Top 5 Best Flexible Phones 2019


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  • Kyle Nathan J Bermudez
    Kyle Nathan J Bermudez  2 months back

    Is the nubia alpha even a phone

    • Rilenne
      Rilenne  8 months back

      Late reply but in samsung galaxy fold playing asphalt 9 its a scam i mean they used the video not the actual gameplay of it

      • Ever Cano
        Ever Cano  9 months back

        Oh men, this smartphones look so old design. Nokia made all of this concepts in just one "Nokia Morph 2008", just didn't complete the proyect because Android system appear and destroy Nokia Company :( ... are this companies stealing Nokia designs? I hope nokia could open the proyect again!!

        • Ever Cano
          Ever Cano  9 months back

      • Brandon_ Gamer Tai
        Brandon_ Gamer Tai  9 months back

        I feel like killing huawei

        • Vamshi Rajarikam
          Vamshi Rajarikam  9 months back

          No way huawei is no way near samsung. Samsung is way ahead in technology compared to Huawei.

          • Tom Pan
            Tom Pan  9 months back

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            • Julian BIZDOACA
              Julian BIZDOACA  9 months back

              If this foldable phones are only for show,and you never see them in the shops what's the point?!

              • Ever Cano
                Ever Cano  9 months back

                or you can buy a huawei mate x in aliexpress for just $4189.93 dollars

            • FatBoyChannel101
              FatBoyChannel101  9 months back

              Can you do one with 256 GB internal storage phone? Thank you

              • Meme King
                Meme King  9 months back

                You forgot iphone 6 and ipad pro 2018😂😂😂

              • Nissan Phillip
                Nissan Phillip  9 months back

                I like it Samsung foldable mobile

                • mutum khambachand
                  mutum khambachand  9 months back

                  Huawei 👍

                  • actnowone
                    actnowone  9 months back

                    Early stages but in 3-5 years they’ll perfect them

                    • 凉JBツNafi凉
                      凉JBツNafi凉  9 months back

                      Stupid list. The galaxy Fold should be no1

                    • Kira Laruzo
                      Kira Laruzo  9 months back

                      This is future👇👇👇👇👇👇

                      • XxxThombstonexxX
                        XxxThombstonexxX  9 months back

                        Now that's what you call a PHABLET

                        • XxxThombstonexxX
                          XxxThombstonexxX  9 months back

                          First comment please heart