Is Tiger Woods Back For Good? | The Jim Rome Show


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  • fulltiltgonzales
    fulltiltgonzales  5 months back

    Great commentary. New subscriber.

    • pontiacGXPfan
      pontiacGXPfan  6 months back

      I still remember his first show Jim Rome Is Burning

      • MythicASMR
        MythicASMR  6 months back

        The ONLY thing I can see, no matter what Jim Rome says or does, for the rest of eternity, is seeing Jim Everett knock this puzzy on his candy ass, like a little girl. It's gotta be so hard for him to get up every morning and known that he was so spectacularly humiliated after he tried to play tough guy with a dude who could flatten him. OMG JIM ROME YOU ETERNAL PUSSY.

        • spencer kenney
          spencer kenney  6 months back

          i cant tell you if tiger is back, but what i can tell you is rome wont call jim everett chris to his face again

          • Dwayne E. Towns
            Dwayne E. Towns  7 months back

            Just wait all the ones that criticized, doubted and hated Tiger Woods.... now they're acting like they we're rooting for him all along... bullshit! They'll be back to scrutinizing every little tiny golfing errors he might make in future tournaments. Tiger Woods projects an aura that conveys, it ain't about the money or the fame it's about his health, his family and the Love of the Game and he showed everyone that.

            • justinbam KAG 2020
              justinbam KAG 2020  7 months back

              TRUMP 2020

              • Toby Crawford
                Toby Crawford  7 months back

                FUCK TRUMP! This is not about that orange buffoon (who, according to everyone who's ever played with him, CHEATS AT GOLF). This is about Tiger and what this means to the game and all of his fans on the left and right.

            • Dan Hayes
              Dan Hayes  7 months back

              Tiger the cat. I like it.

              • Michael Gonsalves
                Michael Gonsalves  7 months back

                People who watched tiger all of 2018 knew it was coming at some point. It was the top 10 finish at the British open that got him on track.

                • Black Nationalist X
                  Black Nationalist X  7 months back


                  • enorth15
                    enorth15  7 months back

                    TIger needs to go full MJ and shave his lid. That brillo pad look has got to go. Do it and break Jack's record!!!

                    • Rudie Kazudee
                      Rudie Kazudee  7 months back

                      Not taking anything away from Jack Nicklaus 18 wins......but he never had to compete against the caliber of players that Tiger has...the game is at another level today

                      • JHaz
                        JHaz  7 months back

                        Exactly. Jack would have at most 6 if he played in tiger's Era.

                    • Gregory Clay
                      Gregory Clay  7 months back

                      the surgeon who did his back fusion must feel somewhat responsible and proud.

                      • AB Ba
                        AB Ba  7 months back

                        Tiger 🐯 is Back and in the Hunt.
                        Congratulations 👍

                        • Jesse Marshall
                          Jesse Marshall  7 months back

                          TIGER ROMING AROUND , LOOK OUT, GARR, GRAA, GRAA.

                      • quest 77051
                        quest 77051  7 months back

                        most of those golfers are there cause of tiger. awesome game.

                        • quest 77051
                          quest 77051  7 months back

                          his caddy is also an awesome dude.

                          • quest 77051
                            quest 77051  7 months back

                            i've been waitin to hear from jim rome.

                            • PeeKen
                              PeeKen  7 months back

                              We have, pretty much always known about Tiger's infidelities. I mean who amongst us did not know about that? Who amongst the Golf world did not either know about it or hear plenty rumours of it? His fall from grace was very real, and maybe he had it coming.....but don't we all have it coming? Tiger was never a very nice guy to his fans, nor his competitors......that too is well known. In fact, he was known to have been more of an arsehole than the opposite. But what hardly anybody talks about is that during that very long fall from grace, he also went through and recovered from a Torn ACL, a Neck Injury, a sprained MCL Achilles, then a separate Achilles Injury, Back Surgery, followed by another Back Surgery, follow by yet another Back Surgery with a Spinal Fusion Cap. Not to mention the death of his father in 2006. Divorce!!! Most, if not all of us, especially sitting on some $700 million in the bank would have said; You know what; 'F' this! I am done!!! But Tiger did not.....He hung in there, humbled himself, continued to grow his relationship with not only his kids, but also with the mother of his kids. We should all hope that we will be strong enough to endure similar life changing events.

                              • lee sale
                                lee sale  7 months back

                                Great statement there buddy couldn't agree more with you on all of this. .... if you are a golfer and i mean a passionate golfer say how can anyone run this great man down. ...yes he's not perfect but who is. ...but in all aspects of this great game we need Tiger Woods period really do .. we owe him so much for so many different avenues in golf and when I got asked back then which was quite frequent say regarding him and this scandal etc my answer is still the same today than it was back then and that is i can't honestly answer that as I obviously wasn't there or know him personally therefore I can't answer and shouldn't answer it ...
                                But in golfing terms I am a massive fan always have and always will be.....

                            • Joe Martinez
                              Joe Martinez  7 months back

                              Tiger Honk here! Tiger is Back and 19 is near!

                              • Brian VanBeek
                                Brian VanBeek  7 months back

                                The last time Tiger won the Masters I was in preschool. Greatest comeback of all time.

                                • Pleroma
                                  Pleroma  7 months back

                                  EXPERIENCE YO!!!! He knew that course better than everyone but Philly Phil

                                  • Chester Field
                                    Chester Field  7 months back

                                    He doesnt have 5 green jackets, He has one. You don't get more than one.

                                    • T D
                                      T D  7 months back

                                      That is correct Chester Field

                                    • quest 77051
                                      quest 77051  7 months back

                                      NO WAYYYY

                                  • King James
                                    King James  7 months back

                                    Damn how old is that photo of Brooks, Titleist? Haha

                                    • Titan Cribbing
                                      Titan Cribbing  7 months back

                                      You told us Tiger Woods would never win another master boy were you wrong

                                      • Reginald Styles
                                        Reginald Styles  7 months back


                                        • an absolute bossanova
                                          an absolute bossanova  7 months back

                                          asking if hes back for good is a dumb question... the dude is 43

                                          • Rohan Ghosh
                                            Rohan Ghosh  7 months back

                                            THE CAT - Romieee, dude, you the CAT too. Dilly Dily.

                                            • Cody Hawk
                                              Cody Hawk  7 months back

                                              Yeah well Rome and a fistful of others were “SO SURE” Tiger was done and won’t ever compete like he used too again and will never win another major championship. Listening to all that used to piss me off.

                                              • Jon Hammer
                                                Jon Hammer  7 months back

                                                Glad I happens to turn on the TV sun as I've never seen anything like it as in the whole story. Shit the number of sharks he fended of is classic in itself

                                                • Paul Scheuneman
                                                  Paul Scheuneman  7 months back

                                                  Rome... just like all the other talking heads out there. “Tiger is done... finished... never win again”

                                                  • Jim M
                                                    Jim M  7 months back

                                                    Is he back for good. It all depends on his health. If he stays healthy he can keep winning. His iron play was stellar. He doesn't drive it longer than everybody anymore, but if he can hit enough fairways and greens. He'll will win more.

                                                    • Hunter2one1
                                                      Hunter2one1  7 months back

                                                      A lot of reassembled stats blah blah. By the way, Tiger can still hang with the "young guns". Just because he can't hang it out there like DJ doesn't mean he can't hang. Tiger fucking rips it still. Christ, Molinari hits his driver like 140 and led the tournament halfway past the last 9!

                                                      • Marleise Rashford
                                                        Marleise Rashford  7 months back

                                                        Tiger is back, BUT getting pass # 18 won't be easy. There are a lot of talented players out there and each will be fighting hard to keep him from making it to # 18. THAT'S IF THEY CAN PREVENT TIGER GETTING INTO THEIR HEADS. The Tiger crowd was killing them, they were in awe n disgusted that this older man was playing out of his mind, so much so they lost track of their game. Experience, talent n a stone cold killer mentality nailed it for Tiger. The legend continues. Congrats Tiger. #proudofyou #18ispossible #neverstopdreaming.

                                                        • MEL LOW
                                                          MEL LOW  7 months back

                                                          When you got it you never lose it. The one's saying he would never win again were the hacks that can't break 80.

                                                          • Jimmy Plato
                                                            Jimmy Plato  7 months back

                                                            Forgive me sir, but are you Greg Brady from 1974???? LOL jk

                                                            • Chris Tredoux
                                                              Chris Tredoux  7 months back

                                                              Not a has been no more.

                                                              • Donald and Irene Young
                                                                Donald and Irene Young  7 months back

                                                                VanSmack...sang it and brang it baby! As one with a gimpy back, this gives guys like us hope to do what I believe is the most important thing...have a decent quality of life with his family, foremost...the golf is secondary. The Striped Cat is on it! much gum do you now have in your golf bag VanSmack?!?

                                                                • Terry JP
                                                                  Terry JP  7 months back

                                                                  would there be a Tigermania were he not Black???

                                                                  • D-monster 43
                                                                    D-monster 43  7 months back

                                                                    How do you have a show ... Hella lame .

                                                                    • Al Imspartacus2
                                                                      Al Imspartacus2  7 months back

                                                                      Wots all the fuss about lol
                                                                      I always thought he would get back to winning as that’s what tigers all about, winning !
                                                                      His mental power is the best, he knows the whole game AND more importantly he knows how to win a golf tournament, he showed it on Sunday he just played the course waiting for Molinari to make a mistake and he took it when he did !
                                                                      It was text book !
                                                                      He could still reach jacks 18 majors and sams record golf wins is easily reachable, golf need tiger and it’s great for the game !

                                                                      • 2t713
                                                                        2t713  7 months back

                                                                        After he won it, l always new he would do it....hahahaahhahah...

                                                                        • Alexander Scott
                                                                          Alexander Scott  7 months back

                                                                          TIGERS FINISHED!! ..Brandle fuktard Chamblee said so

                                                                          • 2t713
                                                                            2t713  7 months back

                                                                            @Alexander Scott he sucks!

                                                                          • Alexander Scott
                                                                            Alexander Scott  7 months back

                                                                            @2t713 That assmonkey sudo- expert analysts could probably tell every golfer why he should swing like just like a robot, ..but just not how to actually be a successful champion golfer. Classic armchair Quarterback. I mean blowhard noise maker, and fake-news swing expert.
                                                                            Hes legit...

                                                                          • 2t713
                                                                            2t713  7 months back

                                                                            Brandle Chamblee knows more about the golf swing than any Major winner in history

                                                                        • ekmb1947 B
                                                                          ekmb1947 B  7 months back

                                                                          he's putting and his iron game is back on!!

                                                                          • Wynton McCurdy
                                                                            Wynton McCurdy  7 months back

                                                                            I was 13 in ‘97. Still a little too young to really understand the magnitude of what was BEGINNING. I was too young then. But I did know about Jordan. I think I just caught onto him around ‘96 when he came back to Basketball.

                                                                            • Kenneth Thomas
                                                                              Kenneth Thomas  7 months back

                                                                              Number of years back since surgery ? Almost 2

                                                                              • Mike Seiffert
                                                                                Mike Seiffert  7 months back

                                                                                US Open at...Torrey Pines in 2008 on one leg, not pebble

                                                                                • SunGod Asiatic
                                                                                  SunGod Asiatic  7 months back

                                                                                  Tiger was back last year when he won the Tour championship....and if Justin Rose didn't luckily make a birdie on the last hole TW would have won the event AND the FedEx cup for the 3rd time. Picture that!!!!!!!!!

                                                                                  • stevee c
                                                                                    stevee c  7 months back

                                                                                    2:19 pesky fly lol

                                                                                    • Hey Herc
                                                                                      Hey Herc  7 months back