Beauty Youtuber Nikita Dragun Sleeps Like a Vampire | Under the Covers


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  • Caity Renee'
    Caity Renee'  7 months back

    "I'M SLEPT!!"

    • milk and cookies
      milk and cookies  4 months back

      I love her 😍😍😍

      • bingbong
        bingbong  5 months back

        why am I watching this she’s such a cunt

        • M_ G_
          M_ G_  6 months back

          Do anybody know what spray tan she’s using ?

          • Jonathan Onorato
            Jonathan Onorato  6 months back

            And her penis lol

            • I Just Changed My Name
              I Just Changed My Name  7 months back

              Never. EVER. Sleep in your makeup. Your 30s, 40s, 50s+ will thank you.

              • Cricket Rager
                Cricket Rager  7 months back

                Says be lioness and kill the zebras
                *wears zebra print*

                • Caitlin Bunky
                  Caitlin Bunky  7 months back

                  Okay but can someone link this spray tan sleeping bag?!

                  • Crazy B!tch
                    Crazy B!tch  7 months back

                    she is so cringy

                    • Kyyng Jazz
                      Kyyng Jazz  7 months back

                      Im 👏🏾slept👏🏾 😂😂😂

                      • michael hernandez
                        michael hernandez  7 months back


                        Brought in an egg....didn't bother to open, or say what it's for?!? That's awesome! =j

                        • Gtmj
                          Gtmj  7 months back

                          michael hernandez it’s her make up brand packaging

                      • Dark Monster
                        Dark Monster  7 months back

                        FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM: OLIMPOMUSE

                        • Chadi Bloom
                          Chadi Bloom  7 months back

                          My wig is snatch!! She looks flawless with that color👄

                          • Claire Martin
                            Claire Martin  7 months back

                            This wig is everything 😍😍

                            • Fino Trick
                              Fino Trick  7 months back

                              I mean, I actually like her but all this "I am cute and I am better than you" talk, bugs me. It's an act I know, but it ain't cute. Your video editor did a great job putting in the split screen questions in pink - THAT looks cute!

                              • Fino Trick
                                Fino Trick  6 months back

                                @No shots All offense her cocky talk bugs me, not her as a person - she doesn't need that in my opinion. #freeopinions4everyone

                              • No shots All offense
                                No shots All offense  6 months back

                                Fino Trick the fact you’re watching someone who bugs you, bugs me...

                            • Red
                              Red  7 months back

                              "I'm SLEPT" lmao

                              • Cosmopolitan
                                Cosmopolitan   7 months back

                                FAVE part. Immortalized: 😂

                            • Angel Bikey2
                              Angel Bikey2  7 months back

                              N’yaaaaas the queen Nikita!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ that hair though!!!💙💙💙💙💙

                              • Alana carnegie
                                Alana carnegie  7 months back

                                Her wig and make-up is bomb 💣💯

                                • Chloe Morris
                                  Chloe Morris  7 months back

                                  Her blue wig in this video is poppingggggg

                                  • LucrYsPo
                                    LucrYsPo  7 months back


                                    • Daylan Sumiller
                                      Daylan Sumiller  7 months back


                                      • Les Folies De DjaDja
                                        Les Folies De DjaDja  7 months back