Monique Coleman Fangirls Over High School Musical Moment


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  • Done With Your Crap
    Done With Your Crap  4 weeks back

    She's gorgeous!

    • Purposed 4 Destiny
      Purposed 4 Destiny  7 months back

      I’m in theater and we are doing this show and I’m casted Taylor Mckessie!

      • jhem ergina
        jhem ergina  8 months back

        I remember the HSM fever in my own high school.
        Our English teacher asked us to write a book report once a month and pretty much every single one of the girls in my class used HSM books 1 and 2 for the book report.
        How I wish they would take time to make a reunion movie, that would surely be a hit.

        • Anna Wacaser
          Anna Wacaser  9 months back

          I HAVE MET HER!!!

          • Joey Day
            Joey Day  10 months back

            I am the exact same age of hsm 1

            • Tanya Houston
              Tanya Houston  11 months back

              I love it the movie highscool Music call

              • Ariel
                Ariel  11 months back

                She was 24 in the first movie ????!???

                • OH Global
                  OH Global  11 months back

                  Wait. Is she 36? Wow!

                  • Elizabeth Nicole
                    Elizabeth Nicole  11 months back

                    37 actually and her birthday is Tuesday and she will be 38

                • jsisaza94
                  jsisaza94  11 months back

                  I love Monique so much.

                  • Jassy Jones
                    Jassy Jones  12 months back

                    Hsm 3 turns 10 on Tuesday

                    • Mercie Rae
                      Mercie Rae  1 years back

                      they shouldn't bother the legacy of the trilogy of HSM It can't be redone

                      • meenu virdi
                        meenu virdi  1 years back

                        Wel, guess I am the first one to see it in India 😊😊

                      • forever dclove
                        forever dclove  1 years back

                        high school musical 5 . make it happen . in 5 troy drops his kids to school while not being able to propose to gabriella meanwhile sharpay is living her best like and has lost her brother .

                        • Gwyneth Z.
                          Gwyneth Z.  8 months back

                          RubyAnimates I know. I just didn’t know about the series months ago.

                        • SilentRuby
                          SilentRuby  8 months back

                          @Gwyneth Z. They did. Disney confirmed that there will be an HSM series with new cast.

                        • Gwyneth Z.
                          Gwyneth Z.  8 months back

                          RubyAnimates Look it up. It was going to be East High vs. West High soccer. I auditioned for it like 3-4 years ago. I don’t know if they gave up on it and decided to do the series instead.

                        • SilentRuby
                          SilentRuby  8 months back

                          @Gwyneth Z. The HSM series is. There isnt a HSM 4.

                      • ScarlettP
                        ScarlettP  1 years back

                        I need a hsm reunion asap!

                        • 2kaki방탄아미
                          2kaki방탄아미  1 years back

                          Liam dressed as Troy Bolton one time🤣