The First Stand-Up Comic Was a Fascist?


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  • No,Isaidposse
    No,Isaidposse  24 hours back

    In medieval times the travelling acts were considered the lowlifes of society. Things don't change much.

    • Skurtavus Grodolfus
      Skurtavus Grodolfus  1 days back

      I mean honestly, Fascism is rather easy to understand when you understand the symbology of the Fascis: a bundle of sticks, bound together and an axe at the Centre. The analogy being that an individual stick is easily broken, but if the sticks are bound together, they can't be broken. The axe represents the state-power protecting the unified people of the nation.

      It's essentially a branch of socialism that split off and added a nativist and traditionalist spin, rather than the Global Revolution of Marxism.

      • MrSh4des
        MrSh4des  1 days back

        Nobody knows what fascism is.

        • MrSh4des
          MrSh4des  20 hours back

          @juan altredo i mean people literally do not know what fascism means. They think its synonymous with totalitarianism and evil when its really a beleif based on the family unit, a cohesive comminity, and ones personal responsibility to that community to insure its safety and health.

        • juan altredo
          juan altredo  1 days back

          Give Mussolini a bit of credit

      • Cris rogers
        Cris rogers  2 days back

        Bill’s aging like fine 🍷

        • Gene Steger
          Gene Steger  3 days back

          There were lots of Americans in the 1920s and 30s who supported Fascism. Including Black Americans!!! Fascism is just another form of socialism and many of the thing that get people jazzed about marxism were the same things that excited people about fascism.

          • Peter Hedlöf
            Peter Hedlöf  3 days back

            Another theme! Dont you think THE world becomes fake if everybody just identifie themselfs with THE Good guys Heroes?? A Guy like THE Swedish Elite soldier & war Criminal Jackie Arklöv are just a Anti Hero kind of Hero. He failed over & over again & were was Always others there to pick him Up. THE victims att Sebrenica was not that Lucky. Jackie Arklöv are more or less unintresting but THE way THE Zionist works are brought to THE light. THE Zionists fake history,facts,truth & becomes an Hollywood actor. He put His Friends & himself in danger by pathetic misstakes. It would have Been a piece of cake to investigate others in His unit IF it wasnt for THE fact Croatia & Bosnia was into NATO & Swedish defence forces are also NATO wankers. He was protected by that fact. The problem are that THE Zionist sacrifice others to protect wrong doings and failures using THE old motto once a champ Always a champ.

            • Creepy Soul
              Creepy Soul  3 days back

              Actually Mark Twain has largely been considered the first stand up comedian. he used to travel and tell stories and was rumored to be quite funny.

              • Kirby Little
                Kirby Little  4 days back

                Honestly...I'm tired of the TRUTH being called fascism.

                • ckom0007
                  ckom0007  4 days back

                  That’s easy...the first mass market, world-wide “stand up” acts worked in pantomime. They were the silent film comedians. Arbuckle, Chaplin, Keaton (with others) were known to the whole world! The fact that they spoke in a different language than current English speaking stand ups is irrelevant. They had audiences ten-times the size of Netflix.

                  • BUILDSforDRIVING
                    BUILDSforDRIVING  4 days back

                    Court jester

                    • Saturnino Valdés
                      Saturnino Valdés  5 days back

                      Lmao y’all act like you read the book he was referring to, and all you looking for examples preceding that fashie commie think y’all are on to something? The court jesters has the king as their audience, today we have comedians now as philosopher kings, tyrants almost. Together I call them the cartels of comedy.

                      • Windon West
                        Windon West  5 days back

                        It goes back to Greece at least you moron. Cave men ugA uga funny right

                        • Lord Dingus
                          Lord Dingus  5 days back

                          Joe “Let me show that I know Mark Twain’s real name” Rogan.

                          • Erik Cnating
                            Erik Cnating  2 days back

                            Lol, that's exactly what he was doing.

                        • Jesus Vaca
                          Jesus Vaca  5 days back

                          Joe “(blurts out as fast as he can SAMUEL CLEMENS)” Rogan

                          • Patrick Vernon
                            Patrick Vernon  6 days back

                            Not strange at all. Fascists are just soldiers by another name and soldiers are known for thier humor as well as being violent or whatever

                            • The- potato-warrior
                              The- potato-warrior  6 days back

                              It shouldn’t be illegal to be racist
                              It should be illegal to do racist things

                              • Dean Gulberry
                                Dean Gulberry  6 days back

                                Well Mark Twain may have also been a little anti Semitic

                                • Manuel Richard
                                  Manuel Richard  6 days back

                                  (Insert opinion) anyone who disagrees is a facist.

                                  ^ how to be an actual facist.

                                  • STEVEN SPENNEBERG
                                    STEVEN SPENNEBERG  6 days back

                                    Completely Wrong. There were Court Jesters and characters in Greek plays who told humorous monologues. England and Europe had MUSIC HALL who had hosts that were funny. That led to Vaudeville And that led to Coffee ship poetry readings and finally modern stand up.

                                    • Skela Tonne
                                      Skela Tonne  6 days back

                                      The thumbnail makes it seem like Bill Burr is learning this..a bit misleading..?
                                      Jamie's working as a pro thumbnail maker for other YTrs and forgot he was doin one for Joe

                                      • Sam
                                        Sam  6 days back

                                        Stump speech from minstrel show

                                        • tikocal
                                          tikocal  6 days back

                                          Rakugo in japan

                                          • Ben
                                            Ben  6 days back

                                            He probably spoke against political correctness and bashed minority groups for overreacting right? Sounds like some current US comedians right?

                                            • Nik
                                              Nik  6 days back

                                              how can you be so ignorant as to not realize that people have been standing up in front of groups and telling jokes for thousands of years?

                                              • Nikki Necro
                                                Nikki Necro  6 days back

                                                Fascism wins again!

                                                • Kane O'Connor
                                                  Kane O'Connor  6 days back

                                                  He was labelled a facist from the silly 40s version of antifa lol

                                                  • Luka Ban
                                                    Luka Ban  6 days back

                                                    This Frank Fay guy is a real jerk

                                                    • Louis IIX
                                                      Louis IIX  6 days back

                                                      Carlos mencia was the first comic

                                                      • Louis IIX
                                                        Louis IIX  6 days back

                                                        White people always think a white person was first...

                                                        • justsay no
                                                          justsay no  5 days back

                                                          Stop bitching like a bitch.

                                                      • eric anton
                                                        eric anton  6 days back

                                                        Id say the inventor of (modern) standup is probably Bob Hope.

                                                        • Squishy Potato
                                                          Squishy Potato  7 days back

                                                          They tend to culminate to that on their own terms.

                                                          Butt jokes to gas juice 😂

                                                          • David Cutts
                                                            David Cutts  7 days back

                                                            Adam and Eve did a kind of Burns & Allen bit for the serpent. That's where "boo, hissssss" came from.

                                                            • Mud Vayne
                                                              Mud Vayne  6 days back

                                                              So actually, Satan was the first cedian and was a bad one in the Jon Lovitz "vein". Yeah, God really wants you to eat the fruit. Yeah, yeah, THAT'S THE TICKET!!!

                                                          • B T
                                                            B T  7 days back

                                                            Bill burr is such a cuck

                                                            • Gage Westerhouse
                                                              Gage Westerhouse  7 days back

                                                              Wait, was he a fascist or a Nazi? Because they aren't exactly the same.

                                                              • Jason Hamill
                                                                Jason Hamill  7 days back

                                                                After Dinner Speeches have been around since the court jester.
                                                                Only recently did they become a thing in their own,
                                                                taking to the stage.

                                                                a lot of comics make thier bones giving funny speeches after a corporate lunch.

                                                                • Danial Mohammadi
                                                                  Danial Mohammadi  7 days back

                                                                  Kings had jokers since God knows when :) standup comedian= fancy joker 🤔

                                                                  • Michael Hall
                                                                    Michael Hall  7 days back

                                                                    Danial Mohammadi A Jester and a Stand Up comic...Two totally different things...imo

                                                                • r385671
                                                                  r385671  7 days back

                                                                  I can't believe that people dont realize there were many groups in the US that supported fascism and Nazism.

                                                                  • FanASStik
                                                                    FanASStik  7 days back

                                                                    Court jesters back in the day?

                                                                    • BiohazardCake
                                                                      BiohazardCake  7 days back

                                                                      Their were stand up comedians in greek times, and they've existed way before that.

                                                                      • Mona Bone Jakon
                                                                        Mona Bone Jakon  7 days back

                                                                        Ringo Starr was the first stand up comedian. He invented everything.

                                                                        • Mud Vayne
                                                                          Mud Vayne  6 days back

                                                                          I was thinking the same thing. Shelley Long was the first comedy groupie whore. The English language was created by an Asian actor, also. Damn!!! We are showing our age by knowing these facts. You Zuug Zuug head.

                                                                      • ANGRY ASIAN WAITER CINEPLEX

                                                               business didn't start in the old west with travelling Minstrell shows. Etruscans (pre Roman) had theatres in every city state as did the Romans after them. Etruscan being one of the earliest known civilizations but there was probably theatres and acting even before that.

                                                                        • ANGRY ASIAN WAITER CINEPLEX

                                                                          TRAVELLING MINSTRELLS AND JESTERS....

                                                                          From battlefield comedians to unfortunate messengers, jesters played varied roles in courts through the Middle Ages and Tudor period. When we imagine a medieval or Tudor feast, we might picture a jester, the wise fool, running among the guests juggling or telling bawdy jokes while minstrels strum their lutes. But in the 11th and 12th centuries, the title ‘minstrel’, meaning ‘little servant’, was the name given to a wide range of entertainers, including singers, musicians, jugglers, tumblers, magicians as well as joculators or jesters. Both men and women were employed as minstrels and there is a record of a joculatrix* called Adeline owning land in Hampshire in 1086.

                                                                          *Noun. joculatrix (plural joculatrices) (obsolete) A female joculator; a female jester, comedian or entertainer

                                                                          • Mota Man
                                                                            Mota Man  1 weeks back

                                                                            Looks like a 40 year old version of The report of the week lol

                                                                            • k McGreg
                                                                              k McGreg  1 weeks back

                                                                              so was Italy and Spain entirely

                                                                            • The Holy Mackerel
                                                                              The Holy Mackerel  1 weeks back

                                                                              Everyone here knows that Amy Schumer was the first REAL stand-up comic.

                                                                              • WinterNight gaming
                                                                                WinterNight gaming  16 hours back

                                                                                Its a shame all her jokes were stolen by other comedians.

                                                                              • The Holy Mackerel
                                                                                The Holy Mackerel  6 days back

                                                                                Manuel Richard With flying buttresses reinforcing her elephant legs, yes.

                                                                              • Manuel Richard
                                                                                Manuel Richard  6 days back

                                                                                She can still stand up?

                                                                            • Antoine Descours
                                                                              Antoine Descours  1 weeks back

                                                                     they are seriously debating which one of them invented comedy on stage ? and these are supposed to be the educated ones among muricans. by far the most ignorant people in the entire world

                                                                              • Shashank Iyer
                                                                                Shashank Iyer  1 weeks back

                                                                                Weren't court jesters technically the first stand up comedians?

                                                                                • Stan Spliff
                                                                                  Stan Spliff  1 weeks back

                                                                                  Slaves in America played the dozens, the funniest ones were rewarded or so I've been told.