SMP Earth: The Empire Begins


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  • we dabest
    we dabest  22 minutes back

    Everyone wonders why africa is so poor its because techno took all there diamonds

    • T3lME SUmm1N
      T3lME SUmm1N  28 minutes back

      This doesn’t simulate a real world!

      Africa has food!

      It’s a joke calm thyself

      • Bakwan Sehat
        Bakwan Sehat  3 hours back

        "Go to indonesia! >:c"

        • Ryde Mk
          Ryde Mk  3 hours back

          Mans started and immediately started colonizing and cutting up Africa

          • HS Swagmastre
            HS Swagmastre  4 hours back

            6:56 Japanese in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 1945 colorized

            • Erick Breto
              Erick Breto  4 hours back

              i am putting this comment here and not on a skyblock vid cause its the newest vid i dont think technoblade is going to read this but there is a way to go over 400% speed what you do is go to 400% and use a speedster rod on a mob and you get past 400%. just wanted to say that this is a thing

              • Michael inston
                Michael inston  5 hours back

                Are you going to make more videos on this

                • NiNjaxu
                  NiNjaxu  5 hours back

                  "where's food" dude you're in africa

                  • Zach & Jack Productions

                    I want the juicy resources of the volcano

                    *_BuT i AlSo WaNt tO LiVe_*

                    • Gabriel Garcés
                      Gabriel Garcés  5 hours back

                      Hey Techno, don’t you think doing a kinda “pvp tips/training” series would be a great idea? Where you’re just playing your usual games but you’re rambling about what you’re doing, explaining it a bit, and you get to put “training nerds into attempting to be me” or something as the title while getting a bunch of views from noobs like us

                      • ray leo
                        ray leo  6 hours back

                        techno you dropped out of college and still can't post a vid one a day? lmao

                        • Zunaira Saqib
                          Zunaira Saqib  6 hours back

                          Techno.I challenge you to a bedwars game
                          the twist is its in minecraft bedrock and come saturday 1am est

                          • Pontus Dåderman
                            Pontus Dåderman  6 hours back

                            Call your subscribers porkys

                            • GreenStrqfe
                              GreenStrqfe  6 hours back

                              ♫*brother whyy*
                              *he wont even look m in the eyeee*♫

                              • Cool Doggo
                                Cool Doggo  7 hours back

                                Can’t wait till next episode when Techno calls dibs on the entire solar system.

                                • Shenanigans owo
                                  Shenanigans owo  7 hours back

                                  Where's the part 2 and then 3 be useful pig

                                  • Mika
                                    Mika  7 hours back

                                    I wish this man streamed

                                    • Dennis Osan
                                      Dennis Osan  10 hours back

                                      Technoblade + ger and sword = the god

                                      • please_put_name
                                        please_put_name  10 hours back

                                        Meanwhile in techons mind

                                        • Nequinho Branco
                                          Nequinho Branco  10 hours back

                                          Dearest technoblade I would LOVE it if u would colonize East timor and call it croc land in honor of our national animal the crocodile. Pls build a giant Pair of Crocs. -some East timorese cuck

                                          • DarKiller751
                                            DarKiller751  11 hours back

                                            Techno: has a crush
                                            Crush: I only like u as a friend.
                                            Techno: I see this as an absolute win since I have no friends.

                                            • Wato1876
                                              Wato1876  12 hours back

                                              this is actually really a great idea

                                              • GlitcHi_exe
                                                GlitcHi_exe  12 hours back

                                                Why claim africa while you could claim antarctica

                                                • Forgoten Soul
                                                  Forgoten Soul  12 hours back

                                                  You need to do toe reveal

                                                  • High Mickey
                                                    High Mickey  14 hours back

                                                    there is no food in africa

                                                    • farrel 09 and K4LONG
                                                      farrel 09 and K4LONG  14 hours back

                                                      Upload MORE PLZ

                                                      • Boom99 Playz
                                                        Boom99 Playz  15 hours back

                                                        Me "is this peppa pigs channel?"
                                                        my friend 'no its the best minecraft PVP gamer in the world'

                                                        • Wrig9
                                                          Wrig9  15 hours back

                                                          Alright Techno you've got a good set-up, things are looking good, but you gotta remember: Never start a land war in Asia. I've seen too many fall from such a classic blunder.

                                                          • Kaleb Benson
                                                            Kaleb Benson  15 hours back

                                                            Technoblade should make a fleet of Jet Bombers like in the PewDiePie video, and Just fly it across the world.

                                                            • To Mour
                                                              To Mour  16 hours back

                                                              There should be an Easter egg where if you fly into the Bermuda Triangle than you’ll have a low chance of teleporting to a custom made place. Reply what the place should be like

                                                              • Chelsea /
                                                                Chelsea /  16 hours back

                                                                make elsa *bet*

                                                                • 5UP3R N008
                                                                  5UP3R N008  17 hours back

                                                                  Newsflash: 1800 meters tall man steals Antarctica

                                                                  • HyperDoggy
                                                                    HyperDoggy  17 hours back

                                                                    I can even beat you at the mini games like bedwars one on one, hunger games, skywars and any other fighting games like those. Anyway I am better at pvp than you in general for real though XD...

                                                                    • HyperDoggy
                                                                      HyperDoggy  18 hours back

                                                                      Hey Technoblade, i'm better than you at pvp and you can't beat me at pvp. With my Hyper Blue and beyond hyper blue power you are no match for me I am better at pvp as a whole than you. You're too chicken to pvp me just go on with your awesome youtuber content :). No reason to fight me and waste your time man...

                                                                      • Jigglypoop97
                                                                        Jigglypoop97  18 hours back

                                                                        You sound like Trevor Moore

                                                                        • CaptainJackpot DiSanti
                                                                          CaptainJackpot DiSanti  19 hours back

                                                                          What's the ip

                                                                          • Zeprize
                                                                            Zeprize  19 hours back


                                                                            • Emil Carr
                                                                              Emil Carr  21 hours back

                                                                              Boy don't you just love romanticising the atrocities of colonialism

                                                                              • LordOfDoggo_IV
                                                                                LordOfDoggo_IV  22 hours back

                                                                                Techno: dibs on the planet!
                                                                                Everybody: is he allowed to do that?
                                                                                Me: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

                                                                                • Graysage
                                                                                  Graysage  22 hours back

                                                                                  This is the first video I watched on my new monitor.

                                                                                  • Galileo Physics
                                                                                    Galileo Physics  23 hours back

                                                                                    Technoblade, please subscribe to Dulappy, he plays minecraft. Also, could you collaborate with him? Thanks!

                                                                                    • chuckNthegod
                                                                                      chuckNthegod  23 hours back

                                                                                      Dude almost sounded like shaggy...

                                                                                      • your bum chum cult
                                                                                        your bum chum cult  24 hours back

                                                                                        This dibs on islands thing is basically what the British did to the Falkland islands

                                                                                        • InboundBark
                                                                                          InboundBark  24 hours back

                                                                                          I love that technoblade has somewhat actual history knowledge, makes this way more fun to watch :)

                                                                                          • DigitalBleh
                                                                                            DigitalBleh  24 hours back

                                                                                            How does someone get into the server? Do they have to be friends with someone on the server of do they just have to like be a big streamer?

                                                                                            • KtheHessian
                                                                                              KtheHessian  24 hours back

                                                                                              Yeah make more of this, thanks.

                                                                                              • Shrek dies in endgame
                                                                                                Shrek dies in endgame  1 days back

                                                                                                Stop stealing our resources

                                                                                                • 3Annoying Pets
                                                                                                  3Annoying Pets  1 days back

                                                                                                  Techno blade will conquer the world, this nerd read the art of war