How to Do a Pistol Squat | Sexy Legs Workout

  • Published: 04 August 2012
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    Another great toning exercise is pistol squats. Now, this is definitely an advanced move for people who have good balance and good flexibility, because you're going to be on one leg and you're going to be balancing as you go down into a squat. So, I will demonstrate in just a little bit.

    But I'm going to be using a dumbbell, and sometimes using a dumbbell helps you with your balance. You're going to be on one leg. Your back is going to be straight. Your shoulders are back. As you go down on one leg you're sitting down into your hips, going down slowly to keep your balance. As you go down to a certain point where you feel a good stretch, that's when you start coming back up again.

    So, I'm going to show you right now. I'm going to use a dumbbell. I'm going to hold it right out in front of me. And I'm going to put one leg down and one leg out. Basically, as I go down, my shoulders are back, my core is tight, my back is flat. I'm going to come down, balancing. Now, the weight helps me with my balance. I come down, come up.

    Switch legs. Same thing, other leg goes out, keep it straight, core tight. Down, keep your balance, come up. There you go.

    Now, it's a very, very advanced move. It's even difficult for me. And definitely have to have good flexibility and good balance.

    So, as you slowly reach yourself down to the bottom of the squat keep your balance. Now hold it maybe for two or three seconds, and then work your way back up. You don't want to go too fast. May make you lose your balance and make you fall over. So, we want to make sure we have proper form and go as slow as we can. Hold it for about two seconds at the bottom, and then slowly come up and do the same thing on the other side.

    And make sure that you're completely stretched before you do this move. But it's a great stabilization move. It works your core and your glutes. And it works your hamstrings and it works your quads. It works everything. So definitely, it's a great toning exercise.

    It's the pistol squat.
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  • Mohammed javeed Ahmed
    Mohammed javeed Ahmed  4 years back

    I feel right leg is larger than left leg, and its weak. my right side of body is stronger than left side of body. how to fix my body balance. can you help for some exercise which my body need. thanks

    • Kid Power
      Kid Power  4 years back

      She would be a good wife for me

      • Jakob
        Jakob  5 years back

        @RedTailedTuna congratulations buddy.

        • Jezreel Vicente
          Jezreel Vicente  6 years back

          Great. keep up teaching

          • banjop84
            banjop84  7 years back

            It should not, and that goes for all other leg exercises. Not just squat.

            • Heads or Tailz
              Heads or Tailz  7 years back

              It sure looks like she does.

              • banjop84
                banjop84  7 years back

                Yes, that's correct. Which she does not do. She should build up more strength by doing other exercises.

                But that goes with every exercises when it comes to leg exercises. The knee should never go beyond where the toes are at.

                • Ben Bourne
                  Ben Bourne  7 years back

                  Beautifuly put.

                  • Heads or Tailz
                    Heads or Tailz  7 years back

                    I thought the knee was not supposed to go passed the toe in a squat.

                    • AZNwannabe06
                      AZNwannabe06  7 years back

                      Lucky 13th right here!

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                          11th, they missed the counting :p

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                            David Richards  7 years back

                            66th. fuck

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                                    hot chick in video. me gusta

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