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  • Published: 04 November 2019
  • Owen takes over the job of caring for the class hamster and learns that he's evil.

    Episode: Stop! Hamster Time!

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Comments • 101

  • Danger Ink
    Danger Ink  9 hours back


    • Fortnite clips Pro
      Fortnite clips Pro  1 days back

      What about rule 34

      • Lil' Kase
        Lil' Kase  2 days back

        This is how much times Owen jumps

      • Tomas T
        Tomas T  5 days back

        This hamster is worst than Scarlett...

        • Zachary Corsetti
          Zachary Corsetti  6 days back

          I saw this episode.

          • ana Moreno
            ana Moreno  6 days back


            • Alli Does Gacha
              Alli Does Gacha  6 days back

              Sooo this episode only has Owen, Chef, and Brigette?

              • james howe
                james howe  6 days back

                Alli Does Gacha no this is just a clip

            • JHT Gaming
              JHT Gaming  7 days back

              I used to have a hamster, until I left him under the sun for too long

              • Sweaty Samzz
                Sweaty Samzz  7 days back

                Who misses the Original?😭😭

                • Shania Ashley
                  Shania Ashley  3 days back

                  Boo Elmo the kids show

                • Zachary Corsetti
                  Zachary Corsetti  5 days back

                  @Sweaty Samzz It's an idea I have. Even possible in 2027, the franchise's 20th anniversary.

                • Sweaty Samzz
                  Sweaty Samzz  5 days back

                  Zachary Corsetti wait the original?!!!!

                • Zachary Corsetti
                  Zachary Corsetti  6 days back

                  It'll come back in 2025, mark my words.

                • Kaelan
                  Kaelan  6 days back

                  Daniel Albinante it used t be funny and rude. This seems like a show for a 4 year old. It reminds me when back in the day they made the looney tunes characters children.

              • Rednight
                Rednight  7 days back

                *you would not believe your eyes If 20,000 tethered flies hoisted my corpse into the sky*

                • |KYE|SickHead
                  |KYE|SickHead  1 weeks back

                  The fps is too low.

                  • Just Defender
                    Just Defender  1 weeks back

                    Great; now CN is joining Disney on the "rodents are EVIL" bandwagon

                    • ben mick
                      ben mick  14 hours back

                      KId vs cat duh doo duh dooo doo and the rest of the song

                  • ribbonfly
                    ribbonfly  1 weeks back

                    That was nice and brief.

                    • Max Purvis
                      Max Purvis  1 weeks back

                      This was Cartoon Networks last YouTube video ):

                      • pupypup
                        pupypup  1 weeks back

                        my goodness this show is brainless

                        • Joseph Victor.
                          Joseph Victor.  5 days back

                          @SomeSubs Wrong. It's a cartoon to make kids become dumb. You already been affected with their stupidity.

                        • SomeSubs
                          SomeSubs  6 days back

                          @Joseph Victor. It's a cartoon made to make kids laugh. Of course it won't.

                        • Joseph Victor.
                          Joseph Victor.  6 days back

                          @SomeSubs You know watching Total DramaRama doesn't make you smarter either.

                        • Are you tired of me yet? CaveTown Potato
                          Are you tired of me yet? CaveTown Potato  6 days back

                          I like total drama better and all of those seasons, I actually kind of hate this...

                        • SomeSubs
                          SomeSubs  7 days back

                          yeah right, i've seen you comment on most of the clips and episodes. If you're bored, then go and watch something that, you know, actually like, instead of wasting your time complaining about a children's cartoon.

                      • Laurel Luvs Dragons
                        Laurel Luvs Dragons  1 weeks back

                        I’m the 880th person to like

                        • onezelo
                          onezelo  1 weeks back


                          • Fanboy Vic
                            Fanboy Vic  1 weeks back

                            NOT A FAN!

                          • 10,000 Subscribers without videos

                            I wish they bring back clarance

                          • Marco Guzman
                            Marco Guzman  1 weeks back

                            Remember when CN was good?😐

                          • Yeslea Ash
                            Yeslea Ash  1 weeks back

                            I thought the class pet was gonna be Courtney, tbh.

                            • Rednight
                              Rednight  3 days back

                              @Gaming Legend *can I get a UHHHHHHHHHHHHHH borgor?*

                            • Gaming Legend
                              Gaming Legend  6 days back


                          • Zoeys storys
                            Zoeys storys  1 weeks back

                            *me as a hamster druling at sandwich then I noticed da CHEESE!* *nope nvm don’t want da sandwich ;-;*

                            • Rudyolf Dolfer
                              Rudyolf Dolfer  1 weeks back

                              I had a hamster named hammy emphasize on *had*

                              • Dagalaxygrl .sharky
                                Dagalaxygrl .sharky  1 weeks back

                                I don't trust the hamster one bit

                                • Zoe Walker-Majilton
                                  Zoe Walker-Majilton  1 weeks back

                                  When did you have couch on the roof

                                  • HellStorm Reaper
                                    HellStorm Reaper  1 weeks back

                                    That actually a very good question, if they did it would take more than at least 5 if not 8 ropes.

                                • N a H
                                  N a H  1 weeks back

                                  Dramarama wah

                                  • Jacob Wilkes
                                    Jacob Wilkes  1 weeks back

                                    “The kids have a class pet and they are willing to take care of him.”

                                  • sonicfam071
                                    sonicfam071  1 weeks back


                                    • Gyanu Resmi
                                      Gyanu Resmi  1 weeks back

                                      0:05 when you know the answer in school

                                    • Dedos Del Medio
                                      Dedos Del Medio  1 weeks back

                                      What’s the issue with Bridget and Lenny(?). Lenny seems like a nice hamster 🐹

                                    • TheOnlyFurry
                                      TheOnlyFurry  1 weeks back

                                      Omg The title "Stop! Hamster Time!" Anyone get the reference?

                                    • Service Dog Sylvia
                                      Service Dog Sylvia  1 weeks back

                                      That’s not how you care for a pet.......

                                      • SomeSubs
                                        SomeSubs  1 weeks back

                                        Please upload the episodes that aired this saturday (Mutt Ado About Owen and Simons Are Forever) to the CN App and Website!

                                        • james howe
                                          james howe  1 weeks back

                                          SomeSubs why just watch it on tv

                                      • art queen
                                        art queen  1 weeks back


                                        • • Mochi •
                                          • Mochi •  1 weeks back


                                          • Ruby [Leggy]
                                            Ruby [Leggy]  1 weeks back


                                            • Aya munaya
                                              Aya munaya  1 weeks back


                                              • Erika myers
                                                Erika myers  1 weeks back

                                                So sweet

                                              • james howe
                                                james howe  1 weeks back

                                                Um didn’t they have a fish and killed it so now why a hamster

                                                • SomeSubs
                                                  SomeSubs  1 weeks back

                                                  They probably learned their lesson since then. Btw this hamster first appeared in episode 28, where they mentioned what happened to the fish they had. This is the only bit of continuity we will ever get from this show.

                                              • Gerardo Rodriguez
                                                Gerardo Rodriguez  1 weeks back

                                                I wish they bring back Stoked with new Episodes

                                                • Zachary Corsetti
                                                  Zachary Corsetti  6 days back

                                                  Did I not forget about that show?
                                                  Doesn't matter. I like BACKSTAGE much better.

                                                • Gerardo Rodriguez
                                                  Gerardo Rodriguez  1 weeks back

                                                  Jiggle jam6 yeah with all those bikini girls and the tropical tan models are my favorite

                                                • Jiggle jam6
                                                  Jiggle jam6  1 weeks back

                                                  Gerardo Rodriguez omg I forgot about that it was so good

                                              • Super Zak 75
                                                Super Zak 75  1 weeks back

                                                Wow I am confused what this is

                                                • Hex
                                                  Hex  6 days back


                                                • pupypup
                                                  pupypup  1 weeks back

                                                  some idiotic splash of colors and noises for babies to enjoy.

                                                • james howe
                                                  james howe  1 weeks back

                                                  TheAwesomeMed spin-off

                                                • TheAwesomeMed
                                                  TheAwesomeMed  1 weeks back

                                                  But how does that work they hadn't met before season 1? Did they have their memories wiped or something?

                                                • james howe
                                                  james howe  1 weeks back

                                                  Super Zak 75 it a prequel to total drama

                                              • ItsLil KhaozYT
                                                ItsLil KhaozYT  1 weeks back

                                                Oh I’m first oof