Mikey Williams Shows Up to watch Bronny James and his old Blue Chips team


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  • #WeHoopin #WeHoopin
    #WeHoopin #WeHoopin  3 days back

    Lil bronny gon be nice...jus gotta wrk on dribble moves and shooting off them to become tht GUY. *Gotta WORK* 💪🏿🏀🏀🏀#WeHoopin

    • Amanuel Akele
      Amanuel Akele  2 weeks back

      I would hate to be on a team with bronny cuz I would never get the ball

      • qwik11hoops
        qwik11hoops   1 weeks back

        what you mean he passes all the time

    • Declan Keebs
      Declan Keebs  2 weeks back

      10:44 ummm listen in the background

    • Chance Olson
      Chance Olson  3 months back

      Mikey really put on highlights for this team, it was like Lebron and Wade in another universe, and now their sons are playing at Sierra Canyon together

    • Tim Lettiero
      Tim Lettiero  3 months back

      Forget Bronny this videos about 17 vs 21...the battle of the massive hair

      • skudda 2 fresh
        skudda 2 fresh  3 months back

        This dude bronny did absolutely nothing and his daddy made bc not ranked higher 😂😂😂

      • Rick Russell
        Rick Russell  5 months back

        They will meet one day!!

      • IsaiahThaPlayya
        IsaiahThaPlayya  5 months back

        The big looks so funny 😂

      • Drew Morgan
        Drew Morgan  5 months back

        Would anyone else like to just kill all the moms?

        • qwik11hoops
          qwik11hoops   5 months back

          now thats serious jail time 😳

      • roobish boi
        roobish boi  5 months back

        why do kids feel the need to have there shirts so damn high

      • Big Tortilla Chip
        Big Tortilla Chip  5 months back

        Who is the annoying lady that only knows the word hustle?

      • Aaron Smith
        Aaron Smith  5 months back

        Mikey always in that overtime something he must be mad at ballislife

        • qwik11hoops
          qwik11hoops   5 months back

          yea they make sure he gets free merch

      • titam gamer
        titam gamer  5 months back


      • ToXiC_supreme
        ToXiC_supreme  5 months back

        Tell me why I heard someone in the background saying you wanna slay my tittie

        • qwik11hoops
          qwik11hoops   5 months back

          that was the homie from BIL talking bout some funny stuff lol

      • Sheldun
        Sheldun  6 months back

        I really like the Guy with the white jersey #23 he's good.

      • Jarbirey Carter
        Jarbirey Carter  6 months back

        I actually like this video because everybody else highlights make it seem like the blue chips just win n blow everybody out each game

        • qwik11hoops
          qwik11hoops   6 months back

          thabks bro i try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt

      • Jarbirey Carter
        Jarbirey Carter  6 months back

        Where Mikey

      • Jarbirey Carter
        Jarbirey Carter  6 months back

        My guy kalib

      • official jay
        official jay  6 months back

        His son is trash

      • Joey Henson
        Joey Henson  6 months back

        Is it just me or does it feel like every time I watch these videos, Bronny Jr. doesn't ever do anything that interesting. He feels like a very mediocre player tbh

      • AOS Support
        AOS Support  6 months back

        Nice vid. Btw.. y did Rodney left? He's one of my favs

        • qwik11hoops
          qwik11hoops   6 months back

          team wildcats

        • AOS Support
          AOS Support  6 months back

          @qwik11hoops he is? Okay.. thanks :)

        • qwik11hoops
          qwik11hoops   6 months back

          thanks AOS..he is in the Adidas circuit and killing it

      • Manny L
        Manny L  6 months back

        Bronny don’t like passing the ball.

      • Frosty Buildz
        Frosty Buildz  6 months back

        Bronny ain’t even that good he only has clout bc of his dad

        • qwik11hoops
          qwik11hoops   6 months back

          damn frosty give the boy a chance

      • Michael Hickman
        Michael Hickman  6 months back

        Lebron being a Dad priceless 💜 my brother. Proud of you keep doing what you are doing.

      • Joyce Ivory
        Joyce Ivory  6 months back

        Bronny trash no offense but he to slow cant hit the open jumper and takes bad shots i dont know if he college material .

        • Joyce Ivory
          Joyce Ivory  6 months back

          @qwik11hoops Lamelo bro better when he was bronny age.

        • qwik11hoops
          qwik11hoops   6 months back

          he is better rn but we will see in 4 years

        • Joyce Ivory
          Joyce Ivory  6 months back

          @qwik11hoops And lamelo ball better than bronny.

        • Joyce Ivory
          Joyce Ivory  6 months back

          @qwik11hoops Not hating i play ball to just saying what i see but he still young maybe thier is hope.

        • qwik11hoops
          qwik11hoops   6 months back

          not college material!? Hater frfr

      • L1ghtexx
        L1ghtexx  6 months back

        They have the tallest center ,40 cm taller than anybody in the other team...but they shoot tons of 3s 🤔😕

      • Jacob Wiley
        Jacob Wiley  6 months back

        Bronny had tough game. Once he gets a bit bigger he’ll be able to finish through contact

      • Nolan McCloskey
        Nolan McCloskey  6 months back

        Why does every team run a trap defence?

        • qwik11hoops
          qwik11hoops   6 months back

          kids that age are more prone to turnover the rock

      • TouchDownZone
        TouchDownZone  6 months back

        Undisputed goat

      • Sean Stranger
        Sean Stranger  6 months back

        How can they call it blue when its white?

      • keersten g
        keersten g  6 months back

        here bcs mikey in the title

      • Ayyub Harris
        Ayyub Harris  6 months back

        #23 tuff 🔥🔥

      • RL Azure
        RL Azure  6 months back

        0:36 wait it can’t be.....


      • Irving Perez
        Irving Perez  6 months back

        These niggas suck

      • Ayarsız 0
        Ayarsız 0  6 months back

        Bronny is trash .i am better than him (we are same years old)

        • qwik11hoops
          qwik11hoops   6 months back

          calm down we need video confirmation first

      • Colby Reynolds
        Colby Reynolds  6 months back

        why every kid on the other team have the same haircut?

      • George Koliopoulos
        George Koliopoulos  6 months back

        God damn them moms r the most annoying moms I have ever heard like stfu

      • Michael Hartman
        Michael Hartman  6 months back

        Jahzara is nice and all, but I feel bad for his joints at this age it ain’t great to be that tall and big. Dude got solid game but he needs to grow into that body more.

      • Mason Avery
        Mason Avery  6 months back

        Bronny out there tripping 🤦🏾‍♂️

      • Sriracha
        Sriracha  6 months back

        How unfair is it to have a 6"10' 8th grader on the same team as bronny 😌😌😂😂😂 that kid should be dunking every possession

        • qwik11hoops
          qwik11hoops   6 months back

          he played 12 games over the weekend bro

      • Almighty Dropped
        Almighty Dropped  6 months back

        So nobody heard that at 10:44

      • Lxkam
        Lxkam  6 months back

        Fckin nobs

      • J OY
        J OY  6 months back

        Does anyone not see one of the O'Neal girls in the back meereah or something like that

        • qwik11hoops
          qwik11hoops   6 months back

          we seen em baby O'Neal the new Cheryl miller

      • Papa Labs
        Papa Labs  6 months back

        Gabe + 23 = Matt Damon

      • Reggie Jackson
        Reggie Jackson  6 months back

        Bron Jr will be a great ball player. He's developing well you can tell he has good court vision which other players his age don't. He doesn't have to run and gun on every play. I just hope this young man continues enjoying the game of basketball. ✔ (LAKER4LIFE) 8/24

        HEVRTBREVK  6 months back

        Some of the females present should just go back to the kitchen.

      • Running Manc
        Running Manc  6 months back

        It's always the white boys who make the turnovers

      • Beverly Ford
        Beverly Ford  6 months back

        Daddy's boy 💙 and he's got a brother💞and look out chicodees his little sissy is quite the hooper too 🌷behold the leader of the next big 3 .🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🇺🇸🦅