ReMarkable Tablet Review - Good for Artists?


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    STIMULUS   10 months back

    By the way, here is the comic I drew entirely with the reMarkable tablet
    You'll see the line art is pretty rough, but would work well as an initial layer in the inking process.

    • Hesham Zakaria
      Hesham Zakaria  9 months back

      @STIMULUS hhhhhhhh
      The most important thing is to be honest with your self :D
      And I was kidding anyways :)

      STIMULUS   9 months back

      Don't worry, it's fictional!!! But I have stolen graphite myself if I'm being honest

    • Hesham Zakaria
      Hesham Zakaria  9 months back

      your class mate in school used to steel your mechanical pencil graphite?
      and you still thinking about revenge?

      STIMULUS   10 months back

      More about that here:, the lettering was done using inDesign, but the line art was done with the reMarkable and then resaved from adobe illustrator

  • Coins Collection Tamil

    Can we screen record it?

  • Jonathan Michel
    Jonathan Michel  5 days back

    I agree mostly. I actually don't use it for drawing at all but for reading and taking notes. I hope there next generation will improve the point you mentioned. A dual screen would also be great!

    • Darran Douglas
      Darran Douglas  1 weeks back

      2nd review I've seen on this device, seems nice, but no mention of battery life, unless I get deaf when that happens.

      • STIMULUS
        STIMULUS   1 weeks back

        Yeah I only cared to cover the drawing capabilities. Hard to judge the battery life though. Definitely need to recharge daily if I'm drawing. If I'm only using it as a pdf e-reader, it lasts forever, it seems like. No backlight, so it's not like it's ever "on," the battery usage comes from refreshing the display if that makes sense

    • no one
      no one  1 weeks back

      I guess it uses a similar technology as kindle

    • Chris Hubley
      Chris Hubley  1 weeks back

      You didn't point out that the issues with the screen are caused by the fact that it's digital ink rather than a light up display, something that makes it more like working on paper than an iPad

      • James Nnabeze
        James Nnabeze  3 weeks back

        No color damn

        • Chris Hubley
          Chris Hubley  1 weeks back

          That's because it's digital ink rather than a light up screen

      • Niklas Kline Lange Frost


        • Chaim Goldbaum
          Chaim Goldbaum  2 months back

          can you browse the web and read wiki articles or any other text content with this?

          • STIMULUS
            STIMULUS   2 months back

            nope. you have to sync pdf content or whatever from another device

        • thomasennaa
          thomasennaa  2 months back

          Until I saw this video I really wanted this tablet for two reasons. When I draw I have to lean on the paper or tablet but tablets don’t let you do that & second is that you have no distractions,.an iPad Pro isn’t just for reading/writing and drawing it’s also for videos/social and gaming which lead to you having loads of destructions when trying to write or draw something on the tablet. If there was a second generation ReMarkable.2 I would so wanna see a review on that.

          • Elian Tonietti
            Elian Tonietti  2 months back

            That intro earned you a new sub

            • anna minjares
              anna minjares  4 months back

              Hahaha i love your fucking review! I was just looking atone of these for drawing and the price made me almost shit my pants!

              • Death Maze Challenge
                Death Maze Challenge  4 months back

                Thanks for showing this. Looks impressive and useless. No colors, no software, slow as hell everything..

                • Death Maze Challenge
                  Death Maze Challenge  2 months back

                  @thomasennaa Oh, I know. But do you realize that with pen and paper you don't need to wait for slow updates? Real pages are as fast as.. turning the page. Turning pages btw, is fun! And drawing on real paper has a feel we can't mimic with any plasticy media.. yet.

                • thomasennaa
                  thomasennaa  2 months back

                  Death Maze Challenge - it’s suppose to have no other colours because it’s main aim is to mimic real old school led pencil & paper.

              • The Doctor
                The Doctor  5 months back

                This looks like a better use of $600 than an iPad.

                • Jay Allen
                  Jay Allen  5 months back

                  Thanks, good review. I'd be tempted by a Remarkable 2 that has 2018/2019 hardware specs. What they've achieved with old cpu/512MB ram is nothing short of miraculous! Really showcases good programming but limited hardware resources were always going to limit UI responsiveness. Would kill my creativity waiting 5 secs/intermittent screen refreshing. I use iPad pro 2017 with this screen protector - Elecom iPad matte screen protector at £22 definitely worth trying. Replicates pencil/paper feel extremely well but unfortunately reduces screen brightness quite a bit. But a good interim solution until someone nails an e-ink art tablet.

                  • The Doctor
                    The Doctor  4 months back

                    @Jay Allen I don't know what you were expecting from the Remarkable when the device itself is marketed toward people who use notebooks in their daily operations. This was never really intended to be an iPad. This was intended to be a replacement for notebooks so people don't waste that much paper and who may feel distracted by notifications and other apps. Of course, there are those who just like being off of the botnet of the Four Horsemen of Tech. There are others, like "MorningCoach," who also like the paper-like quality to writing on such devices in comparison to glass. "Do Not Disturb" is only good for as long as you keep it off.

                  • Jay Allen
                    Jay Allen  4 months back

                    To be honest, I rarely use it for entertainment/social media - Do Not Disturb tends to be on majority of the time.
                    I would ask myself - with the low hardware spec of the remarKable would I still be using it in 3-4 years time... For instance, I bought the best MacBook Pro I could afford in 2013, it's still going strong now. It makes more sense economically, and is better for the planet. I can't wait until manufacturers finally get it - start making modular devices with recyclable parts. Remarkable - distraction free campaign is just clever marketing for the mistake someone made with the specs. But the ethos is definitely worth buying into - people that mono-task tend to be more productive!

                  • The Doctor
                    The Doctor  5 months back

                    Does the Apple Pencil and the screen protector make you want to use it for your intended use or do you get distracted easily by Netflix, Notifications, and Facebook?

                • Gianmaria Lari
                  Gianmaria Lari  5 months back

                  Thank you for your review.

                  • Daniel Armstrong
                    Daniel Armstrong  6 months back

                    I think the friction screen and response time, if placed into a color tablet, would make it the best drawing tablet on the market. The pressure brushes are definately a drawback, but that's a difficult area to program a solid vectorizor for. I mean they could just break it into a bunch of unconnected vectors with a larger stroke, but then there would be issues scaling those vectors and it would add a bunch of possibly unnecessary size to the file. It would be cool if they could make a tool for illustrator that would allow you to convert those brush shapes into a series of strokes or a scaling tool to downsize the weight in illustrator (pull the side vectors in to decrease the apparent weight and pressure of the brush stroke). I'm sure this is a tool someone with decent programming skills could make assuming those lines have some semblance of data side directionality. Maybe write a letter to them asking for an update that would add some invisible brush stroke direction vectors for such an illustrator tool 🤷‍♂️

                    • thomasennaa
                      thomasennaa  2 months back

                      Daniel Armstrong - I totally agree

                    • Cala Content
                      Cala Content  5 months back

                      I've heard 2 years ago about real color e-ink screens and they were suppose to be cheaper to manufacture than black and white, but they didn't intend to port them to tablets but use them only for advertisement purposes and stuff... I think that's so stupid. While yeah, you may earn more money selling them to that purpose they should be offering us the screens after a while. 2 years had passed and nothing around for us. Either that, or what they showed was a very wanky prototype that never made it to the market.

                  • Chris Wulff
                    Chris Wulff  6 months back

                    Awesome review again. Can you go and buy all the tablets so I can watch some more of your reviews.

                    • STIMULUS
                      STIMULUS   6 months back

                      I know, right? I'll give them all negative reviews too

                  • Nick J
                    Nick J  6 months back

                    Perfect review! Bought an iPad Pro almost instantly

                    • Prokopis Gryllos
                      Prokopis Gryllos  6 months back

                      The reason why the screen appears to lag is because (If I am not mistaken) it is using a technology called electrophoretic display as a means of displaying things instead of a normal digital display. From wikipedia "An electrophoretic display forms images by rearranging charged pigment particles with an applied electric field." Essentially it's an analog screen that works by putting objects in the places of pixels; This is what allows the kindle to not spend any battery when not used even if the screen displays some picture - because once the particles have moved they don't need any more energy to maintain their state; But it's still a pretty new technology; there is no such thing as hardware accelerations drivers (I assume :D); Also the process of updating the picture is fundamentally slower since things have to be physically moved; That's why you see the screen update almost sequentially and needing sometimes two updates for the whole frame to change; On the other hand that's what makes those screen look so vivid and almost like looking at paper;

                      • Prokopis Gryllos
                        Prokopis Gryllos  6 months back

                        @STIMULUS I think so. At least that's what's that's used in kindle and by seeing it looks very similar *** actually just took the time to research it *** in the technical specks it states that it is digital partially powered by electrophoretic technology. So indeed - it wouldn't be completely analog of course

                      • STIMULUS
                        STIMULUS   6 months back

                        Yes well put. There's something cool about seeing it "turn off" and it's actually just rearranging a graphic that stays on the screen without using battery power

                    • Rosalind Mitchell
                      Rosalind Mitchell  6 months back

                      "I don't want to talk about it."
                      Me: *reads the title*

                      • STIMULUS
                        STIMULUS   6 months back

                        I think I said "I want to talk about it"

                    • Tee Merilyn
                      Tee Merilyn  6 months back

                      Please post your ideas and video to their customer support, hope it get into their upgrade roadmap. Hopefully their founder team, are the one handling the custommer support, that would be more chance we see that potential you have mention

                      • Michael Tolkachov
                        Michael Tolkachov  7 months back

                        I use lots of paper for my diary and notes in general. Was thinking that this tab might be a solution to my issue, but it seems that the pressure thing is not yet perfect. hmm. But I liked the review a lot, subbed

                        • STIMULUS
                          STIMULUS   7 months back

                          thanks. I'm not the best one to talk about the note taking capabilities, although I will say I still think it's overpriced in any case

                      • keola dacalio
                        keola dacalio  7 months back

                        I’m no artist but subbed. Great review and you’ve got a good vibe

                        • paul rozehnal
                          paul rozehnal  7 months back

                          came here to say the same thing. a genuinely nice person with a calm voice who also casually swears. ma foi!

                      • Mahmood Zidan
                        Mahmood Zidan  8 months back

                        I like how miserable you sound. The “I don’t give a shit” vibe always gets me.

                        • Emilio Trenzado
                          Emilio Trenzado  9 months back

                          Looks like the last few updates have solved some good issues with the previous version especially the handwriting to text conversion and layers features. I have mine coming tomorrow and will definitely post a review.

                          • Aiko Hualda
                            Aiko Hualda  4 months back

                            Where is your review? Lol

                          • STIMULUS
                            STIMULUS   9 months back

                            Oh, I hadn't heard about handwriting to text conversion, I'll have to try it

                        • Humphrxy
                          Humphrxy  9 months back

                          Enjoyed the comic.

                        • Yan Lu
                          Yan Lu  10 months back

                          Nice review. Similar to DASUNG 7.8-inch “Not-eReader”. Right?

                          • Beki Smith
                            Beki Smith  10 months back

                            There is one big advantage to this tablet comparing to ipad pro. You cannot read books on ipad pro on the beach in florida sun with your sunglasses on. If you use kindle you are squinting cause the pages and letters are so damn tiny. You can blow up letters to massive size and read it in the sun with remarkable. This is a kindle on steroids.

                            • STIMULUS
                              STIMULUS   10 months back

                              ..And maybe a sketchbook and a pen

                            • Sound Enthusiast
                              Sound Enthusiast  10 months back

                              so basically get an ipad and read actual books.

                            • STIMULUS
                              STIMULUS   10 months back

                              Good point, this is absolutely better outdoors and probably better for your eyes in general. I haven't used the reading function yet because I'm more interested in sketching, but I look forward to making the switch to eBooks. Thanks for the kindle comparison I haven't used that either

                          • Jonathan Sacramento
                            Jonathan Sacramento  10 months back

                            Thanks for sharing!

                            • Ilija Draws
                              Ilija Draws  10 months back

                              Galaxy Tab S3 is the way to go if you want a great tablet to draw on and you arent Bill Gates and able to buy an iPad Pro. I use it for all my drawings and its legit

                              • Saurat
                                Saurat  10 months back

                                Great review. The idea seems good but the execution is lacking, perhaps in a few years it will be a solid product. The addition of color would be essential for this type of tablet.

                                • Brian Williams
                                  Brian Williams  7 months back

                                  Basically it's a Kindle with stylus capability and larger screen. Not that crazy of a product.

                                • STIMULUS
                                  STIMULUS   10 months back

                                  The e-reader tech only does black, so it's extremely limited. A strange product for sure

                              • STIMULUS
                                STIMULUS   10 months back

                                We did it. The channel finally hit *69* *hundred* subscribers 🙌

                                • D J
                                  D J  10 months back

                                  Thanks for the review!

                                  • Yumi Ireland
                                    Yumi Ireland  10 months back

                                    Your voice is so slow and soothing lol. I should not be watching this at night in bed in the dark. 😂

                                    • BleepingRelics
                                      BleepingRelics  10 months back

                                      Love your style, very "franco-belgian" ultra-realistic style of comic.

                                      • nickdziwny
                                        nickdziwny  10 months back

                                        If the price wouldn’t be so high then maybe. But I guess It’s better to get IPad Pro after all. That was my decission and I don’t regret it.

                                        • QueenA Save
                                          QueenA Save  11 months back

                                          Nice review very funny
                                          Everyone that subscribes to my channel and comments done will be subbed back

                                          • Gregorio De Lauretis
                                            Gregorio De Lauretis  11 months back

                                            Hi thanks for the video *_* , i'm a illustrator, can i write a email in pvt?

                                            • spam
                                              spam  11 months back

                                              I thought this tablet was 50$ but 600 FUCKING DOLLARS for this.......i rather not

                                              • STIMULUS
                                                STIMULUS   11 months back


                                              • Carlos Justin
                                                Carlos Justin  11 months back

                                                What kind of case do you have on it?

                                            • rage
                                              rage  11 months back

                                              honestly the ipad pro + a matte screen protector feels uncannily like paper, it's the one thing I've tried were there's legit 0 parallax and 0 latency

                                              • STIMULUS
                                                STIMULUS   11 months back


                                              • rage
                                                rage  11 months back

                                                apple pencil, it's the only good one from what I know...

                                              • STIMULUS
                                                STIMULUS   11 months back

                                                Nice. What stylus do you draw with?

                                            • Mirza Angon
                                              Mirza Angon  11 months back

                                              Why not use clip studio for the line width problem?

                                              • STIMULUS
                                                STIMULUS   11 months back

                                                Yeah, that was my first thought haha. I'll probably just drag my tablet sketches into clip and redraw

                                              • Mirza Angon
                                                Mirza Angon  11 months back

                                                @STIMULUS so you already tried it huh xD sucks

                                              • STIMULUS
                                                STIMULUS   11 months back

                                                Clip studio doesn't let you import/export vector graphics, so line editing only works with vector graphics created within clip studio. I know, it sucks

                                            • nummy
                                              nummy  11 months back

                                              love your reviews

                                              • Shiranui
                                                Shiranui  11 months back

                                                So nice to waste your money so that we don't have to.

                                                • STIMULUS
                                                  STIMULUS   11 months back

                                                  I'M A HIGH ROLLER $$$ 💸

                                              • N. Paris
                                                N. Paris  11 months back

                                                If this was less than $200 I'd be seriously tempted to buy it, but there's absolutely no justifying a $600 price point

                                              • Dana M
                                                Dana M  11 months back

                                                This seems both awesome and infuriating. I wish it was like one third the price, I'd give it a go.

                                                • STIMULUS
                                                  STIMULUS   11 months back

                                                  The 2nd gen version might be great if they make one

                                                • Dana M
                                                  Dana M  11 months back

                                                  600 just seems like such a stretch for such a limited device. But thanks for bringing this to my attention. I don't mind drawing on glass tablets, but I do like fiddling with every digital option for drawing.

                                                • STIMULUS
                                                  STIMULUS   11 months back

                                                  Yeah it would be great at that price range

                                              • Kha'al Amen
                                                Kha'al Amen  11 months back

                                                it's the palm pilot of drawing tablets

                                                • Carlos Guerra
                                                  Carlos Guerra  11 months back

                                                  I saw this months ago, and new it was going to be shit, because e ink always has to refresh and is really slow.
                                                  I'm impressed the lag is good.
                                                  You can just get an iPad Pro with a textured screen protector, and there are new ones coming out next week so let's see what they have in store.
                                                  Cool review still !

                                                  • STIMULUS
                                                    STIMULUS   11 months back

                                                    Yeah that makes sense. The only other difference then is that the reMarkable isn't backlit, but I don't particularly see that as a selling point unless you really like drawing outdoors (I don't)