Naked Science - Deadliest Planets


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  • Ivan G.
    Ivan G.  10 hours back

    Why not use your energy in preserving our planet rather than wasting it looking for planets that might not exist or if so it’s almost impossible to reach.

    • Ernesto Daniel
      Ernesto Daniel  10 hours back

      earth isnt changing as much as we are changing it. maybe we should focus on fixing our planet before we consider destroying others

      • Ian Alarcon
        Ian Alarcon  21 hours back

        Is it just me or while watching this documentary did any of you stopped for a second and thought, hey wait a minute? who took the time to do all this? why would god take the time to do all these useless stuff ? is it really a god ? we are really not the center of the universe at all and we are not even that special, maybe we are just a coincidence that happen to happen.

        • Danstaafl
          Danstaafl  1 days back

          except sea levels still only rise mm per year and there is plenty of ice on both poles.
          I wanted to watch something interesting about astronomy but I have to listen to climate activism first?
          I reckon anyone who believes co2 is going to burn up the planet might not be capable of rocket science.
          I certainly wouldn't let them anywhere near mine.
          not watching the rest of this. Don;t trust your "naked science". 2 minutes was plenty enlightening. You just make shit up.
          Hallucinating must be what "naked science" is all about.. please spare me.

          • J's random What will happen next Channel

            If the ice caps does melt in the water does rise here's something that nobody's accounted for what's going to happen if there's no morais and what does happen if there's not another Ice Age the water is slowly going to start to recede now it'll receive faster and flow off the mainland and back into the ocean will we have to worry about eventually is the oceans are going to dry up that's what you have to worry about if global warming has that full effect and they don't think that that's going to cool down ever again which I don't foresee happening global warming is a natural process yes some things have sped it up a little bit so who's to say that we haven't triggered the ice to melt then maybe the Earth slowly starts to cool because we've spent everything else up and then we've and invert only given a pathway to a new Ice Age a little bit sooner than expected I don't believe in the whole global warming thing verse a sure it's a natural event it's been proven that the Earth has warmed up and cool down many times but reality is is regardless what happens the Earth isn't going to be flooded when the water recedes and if it keeps receding and we don't have an ice age then we need to start figuring out what's going to happen and are we going to wind up just like Venus? however we won't fully know and for the first time in Earth's history there are beings on it that can figure things out and who knows maybe they can figure out a way in the future if we need to to figure out how to create an Ice Age without causing a lot of radiation poisoning but yet give the same effect but controlled enough to where we can save animals and plants from dying baby with this controlled effect of an ice age who knows seems kind of Science Fiction but there is some science fact towards some of this but to create shows like this and create a scare tactic is also not good

            • No Name
              No Name  3 days back

              By reading through the comments, I can conclude you're all from Hollywood or Bollywood. *The directors cut.

              • Morpheus x
                Morpheus x  3 days back

                Climate change will eliminate the human race even before they find another planet to escape to and that day shall be a Glorious day for the Universe .

              • Blasian Asian
                Blasian Asian  4 days back

                It will never happen, I'll be long long dead if it does plus we humans ain't meant to live no where but earth. Think about it.

                • guy tremblay
                  guy tremblay  4 days back

                  Theyb have planned to send a probe to uranus . To late the extraterrestrials already probed my anus

                  • Dougie H
                    Dougie H  5 days back

                    I didn’t make it past Venus.
                    I feel dumber after watching the first two planets.
                    He said sulfuric acid can burn through steel.
                    8:50 He says Venus formed
                    “concentrated sulfuric acid”
                    However, concentrated sulfuric acid is a strong oxidizing agent and does not react with metals in the same way as other typical acids. Sulfur dioxide, water and SO2−
                    4 ions are evolved instead of the hydrogen and salts.
                    People probably believe everything they see on TV. That’s why people are so stupid these days.

                    • cjnthn
                      cjnthn  2 days back

                      I stopped listening after all of the global warming garbage. I didn't realize propaganda was so heavy on youtube!

                    • No Name
                      No Name  3 days back

                      He has angered the Sun God human encyclopedia. Thank you for your contributions to the interwebs.

                  • C Link
                    C Link  5 days back

                    Everyone watching this here, should really visit/watch Isaac Authors channel. And watch his "outward bound" series. You'll get a whole new sense of hope and education about "living" on other worlds within our solar system.

                    • Dougie H
                      Dougie H  5 days back

                      I love Issac Arthur, but it’s all just fantasy.

                  • Naming THEM
                    Naming THEM  5 days back

                    climate change is BS

                    • Stephen Clark
                      Stephen Clark  5 days back

                      More Global Warming bullshit!

                      • 40oz Lopez
                        40oz Lopez  5 days back

                        Somehow all the numbers amd years dont add up or match other science shit. A satellite got to saturn in 7years and just cruising. To me all this scientist math dont add up they all have different numbers. So how far is the nearest star. So is the universe horizontal? What if astronauts go south of Earth or straight up?

                        • Liz Gonzalez
                          Liz Gonzalez  5 days back

                          Dis video is stuip y'all need billions n bullion's to take each one of us we are so many 😡😠

                          • c br
                            c br  4 days back

                            Don't think the idea is really to have everyone go. Just enough to begin populating.

                        • Rogan Hazard
                          Rogan Hazard  5 days back

                          The assertion that the ice caps are melting has been so thoroughly disproved by the passage of years that any "science show" that repeats that absurd claim loses all credibility. Every prediction of the now thoroughly discredited claim of Anthropogenic Global Warming has failed to correspond to actual reality in any way. Michael E. Mann, Al Gore, Paul Ehrlich and every other climate alarmist charlatan has made tons of money pushing their fraud, despite not being right about temperatures, the ice caps, rising sea levels or any other of their hysterical claims. It was all a hoax from the beginning, yet this show continues to give them and their anti-science credibility.

                          • Cliff Hutchison
                            Cliff Hutchison  4 days back

                            @MiruyaChanWhat "actual scientific paper" have you read showing that the predictions of ice cap melting, sea level flooding of the Maldives, or todays temperatures are anywhere near the 1990s alarmists "climate model" predictions?

                          • Rogan Hazard
                            Rogan Hazard  4 days back

                            @MiruyaChan Why don't you look at reality. The ice caps are not melting, period. They were supposed to have melted years ago. They haven't. Actually, by all measurements, they're expanding. This is only one example of how totally incorrect all the predictions of global warming are. Not one prediction has proved correct. There is no "climate crisis". So, Miruya, it's you who needs to not only "read an actual scientific paper" but, more importantly, look at the facts of reality and critically examine the claims of fraudsters who are attempting to manipulate you and other gullible fools in order to increase their own wealth and power.

                          • MiruyaChan
                            MiruyaChan  4 days back

                            Rogan Hazard go and read an actual scientific paper instead of political propaganda smh

                        • Michal Szymula
                          Michal Szymula  6 days back

                          244+ nincompoops have a thumb up their Uranus.

                          • Lucas Johnson
                            Lucas Johnson  6 days back

                            Be better without the cheesy music.

                            • Roman Food
                              Roman Food  6 days back

                              What, no mention of Titan, Saturn's largest moon. Second largest in our solar system, and the only other "planetoid" in our system to have a "Hydro-logical" system (hydro-carbon solid, liquid and gas). I've heard that with insulated suits we could walk around on Titan's surface without a pressurized system (something you Can't do on Mars), majority nitrogen atmosphere, just an O2 supply, and with very brief "Whiffs" we could even smell test the atmosphere, it's been said it would smell much like a petroleum refinery here on Earth, not unsuited livable due to cold and no O2, but not immediately toxic either. Other than Mars it is the most qualified for some kind of Terra-forming, or at least Domed living.

                              • Home Kitchen
                                Home Kitchen  7 days back

                                We don't need more space. We need to stop wasting it on low IQ morons. We need to stop supporting and aiding. It only amplifies the problem. If they can't take care of themselves, they shouldn't exist.

                                • Rose Garza
                                  Rose Garza  7 days back

                                  This is a lie. Repent accept jesus as your Lord and saviour. He is returning soon from the eastern sky on a white horse with his army.

                                  • No Name
                                    No Name  3 days back

                                    @Tee Lusikas The Lady stated what she stated. You should think twice about retracting the insult from the Lady. You clearly can't make it past your clouded judgement. John 3:16, and consider this as a chance to repent. I guarantee I will see you on the Judgement seat. If you tell me Im wrong, or Rose. Well last laugh is on God. I will tell you the same when we meet. Good luck. God bless.

                                  • Tee Lusikas
                                    Tee Lusikas  6 days back

                                    he wont make it through the van allen belts, probably just made on a soundstage in bethlehem

                                • Jacob Devoid
                                  Jacob Devoid  7 days back

                                  They could have spent extra time on Uranus at the Lick Observatory utilizing the observatory's 3 meter telescope. I couldn't resist. I apologize for nothing. lol

                                  • Jacob Devoid
                                    Jacob Devoid  7 days back

                                    ''featureless Uranus'' That's it? and its moons??? And no mention of Saturn's moons???? Otherwise, this was an interesting documentary.

                                    • Mark Preston
                                      Mark Preston  7 days back

                                      I want to visit URANUS tonite!

                                      • Angela Jackson
                                        Angela Jackson  1 weeks back

                                        why did they skip Uranus??? :/

                                        • froznanus
                                          froznanus  7 days back

                                          because at the time there was a loud eruption of gas from uranus.

                                          you farted.

                                      • Chistopher Fields
                                        Chistopher Fields  1 weeks back

                                        We've already been on Mars and sheshqi the moon, and this was recorded in ancient scrolls.

                                        • Tee Lusikas
                                          Tee Lusikas  6 days back

                                          people participating in interplanetary travel aint writing on scrolls

                                      • Zelda 00Agent
                                        Zelda 00Agent  1 weeks back

                                        Yeah, people still believe there's life on Mars when there's not! Wait a minute, I forgot, people still believe Pluto is a moon when it's a planet! We don't have the right technology to live on another planet! It won't happen in the near future so don't worry about moving to another planet! Mercury is out of the question because it's too close to the sun and people would fry to death!

                                        • brookwest
                                          brookwest  1 weeks back

                                          This is why we never been to the Moon!!! Van Allen Belt

                                          • Dougie H
                                            Dougie H  5 days back

                                            Great way to troll. Say we never went to the moon. I do it all the time. Another way is to say the earth is flat.
                                            Be sure to Troll then Block. Good way to make people butt hurt, and waste their time trying to prove you wrong. 👍

                                          • thejimyyy
                                            thejimyyy  1 weeks back

                                            brookwest we have go to the moon

                                        • DJK Kannon
                                          DJK Kannon  1 weeks back

                                          Lol but we have space fungi. Nevermind….

                                          • Vergil Draxler
                                            Vergil Draxler  1 weeks back

                                            It would be better and easier to save this beautiful planet than colonizing those unhabitable planets similar like destroyed unhabitable earth

                                          • Alexandr Padalka
                                            Alexandr Padalka  1 weeks back


                                            • Hans Fox
                                              Hans Fox  1 weeks back

                                              Is the narrator here is also the narrator in Bathmate because his accent and voice is the same

                                              • gojitmal1978
                                                gojitmal1978  1 weeks back

                                                If lead doesn't melt, we'd use that to build a space ship??

                                              • jamhanitab
                                                jamhanitab  1 weeks back

                                                Lets send trump bolt on and pimpeo and all their neo- cons side kicks.. sling them all to pluto , there they can be their own effing genuises..good effing riddance to bad rubbish

                                                • Fred Cink
                                                  Fred Cink  1 weeks back

                                                  Are you ever embarrassed about being SSOOO shamefully uneducated, abysmally ignorant, LAUGHABLY STUPID and hopelessly delusional? Ask mommy to change your diaper you pathetic moron, you absolutely STINK of stupid.

                                              • David Luck
                                                David Luck  1 weeks back

                                                2 minutes 9 seconds and the "climate change" BS began. Can you says the words "globalist gravey train"? Sure you can. Outa here...

                                                • Mscar 760
                                                  Mscar 760  1 weeks back

                                                  People have a hard time keeping their own houses clean, good luck fam!

                                                  • Melevont
                                                    Melevont  1 weeks back

                                                    Lmao, we are not gonna find another planet ever. We will just ruin it again, so we are destined to stay here.

                                                    • bdazzler1
                                                      bdazzler1  1 weeks back

                                                      @Tigger McSnazz wish you'd fuck off tbh

                                                    • Tigger McSnazz
                                                      Tigger McSnazz  1 weeks back

                                                      We haven't ruined anything. Not even close.

                                                  • Kevin Finnerty
                                                    Kevin Finnerty  1 weeks back

                                                    One thing we can all safely assume is that we won't be relocating to urinus any time soon

                                                    • No Name
                                                      No Name  3 days back

                                                      There is Amsterdam.

                                                  • Freud Ba
                                                    Freud Ba  1 weeks back

                                                    there is no other place but earth

                                                    • midnighthaven
                                                      midnighthaven  1 weeks back

                                                      Why does Saturn get such a short time when it has literally the BEST CHANCE for us to make a home in the future, namely Titan and we would have a water source next door at Enceladus...

                                                      Dome cities, source of oxygen and heat and you can walk upon it's surface

                                                    • RBG02005
                                                      RBG02005  1 weeks back

                                                      Kek be praised 🐸!

                                                      • Fabz Kalz
                                                        Fabz Kalz  2 weeks back

                                                        Funny how we search for another home, all the while destroying the one we have now.

                                                        • Eric S
                                                          Eric S  2 weeks back

                                                          "Colonizing Venus, is not an option"
                                                          Isaac Arthur: "Hold my beverage".

                                                          • Irina Strizhius
                                                            Irina Strizhius  2 weeks back

                                                            We don't need another planet, God made Earth just for us and He has everything under control.

                                                            • BMore
                                                              BMore  2 weeks back

                                                              Irina Strizhius He doesn’t. He hasn’t. And never will. It’s a made up story. You’ve been lied to your whole life.

                                                            • Irina Strizhius
                                                              Irina Strizhius  2 weeks back

                                                              @BMore He does, always has, and always will. I wish you could see that.

                                                            • BMore
                                                              BMore  2 weeks back

                                                              Irina Strizhius No he didn’t and no he doesn’t.

                                                          • μ0riaL dotCom
                                                            μ0riaL dotCom  2 weeks back

                                                            Uhm , they skipped Uranus....?!? =/

                                                            • BMore
                                                              BMore  2 weeks back

                                                              μ0riaL dotCom Uranus. Your anus. Wiping.... Bad joke.

                                                            • μ0riaL dotCom
                                                              μ0riaL dotCom  2 weeks back

                                                              @BMore what do u mean by that

                                                            • BMore
                                                              BMore  2 weeks back

                                                              μ0riaL dotCom Forgot to wipe.

                                                          • Apaulo Thegreat
                                                            Apaulo Thegreat  2 weeks back

                                                            Yeah you Bunch Dream On God said he would never flood the Earth again and there's plenty of land for each and every person y'all just running from judgment

                                                            • BMore
                                                              BMore  2 weeks back

                                                              Apaulo Thegreat That never happened. You zealots are a bunch of uneducated swine. You discard scientific facts for mysticism.

                                                          • Mike T
                                                            Mike T  2 weeks back

                                                            "Global warming"? These people are either lying to us all or their totally inept, but the former is true. It's a well crafted lie, a hoax. For your information "Naked Science", the ice caps are growing faster than it's normal, meaning that the Earth is cooling at a rapid rate, so "Naked Science" don't bullshit us. We know for sure that we've entered a Maunder Minimum, meaning that we're cooling, not warming, but global cooling doesn't and can't justify a new, never heard of before tax, which is called "carbon tax". Remember Al Gore's "ice caps will be gone in 20 years and polar bears are drowning"? This lie was peddled in 2000. There was even a headline in big bold letters in the online version of the Independent published on March 20th 2000 that said "Snow is now a thing of the past" and "we'll have to show pictures of snow to kids so they'll know what snow looked like". They've since removed that idiotic article, but I have a screenshot of it in my archive. Polar icecaps are growing faster than that crook could have imagined. Al Gore became the first "carbon billionaire" in history. Soon they'll try to tax the air we breathe. A conglomerate of globalists, shameless liars whose only objective is to impose a new tax and thus control every human behavior on this planet through new policies and subsequent laws they'll be passing. The Earth is cooling yet they still try to bamboozle us into believing this hoax called "global warming" which now it was renamed "climate change". The climate always changes, always did and always will, so the crooks are pushing this normal phenomenon to extort us, to extract the last cent we still have. If you hear anybody saying "there's no such thing as a global criminal conspiracy" look no farther than "global warming" or " climate change" lie. Now laws are being proposed to tax people who eat red meat because they argue that meat comes from cows which fart methane which is a gas 10 times more potent than the CO2 in creating the green house effect, so eliminating red meat and forcing everyone to eat Tofu and salad will solve the "climate change" problem - they all say. Good luck with turning people into vegetarians!!!! In S. America, no day goes by without BBQ or basically an all meat diet accompanied by salad, rice and beans, a diet that's the healthiest in the world. Red meat is the fundamental, basic diet in S. America. Humans evolved eating meat, not tomatoes, lettuce, tofu and carrots. Lack of red meat in one's diet (especially in growing children or pregnant women) results in devastating, incurable deficiencies, both physical and mental-neurological and even blindness. They're pushing new laws now which will tax meat out of existence just like they try to tax firearms and ammo out of the reach of the consumers. It's an old Marxist strategy. Do not fall for it. It's all a hoax to rob people of even more money under the rubric of taxation.

                                                            • Tee Lusikas
                                                              Tee Lusikas  6 days back

                                                              @Mike T you do realize that by now taxation is only for regulating economic/industrial activity and giving fiat-currency value? If the government needed more money, they would just print it, they don't give a fuck about money, for them it's just a regulatory tool.

                                                              kinda like you are a tool for inspiring people, so they could research and find out how full of shit you are, and how fucked the climate is

                                                            • BMore
                                                              BMore  1 weeks back

                                                              Mike T Nothing you said was true. You’ve bought into pseudoscience and conspiracy theories. I do agree that Al Gore is an asshat and was overzealous. He’s actually the reason I didn’t buy the global warming story in the first place. AOC is another nutjob. But global warming is a fact. Even if it wasn’t real, don’t you think we should be protecting the world for our children?

                                                            • Mike T
                                                              Mike T  1 weeks back

                                                              ​@BMore No, not really. You're talking about the arctic and even THAT is false. I'm talking about the ANT-arctic, ok? So hold your horses. You're twice wrong. The antarctic ice sheet has grown aprox 3cm per year since 2000. This number comes from the LOCAL institute of geological survey of Argentina my friend. One hell of a global warming!!!! The Arctic also froze more than the years before and bears didn't drown like Al Saint of the Gore said, actually bears can NEVER drown. Their hair is hollow filled with air meaning you cannot drown a bear. If you believed this garbage then you missed that biology class where they discuss bears. They float. I lived in Ushuaia - Tierra del Fuego - for 4 years. Don't you dare tell me what's melting and what's not. It looks like you're buying into this global warming scam and hysteria which is already an admitted hoax by the very scientists who were paid to spew this nonsense. They went public. The arctic ice is growing. We're into a Maunder Minimum. If you don't know what that is look it up. I am qualified to say this. I've been there. I'm talking about both the north pole and the south pole. The north pole has been proven to grow in the amount of ice for the last 10 years. All this climate change aka global warming is a hoax. All you need to do is remember that the Green Peace ship which sailed into the Arctic (north pole) to prove bears are drowning and there's no ice left there, got iced in and called for help. The Russians sent an icebreaker to get their sorry Marxist asses out of the ice. Everyone laughed. They went there to "prove" the ice is melting and bears are drowning, these idiots not knowing bears cannot drown. They just want to squeeze that last cent you still have left in your bank account in carbon taxes. Ok? This is what the scam is all about. Thanks to Al Gore, the word's first carbon billionaire.

                                                            • Mike T
                                                              Mike T  1 weeks back

                                                              @BMore I, a religious zelot? Ha ha ha!!!! I'm agnostic my friend and no, God doesn't control anything.

                                                            • BMore
                                                              BMore  1 weeks back

                                                              bob scott No. You are still wrong. You must be a religious zealot that thinks god is controlling everything. 🙄

                                                          • Chloe Hennessey
                                                            Chloe Hennessey  2 weeks back

                                                            Just use Mars as a large base to make steel. Use that steel to develop better alloys for interstellar ships.
                                                            Maybe when we’ve learned how to make titanium in large quantities for cheap we’ll have the technology to build large ships for space. Not huge like Enterprise huge but.