• Published: 06 July 2019
  • Hey Larlees, todays video is chit chat about the best and worst foundations for oily skin. I talk about drugstore and high end! This video is a long one so grab a snack. Love you guys xo - Laura

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  • Laura Lee
    Laura Lee   4 months back

    what foundations are you using at the moment?

    • Destiny Nicole
      Destiny Nicole  1 months back

      @candice lorenzo it's good love it

    • Destiny Nicole
      Destiny Nicole  1 months back

      @Taylor Hambright I tried limelife and it didn't stay on through the day it was coming off by the 5-6 hour mark :(

    • Msp Lòver
      Msp Lòver  3 months back

      L’Oréal pro glow gives a beautiful glow especially with a hydrating primer and doesn’t look oily I love it!

    • E J
      E J  3 months back

      Laura Lee just out of curiosity what foundation powders do you use?

    • Alex Torrez
      Alex Torrez  3 months back

      I ❤️ you Laura I use everything u ❤️

  • Samanthaaa
    Samanthaaa  3 weeks back

    Anyone tried the BB cream?

    • Samanthaaa
      Samanthaaa  3 weeks back

      Has anyone tried these recommendations? I would love to get some feedback

      • Mackenzie Mehmen
        Mackenzie Mehmen  3 weeks back

        I feel like this isn’t very helpful, she keeps referencing combo skin

        • Sha Bamm
          Sha Bamm  3 weeks back

          No7 concealer was great too

          • Vicky Velasquez
            Vicky Velasquez  4 weeks back

            Which one are you wearing in this video ?

            • Nash Jiset
              Nash Jiset  1 months back

              Aw miss the long hair 🥺

              • K
                K  2 months back

                Anyone know good foundations for oily skin/acne skin. Every foundation I’ve used looks so gross on me and i haven’t found a good one :((

                • Sophie Salerno
                  Sophie Salerno  2 months back

                  So I’m liking the fact that I feel like you are really giving your favs and not just what people want to hear.. ive really been interested in the wander beauty brand but you are right nobody is really hyping it up. Also the jeur? (is that the spelling?) I am just discovering this brand too and it seems like a good one.

                  • Cynthia Tures
                    Cynthia Tures  2 months back

                    ❤️❤️❤️ your videos!!

                    • Nadine Doubleu
                      Nadine Doubleu  2 months back

                      This was fantastic, THANK YOU!

                      • suprit sinha
                        suprit sinha  3 months back

                        Plz suggest a foundation which doesn't oxidise in oily skin

                        • cassie nicholson
                          cassie nicholson  3 months back

                          the wonder beauty foundation i think isnt as popular because its not easy to just grab, some people dont like to order off line. when you want something you wanna walk in ur local ulta or sephora and grab it. i wanted this one but could not find it anywhere near me. and i just didnt wanna order it. esp with a foundation, you wanna go in and swatch

                          • Cara Cox
                            Cara Cox  3 months back

                            Hi Laura, I’m a fairly new subscriber and just want you to know I’m loving getting to know you. You are a brave woman! Thank you for doing this and putting yourself out there for us. I just watched a video where you showed yourself watching the first video you posted... that took guts. You are terrific💕

                            • נועה פ
                              נועה פ  3 months back

                              Should I buy the Fenty foundation? Is it good ? ❤️

                              • Bianca Reynolds
                                Bianca Reynolds  3 months back

                                Need a tut on this look please 😍😍

                                • Cristina Rusu
                                  Cristina Rusu  3 months back


                                  • Natalie Gill
                                    Natalie Gill  3 months back

                                    Just found you and loving your videos, subbed💜

                                    • Hannah Franklin
                                      Hannah Franklin  3 months back

                                      Hi Laura! What eyeshadow do you have on in this video? IT IS BEAUTIFUL!

                                      • E J
                                        E J  3 months back

                                        Wonder beauty just needs new packaging and they would be in the game!

                                        • nuvia castro
                                          nuvia castro  3 months back

                                          I used to wear my double wear foundation everyday when i used to work in a water park in concesión stands in 102 degree heat

                                          • Sarai Vasquez
                                            Sarai Vasquez  4 months back

                                            Gurrrl thank you for this video I needed to change my foundations and I have oily skin and I was confused what to get but your video saved me a lot of trouble! Thank you thank you 😊

                                            • Heath Meizer
                                              Heath Meizer  4 months back

                                              Great informative video. The info helped me a lot. Thank you. 🙏🌻💐

                                              • DougPidgeLife 2A 3K
                                                DougPidgeLife 2A 3K  4 months back

                                                Estee lauder 🙌 always come back to double wear.

                                                • Wendy Claassens
                                                  Wendy Claassens  4 months back

                                                  I love you Laura, but had to exit early cos you kept playing with your hair! Very distracting, please remember this for future videos! 😘

                                                  • Bailey Rushing
                                                    Bailey Rushing  4 months back

                                                    Double Wear is bomb!!

                                                    • K BH
                                                      K BH  4 months back

                                                      #spatuler 😂

                                                      • Allie Wyatt
                                                        Allie Wyatt  4 months back

                                                        Omg that necklace I am in love.

                                                        • ashley moser
                                                          ashley moser  4 months back

                                                          Omg what lip is this , it’s gorgeous 😍😍

                                                          • Antriese Flores
                                                            Antriese Flores  4 months back

                                                            Love your hair and lashes 😘

                                                            • Ally May
                                                              Ally May  4 months back

                                                              For oily skin theres way too many dewy thinngs

                                                              • Ally May
                                                                Ally May  4 months back

                                                                I really wish you wouldnt label these videos for oily skin when you have combo skin and said yourself you have dry skin as well

                                                                • Kimberly Akers
                                                                  Kimberly Akers  4 months back

                                                                  Do you do declutters?

                                                                  • Victoria Mirelez
                                                                    Victoria Mirelez  4 months back

                                                                    Please do best drugstore mascaras, please?!?!??!

                                                                    • Tylor Rhino
                                                                      Tylor Rhino  4 months back

                                                                      Ive never been able to find a good one that works for me, im excited to try a few that you talked about

                                                                      • InkerellasVlog
                                                                        InkerellasVlog  4 months back

                                                                        I am loving the dark hair on you!!! Makes you look so exotic hunnnay.

                                                                        • Sofia Bircop
                                                                          Sofia Bircop  4 months back

                                                                          Informative but Hair touching is very distracting

                                                                          • yoshi rodriguez
                                                                            yoshi rodriguez  4 months back

                                                                            Definitely need one of these videos on powders and setting sprays but love this now I have to go to the drugstore and buy the L’Oréal foundation 😂

                                                                            • KISSCHINXO
                                                                              KISSCHINXO  4 months back

                                                                              Laura looks a little stoned here lol

                                                                              • Misty Parsons
                                                                                Misty Parsons  4 months back

                                                                                We definitely need more oily skin approved product recommendations!!😬🙌🏻 I’m an oily mess so I need all the help I can get. This was such a helpful video..THANK YOU!! Love you, Laura!!💖😘 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo 🐱🐱🐱🐱

                                                                                • Maddie Davis
                                                                                  Maddie Davis  4 months back

                                                                                  Can we get a best and worst primers video, I’m stuck to the same primers cause Idk which ones to try😩😂

                                                                                  • Lori Innes
                                                                                    Lori Innes  4 months back

                                                                                    Dam wish you would have reviewed some Lancome foundations which ones you thought was the best ones

                                                                                    • Lori Innes
                                                                                      Lori Innes  4 months back


                                                                                      • Shun Singh
                                                                                        Shun Singh  4 months back

                                                                                        I love you so damn much!!!! I enjoy every video 😭❤️

                                                                                        • Brooklyn Walker
                                                                                          Brooklyn Walker  4 months back

                                                                                          Will you review Jefree's new products??

                                                                                          • Bailee Miller
                                                                                            Bailee Miller  4 months back

                                                                                            I would love to win one of ur give way..I have never won anything every..I think it would amazing..but u never know I love u laura ur such a inspiration too me..u do great videos

                                                                                            • Diva Miller
                                                                                              Diva Miller  4 months back

                                                                                              any small youtubers? i’d love to help and subscribe 🥰

                                                                                              • Hellokitty0024
                                                                                                Hellokitty0024  4 months back

                                                                                                Best mascara please 😀