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  • vMethodYT
    vMethodYT  1 weeks back

    I hope everyone like you gets banned for doing the badge glitch.. pay and cheat to win eh?

    • Typical Tortilla
      Typical Tortilla  1 weeks back

      Bruh he said finally hit 99 like its only been 5 days since the game released by the time he hit it

      • Kendall Young
        Kendall Young  1 weeks back

        I like his videos but damn his voice 😂

        • Josh A
          Josh A  1 weeks back

          Makes sense he's 99, I've played this game a lot over the past week but not that much and I'm 90 already, so for how much he plays I can see why he's 99

          • x Prohvoke
            x Prohvoke  1 weeks back

            Wtf how he hit 99 already its been a week since the game came out

          • Chase Johnson
            Chase Johnson  1 weeks back

            It’s not that hard to level up this year. I’ve only been playing for like 3 days, didn’t buy any vc, and I’m about to hit 85. It’s the badges that’s hard to get and you NEED them.

            • Delirium 2k
              Delirium 2k  1 weeks back

              One you hit 99 does it go down anymore?

            • Jake Hejduk
              Jake Hejduk  1 weeks back

              To bad ur account is gonna be deleted because of the glitch u did

              • Fuc U Ph187
                Fuc U Ph187  1 weeks back

                You a 98...ita only 3 days into 2k20, you no lifed the shit out of the reason 2k stopped the rep bar

                • Noah Gold
                  Noah Gold  1 weeks back

                  Your friend sounds toxic af

                  • MidNightGaming
                    MidNightGaming  1 weeks back

                    Everyone saying he glitched to get it Haha. Yall realize this is his job? He doesnt just casually play the game hes on all day every day getting content. Not even playing that much and I'm a 93. Get off of pro difficulty and go to hof on mycareer and yall might level up quicker.

                  • Gekyume
                    Gekyume  1 weeks back

                    dumbass kids saying he did the glitch no he didnt go watch his fucking streams since the start of the game

                    • Minnall
                      Minnall  1 weeks back

                      How many defensive badges do you have

                      • Carter David
                        Carter David  1 weeks back

                        I will never understand ppl being 99 already idc how easy it is. I wouldn’t even want to be 99 on THIS SHIT

                        • Sippin Water
                          Sippin Water  1 weeks back

                          You don’t get anything for 99 ?

                          • TEE OTTO
                            TEE OTTO  1 weeks back

                            Hope ya player gets banned for doing glitch smh

                            • Vexl
                              Vexl  1 weeks back

                              If you actually watch his streams you would know

                            • Vexl
                              Vexl  1 weeks back

                              He didn't glitch smh

                          • Jon Rojas
                            Jon Rojas  1 weeks back


                            • CHUCK TOWN
                              CHUCK TOWN  1 weeks back

                              Jon Rojas u a clutch lil soldier

                          • Camden Eskandari
                            Camden Eskandari  1 weeks back

                            You should be able to stay 99 once you hit it cuz one bad game and u drop to 98 is kinda bs. It literally means u can’t ever have a fun game or mess around on that build

                            • Mohammad Almuzaini
                              Mohammad Almuzaini  1 weeks back

                              Itz Yuqqii the ratings range from 95-99, so you can drop from anywhere between that range. So yes a 97 can drop to 95.

                            • Itz Yuqqii
                              Itz Yuqqii  1 weeks back

                              Or does it make you upgrade instantly?😭

                            • Itz Yuqqii
                              Itz Yuqqii  1 weeks back

                              Camden Eskandari what if you don’t go to 99 and your a 97 can you still go down ?

                            • Maestro
                              Maestro  1 weeks back

                              Niggas are hitting 99 and the game hasn’t even been out for 3 weeks. I think the system is fair.

                          • samuel ok
                            samuel ok  1 weeks back

                            When does he hit 99

                            • Hunter Kwan
                              Hunter Kwan  1 weeks back

                              How does he have the percentages under his myplayer

                              • EnVy Sn1pz
                                EnVy Sn1pz  1 weeks back

                                Hof floor general

                              • Richard Smith
                                Richard Smith  1 weeks back

                                Hunter Kwan its not that hard to read the badges in the game is it ?

                              • MidNightGaming
                                MidNightGaming  1 weeks back

                                Floor general or defensive leader. It's one of those on hof I'm pretty sure.

                              • Hunter Kwan
                                Hunter Kwan  1 weeks back

                                @Richard Smith do you know what it is called

                              • Richard Smith
                                Richard Smith  1 weeks back

                                Hunter Kwan badge

                            • Connor Jackson
                              Connor Jackson  1 weeks back

                              2k’s hoeing you bro that’s the word

                              • MidzR4Kidz
                                MidzR4Kidz  1 weeks back

                                Oh you glitchin glitchin 😂

                                • Daniel 123278
                                  Daniel 123278  1 weeks back

                                  1:36:15 who did he say hit SS1?

                                • Phillip Guess Jr
                                  Phillip Guess Jr  1 weeks back

                                  It hasn’t even Been a week yet

                                  • Autahi Anderson
                                    Autahi Anderson  1 weeks back

                                    Anyone wanna gameshare

                                  • Juanzo
                                    Juanzo  1 weeks back

                                    glitch user

                                    • Gekyume
                                      Gekyume  1 weeks back

                                      Juanzo nah its very easy dumbass

                                  • dude31h
                                    dude31h  1 weeks back

                                    How is he 99 already 😭😭

                                    • Guapo Y Rico
                                      Guapo Y Rico  5 days back

                                      dude31h no life

                                    • EXOT1C_M1LL3R [Turtles]
                                      EXOT1C_M1LL3R [Turtles]  1 weeks back

                                      dude31h I don’t even have the game yet

                                    • 2kGoat GoatMan
                                      2kGoat GoatMan  1 weeks back

                                      It's take 40 hours to hit 95 2hick mean it takes you 55 hours to hit 99

                                    • Delirium 2k
                                      Delirium 2k  1 weeks back

                                      ImAightDoee does the bar stay at 99 because it’s kind gay that it fluctuates

                                  • Ibzz
                                    Ibzz  1 weeks back

                                    Only true fans of power can like this🤭❤️

                                    I wish I had some true fans 😢❤️

                                    • vvANKLEz
                                      vvANKLEz  1 weeks back