Why China is Building the World’s Biggest City


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  • PolyMatter
    PolyMatter   4 months back

    Didn’t think I forgot about China, did you?

    • Eris Young
      Eris Young  3 days back

      @Queen Elsa White girls are more easy compared to japgirls.

    • Eris Young
      Eris Young  3 days back

      HK is nothing. HK's GDP is only 1/3.5 of the Guangdong Pearl Delta, mainly from CCP's corrupt money laudering business.( Macau's gamble GDP is only 1/10 of HK, please just ignore it). HK have no tech or business model innovations for the past more than 100 years.

    • Queen Elsa
      Queen Elsa  2 weeks back

      @Anonymous person Chinese girls are trash compared to japanese. -_-

    • Raimundo L
      Raimundo L  1 months back

      at 1:55 : that's San Francisco*

    • Alvin Sy
      Alvin Sy  1 months back

      wonder if you have ever went to HK and Shenzhen China i see it yourself. By the way, the reason why the extradition law is being brought up because there this HK guy killed his girlfriend in Taiwan, there no extradition law between HK and Taiwan, Macao and China (while they have extradition agreement between western countries), so HK governmetn tries of close this loop hole by completing the extradition bill, this will affect westerners who committed crimes in Mainland China, Taiwan or Macao, more, because currently, there are a bunch of criminal hiding in HK, even spies, but the main reason is to extradite this HK criminal to Taiwan. But so many criminals who has been living well in HK, suddenly feels they will be extradite, now they are creating this chaos to make the bills unable to be passed in the legislation. If the same applies, HK should remove the extradition agreement between HK and the west, so it can totally became a heaven for criminals.

  • Denys Jorge Sants
    Denys Jorge Sants  7 hours back

    Hey let's learn Chinese! Ni hao!
    Nei hoo. We speak Cantonese 🇭🇰🇲🇴

    • HECKproductions
      HECKproductions  22 hours back

      talkst about train in china
      shows german intercity express

      • Ernest Kwok
        Ernest Kwok  24 hours back

        unfortunately china labor isn't as cheap anymore esp those along the coastal cities. most cheap labor factories has gone to Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand.

        • Greg Muniz
          Greg Muniz  2 days back

          PolyMatter? More like Chinamatter.

          • Timbone
            Timbone  2 days back

            Sadly for this to work the Chinese government has to relinquish control which it refuses to do

            • 吴天意
              吴天意  2 days back

              Wtf pfffff a fact in between China and it's territory. why the U.S and UK are worried? Wtf are u try to told us? A Chinese's business U.S must worried? Oh cmon don't be an idiot😂😂😂😂😂 we all know U.S is an asshole

              • Tomas Canevaro
                Tomas Canevaro  5 days back

                1:07 and where it belongs Kappa

                • Roma AS
                  Roma AS  5 days back

                  why? it is so simple, there are 4 more times of people there than US

                  • John TNet
                    John TNet  7 days back

                    You can't compare your average "1 bedroom" because you do not not account for size. The "average" 1 bedroom in HK is around 100-150 sq ft. The average in San-Fran is closer to 600 sqft.

                    • Isabella Rhoslyn
                      Isabella Rhoslyn  1 weeks back

                      from what ive read people want to live in hong kong because of its freedoms and capitalism and uniqueness and unique culture, in some ways connecting hongkong to china and taking away the border and streamlining the laws could do the exact opposite of what it hopes to achieve, as it will make hongkong just another town/city/place in china, no longer of any particular economic or strategic importance perse or could be easily replicated elsewhere in china at that point.

                      hong kongs value is because of so many businesses and entrepreneurs so many students and immigrants and dreamers and inventors clustered in one relatively small area.

                      and hong kong being free is why people want to live there to a large extent, and the current economic system and governance it has is why historically businesses wanted to invest there and why it became the financial trading mecca of asia rivaling singapore back in the 70s and 80s.

                      basically china wants to tear down barriers thinking it will boost shenzhen and the mainland, but really it will more likely then not depreciate hong kong in value instead, as they will be basically shooting themselves in the foot destroying the very things that made them covet hong kong in the first place and press the british in the 1990s to give it back, they were pretty much content to let the british have it until it became more then just a enclave of free chinese and a few british american and austrailian ex-pats and retirees, and morphed into a global financial trading manufacturing center and major tourist port of call...at that point it became a black eye...they didnt want the world's exposure to china and chinese culture being from china towns around the world, from taiwanese and hongkong "made in china" products, and from what they considered "not china" china in terms of hongkong being tacitly permitted to be the public face of china/chinese culture to the world.

                      they still definitely wanted hong kong back someday since its considered to be their land/territory, but for the longest time they slowly took/asked for other british concessions in china back but left them have hongkong without seeming to care in the slightest as long as they got everything else back. originally the plans were to let them have macao back but keep hongkong or renegotiate the lease for however long the chinese would be willing to except and dangle macao to be allowed to keep hongkong, there was even talk in the 1990s from what i've read about trying to make hong kong independent or part of england or the us possibly someday, to satisfy the people living in hong kong and to solve the problem of "not china" china aka hong kong giving china a black eye by truly making hong kong its own entity or making it no longer china to solve the problem that way.

                      china though ended up converting to a form of capitalism itself on the mainland and if i recall the economy of hongkong was at one point by itself exponentially something like 80x greater or something like that then mainland china's or something i forget now, but it was essentially the economic engine/driver of all of asia for several decades, basically its success is what doomed hongkong because it became a "jewel in the crown" type of signature city that china decided it couldn't lose and desperately had to bring back into the fold

                      so essentially while they are trying to do a good thing by streamlining everything and interconnecting hongkong with macao and shenzhen etc and eliminating trade barriers and creating a larger "pearl city" as you called the area/development plans, it won't work unless they can find a way to continue the culture uniqueness exclusivity etc that make hongkong special and make people think of hongkong as a gateway city.

                      it needs to be like new orleans was originally intended to be for the united states sort of a gateway port of call and jewel city welcoming/beckoning everyone to come visit and filtering people into the country. only they need to execute on the concept alot better with hongkong as new orleans fell far short of any aspirations/plans/hopes/dreams people had for it, largely becoming just another city in many ways/respects.

                      • Efren Plaza
                        Efren Plaza  1 weeks back

                        It's not going to happen! Once Hongkong lose its autonomy, it will no longer be treated by US and UK with special previleges. Foreign companies will move out of Hongkong, killing the goose that lay golden egg. Even now because Hongkong is paralyzed they are losing billions of dollars everyday. China's yuan is worthless, monopoly money, only good inside China. Companies will not take yuan as payment. They will need dollars to be able transact business in the free world.

                        • Efren Plaza
                          Efren Plaza  2 days back

                          @World_ Peace Relax! You might get a heart attack. It's not the end of the world. Hongkong is in chaos, no longer making dollar for China and because Yuan is worthless, they devaluated it again to boost export, to gain much needed dollars. Now China will meet with US to get a trade agreement because they are in desperate need of dollars since again yuan is worthless. You don't buy oil using yuan, you use dollars. By the way, if US does not get what they want on that trade agreement in October, they will walk away and that would be music to my ears. LMAO

                        • World_ Peace
                          World_ Peace  3 days back

                          Hahaha you’re hilarious man! 
                          Losing billions of dollars every day? You don’t look like someone who works for the Bureau of Statistics. Do you even know how much one billion is?
                          Yuan is worthless? You have any idea how the exchange rate works? 
                          BTW, it’s spelled “privileges”

                      • call me mr Tom Reagan
                        call me mr Tom Reagan  1 weeks back


                        • Gul Majeed
                          Gul Majeed  1 weeks back

                          Who remembers robin Crusoe stuck with Friday Asian character teaching robin Crusoe on an island like Hong Kong China

                          • Gul Majeed
                            Gul Majeed  1 weeks back

                            Pink panther is Chinese ping pong table tennis ten commandments I don't think professor clouseau could see that who remembers the cartoon pink panther

                            • brianchan8
                              brianchan8  2 weeks back

                              Who is in Hong Kong
                              ( i am)

                              • Realkekznogimmickz
                                Realkekznogimmickz  2 weeks back

                                And then Hong Kong revolted so it's never gonna happen!

                                • ResidualSelfImage
                                  ResidualSelfImage  2 weeks back

                                  it takes aboout 2 hours to cross the HK PRC borders ...

                                  • Pantokrator
                                    Pantokrator  2 weeks back

                                    Because the real state bubble is in danger of collapsing, they need those profits so they need to keep building and building.

                                    • Morten Hamre
                                      Morten Hamre  2 weeks back


                                      • Mr. Bit Busuk
                                        Mr. Bit Busuk  3 weeks back

                                        western or usa media always make china,russia,muslim or other country look bad...because white people they just looser...your to much freedom make you stupid ..

                                        • chwbk
                                          chwbk  3 weeks back

                                          They didnt build it so people could cross it, but instead so their tanks can, when they are about to invade hong kong.

                                          • Xuanyi Du
                                            Xuanyi Du  3 weeks back

                                            the video is so welly made, like it so much

                                            • George Calm
                                              George Calm  3 weeks back

                                              Hong Kong is much cleaner and generally nicer place to live then generally mainland China. I've been in both places. And nobody tells you what to read, think, do unlike in mainland China. I think that's the main issue here, not different infrastructure projects. Polymatter seems in owe with Chinese megaprojects, forgetting the main thing which ultimatly makes successful nation: freedom.

                                              • D D
                                                D D  3 weeks back

                                                Explain India?

                                            • Lideng jimmy
                                              Lideng jimmy  4 weeks back

                                              No No No... that is one of all plan, and actually we have bigger one on mid China(Shanghai)

                                              • unifieddynasty
                                                unifieddynasty  4 weeks back

                                                Guangzhou is not just an administrative center. It is also a massive manufacturing and supply chain hub.

                                                • Manny Gonzalez
                                                  Manny Gonzalez  4 weeks back

                                                  New York has 20 million people in the whole state of New York. So I’m confused about the New York number.

                                                  • snilrach
                                                    snilrach  4 weeks back

                                                    You misspelled San Francisco at 1:55

                                                    • Kanat Makhanov
                                                      Kanat Makhanov  4 weeks back

                                                      The author of the video is prochinenese.

                                                      • EXZY Dubstep
                                                        EXZY Dubstep  4 weeks back

                                                        This video didn’t age well. China is about to use military force because Hong Kong is still protesting. They’re not “overreacting”

                                                        • workoutfanatic787
                                                          workoutfanatic787  4 weeks back

                                                          ​@Michael Lee I agree that the CHinese will not come to HK, but not for the reason you are proposing. If it's a choice between the destruction of the HK economy from within by 1000 cuts due to these protests vs. the symbolic acknowledgement of the failure of "one country two systems" - China will choose the former.

                                                          I don't agree with your economic reason though. China has nothing to gain by sending their military police to Hong Kong. The only scenario I can see this happening is if Carrie Lam openly and publicly requests assistance - in that case, China may have no choice or lose face. However, since Carrie Lam is a loyal Beijing stooge, this is unlikely. Take care.

                                                        • Michael Lee
                                                          Michael Lee  4 weeks back

                                                          They could try military on Hong Kong which is basically suicide considering that HK has more than 70% of China's foreign capitals. If we didn't have such assets in our hands, we would have been eliminated already like Xinjiang.

                                                        • workoutfanatic787
                                                          workoutfanatic787  4 weeks back

                                                          they've been "about to use military force" for months now according to Youtube comments and Reddit. lmao

                                                      • tony'sMelody TM
                                                        tony'sMelody TM  1 months back

                                                        ;. You know? What if HKong KEK's decide democraticlly that all political refugees from China mainland can come to HKong. You know, democratic and persecuted forces. Falong gong members, Oeigoers (for muslims I think they are pretty well behaved. I met refugees in Holland. Very quiet, very grateful people, small and easygoing), people fleeing from N-korea',

                                                        You know, people with a grudge for Beijing-cuckery, and willingness to stand togehter on this last one of all Crusades.

                                                        Who knows, at least that is what I would decide for the camera's of all msm. Then China has to invade, on camera, Kekistan EastCoast all the time when their feelings got hurt, by somebody with a different opinion, boohoo boehoo Chinese Beijing-Cuks, boohooo.

                                                        • Timothy Su
                                                          Timothy Su  1 months back


                                                          • Xuanyi Du
                                                            Xuanyi Du  1 months back

                                                            your video is very detailed about the Greater Bay Area. I'm from Shenzhen, thanks for your video! There's still a lot to work on in terms if Hong Kong and Macau's relationships with mainland China

                                                            • Ruixu Wang
                                                              Ruixu Wang  1 months back

                                                              How Hk car insurance can be achieved about 12740000 USD, please check the data. Hope the audience won't be fooled.

                                                              • Carlito Brigante
                                                                Carlito Brigante  1 months back

                                                                Hong Kong should be fully integrated with PR China.

                                                                • Ellen Hytti
                                                                  Ellen Hytti  1 months back

                                                                  I was in hong kong 2017 and it was awesome

                                                                  • Nada Nada
                                                                    Nada Nada  1 months back

                                                                    E se for para eu ir para um País,onde não poderei pregar o Verdadeiro Evangelho ,com Liberdade prefiro ir para um Pais,que não possa nem falar.

                                                                    • Nada Nada
                                                                      Nada Nada  1 months back

                                                                      Antes de um presidente me expulsar de meu País,Deus já tinha me mostrado.

                                                                      • Nada Nada
                                                                        Nada Nada  1 months back

                                                                        Qual é o País que gosta de Deus verdadeiramente?
                                                                        Onde,não deixam nem falar Dele,
                                                                        Ou o que aceita falar Dele ,só o que convém?

                                                                        • Nada Nada
                                                                          Nada Nada  1 months back

                                                                          Sei que é difícil pregar o evangelho na China,
                                                                          Mas,aqui também é.

                                                                          • Nada Nada
                                                                            Nada Nada  1 months back

                                                                            Estou pensando se poderia morar na China.
                                                                            Pedir azilo.
                                                                            Sou Cristã e quero pregar até para o Presidente da China.
                                                                            Mas,sei que O evangelho na China é fortemente rejeitado.Adoraria pregar para o chineses.
                                                                            E mostrar a sabedoria de Jesus.

                                                                            • Jim Bob
                                                                              Jim Bob  1 months back

                                                                              I can't wait to go to war with China brought to you by the greatest country in the world USA

                                                                              • Fredrik Högström
                                                                                Fredrik Högström  1 months back

                                                                                I feel bad for Hong Kong they lived good under Britain and soon they will have to become part of China a country that wouldn’t care anything like the massacre of students many years ago. When they loose their right to vote Hong Kong will not longer be the jewel in the east

                                                                                • Fredrik Högström
                                                                                  Fredrik Högström  1 months back

                                                                                  frenchfrete it was still better under the UK I don’t really get what you want to say

                                                                                • frenchfrete
                                                                                  frenchfrete  1 months back

                                                                                  HKers were second class citizens under the British. They didnt have universal suffrage either. HK was always crowded and there were the Kowloon walled City. Its economy was booming due to being an entrepot of China.
                                                                                  Please get you facts straight. No, I'm not from China. I'm a keen student of history.

                                                                              • Violence Is Fun
                                                                                Violence Is Fun  1 months back

                                                                                7:32 I get the feeling this guy is just making up place names as he goes along 🤔

                                                                                • M.T.S The Shark Movie Reviews

                                                                                  How the frick can you make the largest city on earth. You can't force people to live in a city

                                                                                  • welp
                                                                                    welp  1 months back

                                                                                    You see, let’s EXPAND TOKYO. Tokyo now reaches Osaka and Kyoto. Simple. We added 24 million people

                                                                                • Blanc Owl
                                                                                  Blanc Owl  1 months back

                                                                                  May i know the name of that hot handsome HK police ? 🤤

                                                                                  • Tango Zulu
                                                                                    Tango Zulu  1 weeks back

                                                                                    Hi. I'm that hot policeman.

                                                                                • Anonymous
                                                                                  Anonymous  1 months back

                                                                                  So China isn't building a new city

                                                                                  • Rice Cake
                                                                                    Rice Cake  1 months back

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