What Victor Cruz Does On a Cheat Day | Cheat Day | Men's Health


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  • Almeyra Negara
    Almeyra Negara  4 months back

    I would love to be friends with this guy

    • JWT
      JWT  6 months back

      Seems like a great guy

      • Mike Algiers
        Mike Algiers  6 months back

        Man. I’m still mad that the Giants let this guy go.

        • Isaac
          Isaac  6 months back

          Mike Algiers I mean after he got hurt he wasn’t good 🤷🏻‍♂️

      • playa0789
        playa0789  6 months back

        you gotta get enes kanter up here

        • BIG CHIVO
          BIG CHIVO  7 months back

          Shit kinda gay

          • Thomas
            Thomas  7 months back

            Very awkward..........😐

            • Workout Solutions Health Fitness

              So he eats junk food :) Great role model :)

              • Over9000
                Over9000  1 months back

                @Workout Solutions Health Fitness you're an idiot

              • Workout Solutions Health Fitness
                Workout Solutions Health Fitness  5 months back

                @Hello World "Cheat day"?????? What type of role model encourages eating excessive garbage quality foods? #GARBAGEINGARBAGEOUT

              • Hello World
                Hello World  5 months back

                missed the title cheat day fool

            • Mani Matter
              Mani Matter  7 months back

              Cheater lose

              • armando carrillo
                armando carrillo  7 months back


                • HARSH ROY 15BCE0404
                  HARSH ROY 15BCE0404  7 months back