Can World's STRONGEST JELLO Protect iPhone 11 Pro from 50 FT Drop Test?


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  • Angel Santos
    Angel Santos  4 hours back

    Dont let them suffer, just give me the iPhone

    • Iker Prud Homme
      Iker Prud Homme  8 hours back

      14:00 this is what you came for

      • Markos De Jesus
        Markos De Jesus  17 hours back

        Apple sees this: write that down write that down!!!!

        • Jonh Coner
          Jonh Coner  19 hours back

          I’d totally love a case like that and it’d never be to weird at all...

          • Ferdi Çıldız
            Ferdi Çıldız  22 hours back

            was this necessary to make this video?

            • Cikrak peg
              Cikrak peg  1 days back

              give that iphone to me :(

              • Majid Razzaq
                Majid Razzaq  1 days back

                put an egg inside gello and through from a hellicopter

                • happiness vlogs
                  happiness vlogs  1 days back

                  Plese send me one iphone brother i love i phone but i can't afford it

                  • Renee Garrido
                    Renee Garrido  1 days back

                    You came for 14:04

                    • TheMelloBros :P
                      TheMelloBros :P  1 days back

                      Spoiled to the core

                      • Ben Madden
                        Ben Madden  1 days back

                        You should bit it

                        • Jacob Burgart
                          Jacob Burgart  1 days back

                          I like that he destroyes only Iphones, shows apple what for

                          • Denver Jabian
                            Denver Jabian  1 days back

                            Sayang ng iphone
                            Give me dod?

                            • #Fibynator
                              #Fibynator  1 days back

                              So this will be the new case?

                              • Omar Ghamry
                                Omar Ghamry  1 days back

                                jordi alba

                                • alfons
                                  alfons  2 days back

                                  14:09 - just click few times on video progress bar

                                  • Ry Brens
                                    Ry Brens  2 days back

                                    Clickbait!!! Only 40 ft

                                    • Giriraj Konda
                                      Giriraj Konda  2 days back


                                      • Just Sora
                                        Just Sora  2 days back

                                        No one:

                                        Litterally nobody:

                                        Jellow and iPhones: WHY YOU BULLY US >:{

                                        • Valak 6J
                                          Valak 6J  3 days back

                                          15:14 that's actually a sexy girl's Ass 😉

                                          • Shreyas Kalap
                                            Shreyas Kalap  3 days back


                                            • Music man That likes old and new music

                                              Love how u buy phones and other tech and destroy them when other people actually want a phone. Ur dumb m8

                                              • MysticalDuck
                                                MysticalDuck  4 days back

                                                Anyone remember when he'd drop stuff from a building?

                                                • SplashySznFn
                                                  SplashySznFn  4 days back

                                                  16:01 🙈

                                                  • 12 34567
                                                    12 34567  4 days back

                                                    Even though the phone is covered with the jello, the shock still affects the phone, so it can break.

                                                    • Carlosix gaming
                                                      Carlosix gaming  4 days back

                                                      14:05 principal subject
                                                      save time

                                                      • Brett Lee
                                                        Brett Lee  4 days back

                                                        Well if you do the maths work out the terminal velocity of the jello with the phone inside it, you maybe wouldn’t need to keep dropping It at higher altitudes given that past the terminal velocity it is physically impossible to make the jello drop any faster unless you strap boosters to the back of it

                                                        • Stephen Tyler
                                                          Stephen Tyler  4 days back

                                                          Can I have one

                                                          • Destro YT
                                                            Destro YT  4 days back

                                                            Can you give away that phone to me please

                                                            • Shane Jimenez
                                                              Shane Jimenez  4 days back

                                                              Seeing this makes me depress

                                                              • Stefek Burczymucha
                                                                Stefek Burczymucha  4 days back


                                                                • Arjun Deth
                                                                  Arjun Deth  5 days back

                                                                  Have an amazing day!

                                                                  • Usha rani
                                                                    Usha rani  5 days back

                                                                    Why are you wasting money can you give me an iphone 11 pro max don't waste give it to me because I can't afford it and i can't afford samsung m20 also we are so poor can you please send it to me in india my father's birthday is on 18 January so i will gift it to him beg you please give me please send me it to india if you wil give me god will bless you brother if you will give reply me i will give you my no. You can talk to me on whatsapp i will give you my address

                                                                    • Brandon Bernard
                                                                      Brandon Bernard  5 days back

                                                                      anybody else remember iphone se videos?

                                                                      • kittylover robloxes
                                                                        kittylover robloxes  5 days back

                                                                        5:21 you shoot videos on iphone 11 pro or pro max?

                                                                        • Thick Madam
                                                                          Thick Madam  5 days back

                                                                          Why not iPhone x or 8 😕😕😕😕

                                                                          • Mishal __
                                                                            Mishal __  6 days back

                                                                            Can you give the phone.. that you use for this experiment

                                                                            • JORDAN TEY JIE SERN Moe

                                                                              3:05-Did anybody see an s pen?Forget about the text on the bottom

                                                                              • JORDAN TEY JIE SERN Moe

                                                                                3:05-Did anybody see a galaxy note 9 s pen?

                                                                                • Siti Shuzainie Ramlee
                                                                                  Siti Shuzainie Ramlee  6 days back

                                                                                  Can you give me that iPhone 😮 awww

                                                                                  • Samuel Pena
                                                                                    Samuel Pena  6 days back

                                                                                    You remind me alot of andy from the office...

                                                                                    • Real magic for kids
                                                                                      Real magic for kids  6 days back


                                                                                      • Abdulai Shaibu
                                                                                        Abdulai Shaibu  7 days back

                                                                                        what a minute I just thought of something money those grow on trees .See money is made of paper and paper is made of wood an....d wood actually grows on trees .so I could say money kinda grows on trees .oh common what are the odds of that

                                                                                        • Chi Vaj
                                                                                          Chi Vaj  1 weeks back

                                                                                          I wish I had that much money just to do this like what rich people do on daily basis...

                                                                                          • Paul Njeru
                                                                                            Paul Njeru  1 weeks back

                                                                                            Once he said that the jello worked, I realized that his shirt said false.

                                                                                            • Hamas Kaka
                                                                                              Hamas Kaka  1 weeks back

                                                                                              Hey u have so many phone please donate me one.

                                                                                              • the mighty apple
                                                                                                the mighty apple  1 weeks back

                                                                                                Why the hell would you buy super clear gelatine to then dye it green

                                                                                                • no u
                                                                                                  no u  1 weeks back

                                                                                                  ok boomer