The Undertaker live entrance at WrestleMania 34

  • Published: 25 June 2018

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  • undertakerlargestfan
    undertakerlargestfan  1 days back

    That douchebag in the hogan outfit should NOT be on his phone during a Undertaker entrance!

    • Lugia Lover 101
      Lugia Lover 101  6 days back

      1:52 look at this fake stuff. the worker grabbed the hair and coat

      • Jax
        Jax  24 hours back

        No shit did you think that it was going to magically disappear?

    • Kalex
      Kalex  3 weeks back

      Do you have the hd version

      • g18k77
        g18k77  2 months back

        Good time to hit the bathroom and get something to eat, during a boring undertaker match. 👍

        • Dann Rojas
          Dann Rojas  4 weeks back

          All you want is attention, pathetic.

      • DEESEAN15 18
        DEESEAN15 18  3 months back

        Once undertaker leaves wwe it’s gonna definitely be a sad day

      • Mr Leon The Smirfy
        Mr Leon The Smirfy  4 months back

        Nice video.

        Any one noticed when the undertaker was coming down the top entrance it was like he was coming out in his 1990 to 1996 attire?

        • UU Gaming
          UU Gaming  3 months back

          No plus he wore that attire all the time

      • Andrew Flood
        Andrew Flood  4 months back


        • Aman Khan
          Aman Khan  4 months back

          I love undertaker sixpack

          • Sonora y su Musica
            Sonora y su Musica  5 months back

            Que malo para grabar!!!

            • Zack Kaiser
              Zack Kaiser  6 months back

              woulda killed to be there. Lol i was screaming you ran your mouth cena now taker is fixing to SHUT it

              • Mr Reactorz Zone
                Mr Reactorz Zone  6 months back

                May be these same can happen in Wrestlemania 35

                • POKE PLAYS!!!
                  POKE PLAYS!!!  6 months back

                  Let’s go cena!

                • Aman Khan
                  Aman Khan  6 months back

                  I love you undertaker sir

                  • Asif Asifkhan
                    Asif Asifkhan  6 months back

                    I love you undertaker

                    • Garrett Singer
                      Garrett Singer  7 months back


                      • RG Channel
                        RG Channel  8 months back

                        fake fight ?