How to Build a Dyson Sphere - The Ultimate Megastructure

  • Published: 20 December 2018
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    If humans want to expand into space, it will take us incredible amounts of energy. How do we do that? Easy: we will just use the sun’s energy by realizing the most ambitious construction project in history. This is how it works.


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    • A C
      A C  19 hours back


    • Jack Riba
      Jack Riba  2 weeks back

      I would like to see a video about the ring world and the stellar engine.

    • virtualatheist
      virtualatheist  4 weeks back

      Surprised you didn't mention Tabi's Star.

    • Yanko024
      Yanko024  4 weeks back

      Let’s start with a ring

  • Carolina Silva
    Carolina Silva  5 hours back

    you dum dum we need the sun`s light to live

    • concern citizen
      concern citizen  1 hours back

      I agree. But don't forget if we can captured all the energy of our sun we can make a home base in another unhabitable planet, teraforming one of them and travel to outer solar it means live in a planet with slightly darker after covered the sun, is a peace of an cake for humanity.

  • Mr. Anjay !
    Mr. Anjay !  8 hours back

    Am I the only one that wished this art style was used in a game?

    • Pratibha Singh
      Pratibha Singh  8 hours back

      Miss you mercury...Good bye forever from the plane list 😭😭😭

    • Jacob Salm
      Jacob Salm  9 hours back

      YOU shod make a vidio game like that

      • Mikko Khun
        Mikko Khun  9 hours back

        I like the animation it’s look like a game

        • Vibrant Wolf
          Vibrant Wolf  9 hours back

          It sounds smart until the sun decides to head out and kaboom on your asses

          • The Furry Gamer
            The Furry Gamer  9 hours back

            3 minutes in and I can tell ya right now a Dyson Sphere isn't possible or ethical because you'd literally be destroying a planet to have the materials needed. So in the long run, it wouldn't be a worthy investment.

            Oh and one more thing, if a planet was to lose mass cuz of the deconstruction, it's orbit will be disturbed and throw it out of it's original orbit.

            • Sagoté
              Sagoté  9 hours back

              i CANNOT STOP watching this video

              • WishingPole
                WishingPole  11 hours back

                I love the expanse references! :D

                • One Two
                  One Two  11 hours back

                  Dyson sphere still won't have enough energy to cook my BBQ meats well done

                  • One Two
                    One Two  11 hours back

                    Yeah yeah yeah, Dyson sphere I get it.
                    But can it run Crysis? 🤔

                    • One Two
                      One Two  11 hours back

                      That bird got rekt

                      • A N
                        A N  12 hours back

                        That animation is insane ♥

                        • Marc Lauren Catubuan
                          Marc Lauren Catubuan  13 hours back

                          How to build a dyson sphere

                          i thought of death star

                          • noob artz
                            noob artz  13 hours back

                            0:44 LoL

                            • tessie uson
                              tessie uson  14 hours back

                              2:25 but building it wont be easy
                              7:03 this is not just possible but easy


                              • bludor
                                bludor  15 hours back

                                Not some of it all of it??
                                What R u darklord ?

                                • SurleyBlaine
                                  SurleyBlaine  16 hours back

                                  If we disassemble Mercury would that not create a chain reaction of changed orbital trajectory for all planets? Hence destroying us all?

                                  • Hudjimin
                                    Hudjimin  16 hours back

                                    I want a dyson's sphere for christmas

                                    • Joe Howard
                                      Joe Howard  16 hours back

                                      You can't rail gun a satellite into orbit, it would come back and hit the planet, you need another velocity change at the to of the hyperbolic arc to get a stable orbit.

                                      • dogboy0912
                                        dogboy0912  17 hours back

                                        There is no future without us graduating to interplanetary and interstellar travel.

                                        • y m
                                          y m  17 hours back

                                          wouldn't a dyson sphere pose gigantic problems by blocking sunlight ?

                                          • dogboy0912
                                            dogboy0912  17 hours back

                                            Renewable energy is heavily green washed and is a step backward from nuclear energy, whose greatest danger lies in the lack of innovation and funding it deserves because of its stigma.

                                            • arielle kanouki
                                              arielle kanouki  17 hours back

                                              have a question does the dyson sphere will block the light to us and make us die of cold ?

                                              sorry about the English i'm a frog

                                              • Ridwan Bahri
                                                Ridwan Bahri  18 hours back

                                                if somehow we managed to collect the unlimited energy, so do you think we can find a solution for immortality?

                                                • Cheese Block
                                                  Cheese Block  21 hours back

                                                  The problem is we can suck all the energy out of the sun and possibly run out.

                                                  • Nicholas Brooks
                                                    Nicholas Brooks  23 hours back

                                                    Well technically Mercury has a “atmosphere” just as a FYI but it is not thick.

                                                    • MINECRAFT WILL BE KING AGAIN

                                                      Why the frig isn’t Kurzgesagt the head of NASA?

                                                      • Ze Yang Lim
                                                        Ze Yang Lim  23 hours back

                                                        Humans:so I have still chosen death

                                                        • Alisa Johns
                                                          Alisa Johns  23 hours back

                                                          Where can I play this game?

                                                          • comadmania
                                                            comadmania  1 days back

                                                            You should make a game... This whole video looks like a game :D

                                                            • Salman Abbas
                                                              Salman Abbas  1 days back

                                                              so how would we destroy our solar system

                                                              • YMCA amazingness
                                                                YMCA amazingness  1 days back

                                                                If you build a Dyson Sphere around the sun we will won't have any light and will die

                                                                • Tonisplayz
                                                                  Tonisplayz  1 days back

                                                                  What will happen to the plants?

                                                                  • HASEEB_S_007 Hybrid Racing Clan

                                                                    "I prefer misery"

                                                                    • Rainer Zufall
                                                                      Rainer Zufall  1 days back

                                                                      When there is a light blocking sphere around the sun, what are the plants going to eat?

                                                                      • Alert
                                                                        Alert  1 days back

                                                                        Please turn this into a game

                                                                        • The Pistachio
                                                                          The Pistachio  1 days back

                                                                          Haha I bet if we harness energy of sun and be intergallactic species, some human planet will declare war on another in no time.

                                                                          • Jim Gu
                                                                            Jim Gu  2 days back

                                                                            I finished watching the video and the only thing I want to know is where to download this game......

                                                                            • Svagg LAORDE
                                                                              Svagg LAORDE  2 days back

                                                                              Humans: Let's make a Dyson Sphere!

                                                                              Invisible Alien Watchers: Okay! It's Sabotage Time!

                                                                              • Meme Master
                                                                                Meme Master  2 days back

                                                                                Do you technically say if we do this we could survive big red by make other planets habitable or a giant space ship?

                                                                                • Guillaume Langlois
                                                                                  Guillaume Langlois  2 days back

                                                                                  Ooooofff in my face

                                                                                  • vlad dracula
                                                                                    vlad dracula  2 days back

                                                                                    Does anyone know of a good game similar to this? Like survival sim with different eras?

                                                                                    • Raul Semede [Luar77]
                                                                                      Raul Semede [Luar77]  2 days back

                                                                                      Close to the end you started to sound like Mumbo when he says his projects are simple

                                                                                      • robin koenders
                                                                                        robin koenders  2 days back

                                                                                        Did u think about the temperature?

                                                                                        • TechGuide
                                                                                          TechGuide  2 days back

                                                                                          i am the one who gonna make this happend

                                                                                          • TechGuide
                                                                                            TechGuide  2 days back

                                                                                            i am the one who gonna make this happend