this whole rich people shit.

                                                  • Hannalyn
                                                    Hannalyn  2 weeks back

                                                    Louis 13 np! (:

                                                  • Louis 13
                                                    Louis 13  2 weeks back

                                                    Hannalyn right I agree thank you