[ BREAKING NEWS ] Tiger Woods (-13) wins Master Tournament | ESPN SC


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  • J Curtis
    J Curtis  6 days back

    [ BREAKING NEWS ]  No one gives a flying fuck.

    • Lionel Raoul
      Lionel Raoul  4 months back

      I wish they'd replace Nantz and his burnt toast with Scott.

      • P H - 1961
        P H - 1961  5 months back

        I’m sure that Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts are spinning in their graves again! This was never their plan.

        • vincespell
          vincespell  5 months back

          Well, that's too bad. An athlete is an athlete and it shouldn't matter what his race is. For the record, Bobby couldn't hold Tigers clubs in a real match. Tiger Wood is far a superior athlete as far as Golf is concerned. Bobby Jones wouldn't even be ranked in today's game. The Masters, ha, haha! However, we thank him anyway! (And I guess it wasn't the plan of all those Africans to be brought over here by gunpoint and forced to work the "Original Hitlers"

        • Yvette Benjamin
          Yvette Benjamin  5 months back

          P H - 1961 That’s why they called it The Masters.

      • Christina Pankey
        Christina Pankey  5 months back

        Van pelt equals class

        • Luke Enno
          Luke Enno  5 months back

          1. Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer in history.
          2. Tom Brady is the greatest football player in history.
          We have seen the best prove who they are in 2019. Woods and Brady are the best ever in their respective sports.
          3. Wayne Gretzky is the greatest hockey player in history.
          4. Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player in history.
          5. Roger Federer is the greatest tennis player in history
          6. Cristiano Ronaldo is the greatest soccer player in history.
          7. Jim Thorpe is the greatest track and field Olympian in history.
          8. Michael Phelps in the greatest swimmer in history.
          9. Babe Ruth is the greatest baseball player in history.
          10. Secretariat is the greatest ATHLETE in history. Secretariat won the Belmont by 31 lengths. Sort of like winning a Super Bowl 100-0.
          11. Usain Bolt is the greatest sprinter in history.

          • spaceronin
            spaceronin  5 months back

            number 6 - hahaha, might need to watch more football man

          • bolder2009
            bolder2009  5 months back

            Michael Parisi He might pass him in majors but the longetivity of Federer plus all the other records he holds (including most weeks at number 1) and the amount of tournaments he has won all together put him as the most accomplished player in history. And aesthetically there is no one that plays the sport of Tennis as gracefully.

          • Michael Parisi
            Michael Parisi  5 months back

            Ali? Babe Ruth isn't the goat lol that's an entirely different era. Federer is debatable as djokovic may pass him in majors by the time he's done

          • Lionxheart
            Lionxheart  5 months back

            Dont forget ali

          • Golden Runway
            Golden Runway  5 months back

            @Jason Knotts .. not just a horse Jason, but the creature God created to pull his chariot. God how I love ❤️ the heart of Secretariat. The heart that collapsed the wave form function and turned potentiality into manifestation as he dashed towards the throne of destiny.

            Blessings to you, your family and all your loved ones, and to all all whose lives you serendipitiously bless from that moment of touch-stone clarity; emergent from a universal truth gleaned from that life defining question only you can ask "of them" .. the ONE q?πéstïœñ which that creaks open the door to a single ray of an immutable, indisputable, ultra communicable cosmic ray of revelation and trùth that lights the torch which sets brush fires of unbridled freedom in the glory and honor of He that fashioned you from the beginnings of the universe, chased down by the shadows of the Secretariat in each of us, for he that abideth in the mere shadows of the Almighty, bathes in the Glory of the Most hIGh, may ye heart be illuminated from the flame of eternal consciousness.