Friday on 'The Real': Eva Marcille, Tokyo Toni, Kim Fields


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  • Shalayna Beauty
    Shalayna Beauty  4 days back


    • PowerIn YourCurl
      PowerIn YourCurl  4 days back
      What a beautiful girl😍😍😍Anyways Thank you for supporting me on my YouTube channel, I really appreciate it...Beauty at its finest...keep it Mama😘

      • Nikki Davidson
        Nikki Davidson  5 days back

        Yall may as well invite Tamar... Tokyo Toni?!!! 🤮

        • Emoretta Robinson
          Emoretta Robinson  5 days back

          Tam with her "I can read" comment! She looks a bit tipsy 😂

          • beth s
            beth s  5 days back

            why yall having that trash bag on smdh

            • beth s
              beth s  5 days back

              really why are yall having tokyo toni on

              • Plus Size In Canada
                Plus Size In Canada  5 days back

                Love this show!!

                • Osayamen Ogiugo
                  Osayamen Ogiugo  5 days back

                  Lmao Tokyo Toni, mad o😂😂😂

                  • Raiye Seyoum
                    Raiye Seyoum  5 days back

                    TOKYO TONI LMFAO i can’t miss this

                    • Gruvenska mambre
                      Gruvenska mambre  5 days back

                      Yooo... ain't no more latinas/ asians/ caucasian that could also be there?

                      • Tam JBanks
                        Tam JBanks  5 days back

                        Y’all having the best guest omgg

                        • MsRose00
                          MsRose00  5 days back

                          Tokyo Toni?! Really?! I don’t even like Blac Chyna, but has anyone ever heard the way this woman speaks to her daughter? I’m for giving women, especially women of color a platform, but not one that has said such heinous things about a child the brought into the world. I’m disappointed in The Real.

                          • Captain America
                            Captain America  4 days back

                            MsRose00 I’m not saying she’s a great person. Idk her and some of her antics are beyond questionable. I’m just saying she has a following

                          • MsRose00
                            MsRose00  4 days back

                            Myronn Coleman Not surprised. She’s a hot mess.

                          • Myronn Coleman
                            Myronn Coleman  4 days back

                            MsRose00 the funny part is I heard Toni actually talked MAD ISH about them

                          • MsRose00
                            MsRose00  4 days back

                            Captain America And I’m not stopping anyone from admiring her. All I said was I was disappointed. She is a horrible person and doesn’t deserve a platform. Her having tens of thousands of followers is not a shock as people tend to love to observe train wrecks. Enjoy the show tomorrow.

                          • Captain America
                            Captain America  5 days back

                            MsRose00 the point is that you’re just 1 viewer. Plenty of people find Tokyo entertaining and will watch this episode. Her Instagram live videos alone get 10s of thousands of views each. She’s got some admirers/observers.

                        • DaniEatzTV
                          DaniEatzTV  5 days back

                          This is an interesting line up but I'm here for it LOL :))) hey ladies!!

                          • heatsd
                            heatsd  5 days back

                            Tokyo toni?! They must be really desperate

                            • bsbgirl85
                              bsbgirl85  5 days back

                              I don't even know who she is, but The Real usually has sh*tty guests.  I wonder if they will EVER get better guests?  After six years, probably not lol.

                            • Vocally Gifted
                              Vocally Gifted  5 days back

                              heatsd Nope shes got a reality series & The Real is still watched but many Americans.🤷🏽‍♂️

                          • Reena
                            Reena  5 days back

                            Omg!!! Goodluck with Toyoko Toni...I hope she behaves

                            • Vocally Gifted
                              Vocally Gifted  5 days back

                              She’s not all ghetto, y’all do know it’s apart of her act on that show.🤷🏽‍♂️

                            • Emoretta Robinson
                              Emoretta Robinson  5 days back

                              In that pic she looked a lot like Chyna though. In other pictures I never saw a resemblance before

                            • Daren Diep
                              Daren Diep  5 days back

                              Reena that’s what I’m sayinnn 😂 I done seen clips of her and chynas “reality show” and it’s a mess

                          • JAMESBOND LEGAL2G
                            JAMESBOND LEGAL2G  5 days back


                            • Laura Reynolds
                              Laura Reynolds  5 days back

                              Tokyo Toni, Black Chyna's Mom? GTFOH! Making dumb ass people famous...

                              • Itsyogurlshyshy
                                Itsyogurlshyshy  5 days back

                                Yess already ready

                                • Olive Honey
                                  Olive Honey  5 days back

                                  Uh oh!!! Friyay dranks!!! Love it