Rick and Morty Comic-Con exclusive toy unboxing


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  • ridwan kurniawan
    ridwan kurniawan  2 months back


    • 619 575
      619 575  2 months back

      Ask mr meseeks too help u loose weight n not be so ugly n annoying

      • Frank Bonilla
        Frank Bonilla  2 months back

        Just say "NO!" :-/

        • sid2tiger6
          sid2tiger6  2 months back

          Cool toy, I hope there’s more Rick and Morty merchandise.

          • ColtsFan4Life 35
            ColtsFan4Life 35  2 months back

            I cringed watching her use the knife.

            • Danny Black
              Danny Black  2 months back

              😴 💤

              • Jaime Aguilar
                Jaime Aguilar  2 months back

                Oh Tina Belcher doing unbox vids now 😍 *Clicks sub button*

                • solidsnake58
                  solidsnake58  2 months back

                  I feel sorry for all of "those of you who don't know."

                  • maldita peppas
                    maldita peppas  2 months back

                    this video make me fall asleep 😴

                    • Harrison Bergeron
                      Harrison Bergeron  2 months back

                      Never seen someone so excited over something they didn't like

                      • gama munoz
                        gama munoz  2 months back

                        Harrison Bergeron I have a feeling she’s never seen the show LOL

                    • Scuba Steve
                      Scuba Steve  2 months back

                      anyone who supports rick and morty supports pedophiles

                      • Jagadeesh Varadaraj
                        Jagadeesh Varadaraj  2 months back

                        No comments

                        • MR PERFECT
                          MR PERFECT  2 months back

                          Love the show

                          • theylied1776
                            theylied1776  2 months back

                            Should she be handling a knife without proper supervision?

                            • CR6
                              CR6  2 months back

                              Good toy, bad review😬

                              • CR6
                                CR6  2 months back

                                @gama munoz open what?

                              • gama munoz
                                gama munoz  2 months back

                                CR6_Gaming why would u open it !!

                            • Banshee...
                              Banshee...  2 months back

                              What shit video is this

                              • Daniel Day
                                Daniel Day  2 months back

                                YouTube: *recommends video with 60 views*
                                Me: okay

                                • Amit Maharjan
                                  Amit Maharjan  2 months back

                                  either you watched too many youtube videos about rick and morty or you have rewatched rick and morty too many times

                              • J
                                J  2 months back

                                Oooo CNET tryna be dummy thicc dumb

                                • Sebastian Sevilla
                                  Sebastian Sevilla  2 months back