Ty Dolla $ign Shows His Home Fridge & Gym | Gym and Fridge | Men's Health


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  • Burrito Jack
    Burrito Jack  3 hours back

    Mannnn I'm sick of these no pork as niggas. U fckin drinkin not only alcohol but liquor,that shit is literally fckin poison 4 your body! U drinkin LEAN,pop fckin X-pills! fckin poison! & smoke weed.Now I smoke but I realize that shit aint good 4 u or your lungs.

    • Muhammad Raza
      Muhammad Raza  3 hours back

      it sounded like he said ofc MA QUEEN shout out to wiz

      • Muhammad Raza
        Muhammad Raza  38 minutes back

        @Victoria Smithhaha samee

      • Victoria Smith
        Victoria Smith  49 minutes back

        Muhammad Raza I’m like what did he really say ???

    • Jose Rios
      Jose Rios  4 hours back

      “That looks cool how do you use that machine”

      It’s a pull up bar

      • two toenail
        two toenail  4 hours back

        What about big TC

        • ExoTic
          ExoTic  4 hours back

          Please do a travis scott🤩🤩🔥🔥

          • Meemo
            Meemo  8 hours back

            I was going to watch the whole video, but then I immediately lost interest in watching when he said the he's the real slim shady. 🙄😐✋

            • Mahlodi Makobe
              Mahlodi Makobe  9 hours back

              This is the most relatable fridge I've seen

              • Michael Watson
                Michael Watson  19 hours back

                He sounds like a surfer! 🏄 lol

                • Kris Uy
                  Kris Uy  20 hours back

                  crazy how he a rapper and a Patriot player with a SB ring

                  • Hecatrice
                    Hecatrice  21 hours back

                    I would never be able to do this interview because my mom would beat my ass if I had the fridge open for so long

                    • Bianca B
                      Bianca B  23 hours back

                      Where the coke ?

                      • Phil ipp
                        Phil ipp  1 days back

                        0:24 Ty Dolla Sign- Ex ft. YG

                        • Kyle Hawley
                          Kyle Hawley  1 days back

                          I dont know why but i watched this whole video and didn’t believe anything he said

                        • Ante
                          Ante  1 days back

                          where didi he go in the gym?

                          • Azamat Currescu
                            Azamat Currescu  2 days back

                            Worth millions and can’t cut his own mangos

                            • SageoftheSixPaths
                              SageoftheSixPaths  21 hours back

                              When you make that much money it's a waste if time to do anything but make money and recover. Pay someone else to do it.

                              He can make a thousands of dollars an hour. That means to cut that mango himself It'll cost him a thousand dollars to cut that mango. He can pay someone else 50 dollars to do it. That's how rich people think. Poor people focus on saving, rich people focus on making more money and then use the money to take care of everything else.

                          • S. Din
                            S. Din  2 days back

                            He needs a new trainer. They stealing

                            • No No
                              No No  2 days back

                              Poudii headass😂😂

                              • Superdoooper Dan
                                Superdoooper Dan  2 days back

                                He paints his nails to come down after a show.

                                • Josh_Randall85
                                  Josh_Randall85  2 days back

                                  House worth 100m but his net worth is 1.5m. Yeah, okay buddy....

                                  • Poe Javelski
                                    Poe Javelski  2 days back

                                    Josh_Randall85 Lol glad I could help Josh. Have a great day!

                                  • Josh_Randall85
                                    Josh_Randall85  2 days back

                                    @Poe Javelski I cannot begin to explain how much this paragraph changed my life. I would like to thank you. My family would like to thank you.

                                  • Poe Javelski
                                    Poe Javelski  2 days back

                                    Josh_Randall85 Not saying it was funny, but like he was clearly being sarcastic and exaggerating. If you say something like “Omg today sucked I wanna die” that doesn’t mean you’re serious.

                                  • Josh_Randall85
                                    Josh_Randall85  2 days back

                                    @Poe Javelski I'm sorry, I'm used to jokes having punchlines and being funny so you can see how I was confused.

                                  • Poe Javelski
                                    Poe Javelski  2 days back

                                    It was a joke. Ever heard of one?

                                • Adarsh Raj
                                  Adarsh Raj  2 days back

                                  Apparently every person in usa is lactose intolerant. Y'all grew up drinking milk and suddenly you are lactose intolerant. Also dairy milk in usa is very liquidated and not very thick like here in India. They mix some shit in that.

                                  • Cameron scott
                                    Cameron scott  3 days back

                                    This dude is gay probably

                                    • coach karter
                                      coach karter  3 days back

                                      Y’all should do Ace Hood

                                      • KRAAI
                                        KRAAI  3 days back

                                        Saying aka the Real slim shady AND aka sweet baby Jesus.... Deus Vult intensifies...also Deaththreats forming XD

                                        • Rilly Jo
                                          Rilly Jo  3 days back

                                          Ion believe anyone fridge is that neat. Lol

                                          • Vicky Dior
                                            Vicky Dior  3 days back

                                            Zaddy 😍

                                            • Jan Sobieski
                                              Jan Sobieski  3 days back

                                              Hi looks like a lady in his costium, an idiot, poser, buahahha

                                              • 90745
                                                90745  3 days back

                                                These rappers try being healthy but still damage their bodies by drinking & smoking every night after a show 🤦🏽‍♂️

                                                • Hecatrice
                                                  Hecatrice  21 hours back

                                                  Just like me.I work on myself during the day and destroy everything during the night.

                                                • Chris Clark
                                                  Chris Clark  2 days back

                                                  Everything in moderation bruh

                                              • Jai Starr
                                                Jai Starr  3 days back

                                                He chill af.

                                                • Hollywood Stacks
                                                  Hollywood Stacks  3 days back

                                                  That water is bullshit

                                                  • Laneo M
                                                    Laneo M  3 days back

                                                    Why hate on him sad people in this world

                                                    • Hakuna Matata
                                                      Hakuna Matata  3 days back

                                                      How guys that looks like me talking bout what they’re Diät is and how the have a professional trainer / gym at home ?? You are not a athlete and if you didn’t say we wouldn’t even notice that you do any of this..

                                                      • aUstin
                                                        aUstin  3 days back

                                                        Where’s the coke

                                                        • Functional Physique
                                                          Functional Physique  3 days back

                                                          Is rich equals stupid these days???

                                                          • Aaringrey
                                                            Aaringrey  3 days back

                                                            That fridge too neat, that nigga don’t be home no how

                                                            • 2 PAC
                                                              2 PAC  3 days back


                                                              • Aryaman bahl
                                                                Aryaman bahl  3 days back

                                                                Who the fuck eats before they workout ???

                                                                • DUFFILLbagz13
                                                                  DUFFILLbagz13  3 days back

                                                                  Doubt his house is worth 100 million. Dude’s net worth is 1.5 million. Shit doesn’t add up.

                                                                  • Australia's Biggest Bass Channel

                                                                    Compare his workout to a 50 cent workout in the day it’s nothing

                                                                    • Kendrick J.Ramesh
                                                                      Kendrick J.Ramesh  4 days back

                                                                      I dont get why all thes celebrities use this much plastic they could switch to contain their foods in a more earth friendly way they are rich and it aint that difficult.

                                                                      • Kendrick J.Ramesh
                                                                        Kendrick J.Ramesh  4 days back

                                                                        I didnt know u need water to survive thankyou ty $

                                                                        • Kris Schobben
                                                                          Kris Schobben  4 days back

                                                                          Does he actually know what a protein is?

                                                                          • Kris Schobben
                                                                            Kris Schobben  4 days back

                                                                            Who is this but ugly airhead guy? I jus wanted to see the Arnie episode ... suddenly this guy shows up ...

                                                                            • Jesus is the only way & healthy fitness king

                                                                              Illuminati rappers don't eat food if u notice everything famous person doesn't even have food in there fridge because the don't eat food the do ritual s. And drink blood and eat humans and most of the are reptilan s. In the body

                                                                              • Jesus is the only way & healthy fitness king
                                                                                Jesus is the only way & healthy fitness king  21 hours back

                                                                                @Hecatrice yes rite bet u won't say that wen he's tourcher in you Evey day on and on I bet then u will be screaming for Jesus but it will be to late 4. U. ... Give your life to Jesus and. Remember this. Jesus defeated Satan remember that. More than once

                                                                              • Hecatrice
                                                                                Hecatrice  21 hours back

                                                                                Hail Satan

                                                                            • kane62074
                                                                              kane62074  4 days back

                                                                              He lying he don’t workout smh

                                                                              • JayAllenW 90
                                                                                JayAllenW 90  4 days back

                                                                                😂😂😂 You not gonna lose that belly fat consuming all the sugar & alcohol

                                                                                • GRUCHA PAWEŁ
                                                                                  GRUCHA PAWEŁ  4 days back

                                                                                  Goopy bamboo. Bamboo

                                                                                  • Davis White
                                                                                    Davis White  4 days back

                                                                                    I saw him in Tampa at Chris's concert. This guy is so talented

                                                                                    • Jalen Hardin
                                                                                      Jalen Hardin  4 days back

                                                                                      Never heard someone say big arms would fuck up their outfit 😂😂