Cynthia Erivo Sheds Light On Harriet Tubman's Untold Story


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  • Aboriginal Underground
    Aboriginal Underground  2 weeks back


    • cushe83
      cushe83  2 weeks back

      All I keep hearing about is how she had a history of clowning African Americans and African American culture and now she's playing one of our greatest

      • Danny D
        Danny D  3 weeks back

        I seen the movie it was horrible I give it 4-10 it was a waste of money

        • givenemTruth Son
          givenemTruth Son  3 weeks back

          If the movie is as bad as people say it is, then why would a black film director, produce something contrary to our history?

          • Mr. Walk Down
            Mr. Walk Down  2 weeks back

            givenemTruth Son mann you know the answer it’s money money money

          • Vicky Haynes
            Vicky Haynes  2 weeks back

            White money behind it

        • freddyjaye
          freddyjaye  3 weeks back

          The film is revisionist history. It’s a fictional story about a real person. It’s insulting to the great legacy of Tubman. Black people shouldn’t support this film. It’s extremely anti-black.

          • QueenSheba27
            QueenSheba27  3 weeks back

            @freddyjaye I agree and the actress doesn't appear to know very much about Mrs. Harriet Tubman, which is even more insulting. Whenever she's asked a question about what did she learn, her answers appeared canned and rehearsed. I'll pass on this movie, which is a great disappointment but proper casting of a film has everything to do with it's success.